446 Goliath

"Wait, wait, wait, what's going on here?" Garon asked, utterly confused at the angelic figure standing in front of the now closed door.

"Exactly what I just said was going on. I'm scouting you two to be the head of the Adventurer's Guild in the country I am founding. Raziel here did me the favor of looking into you two a little, so she's been working here for the last week or so." Eisen explained quite swiftly, and then turned over toward the Angel standing next to him. "Isn't that right?" He asked, and she slowly nodded her head, although she seemed to be rather annoyed by it.

"Mhm... Been a bit of a bother, but what can you do, huh?" She said, directing a gaze toward Eisen to let him know that he had to fulfill his side of the deal later, to tell Raziel about things from 'the other side'.

"Do you really expect us to just believe you?" Jaz asked all of a sudden as she stood up, seemingly reacting rather aggressively to what she assumed to be a bad joke.

"Original." Eisen said in a clear voice, "A Title that the five that peaked have. You still have my information here, you know I have that title." The old man said, and Jaz slowly turned toward Garon. "I'll go get it..." The Guildmaster muttered and hurried over to the file cabinet standing against the wall, while the old man just sighed. "I know you won't believe me, but I hoped you would at least believe a literal Angel. Raziel, what are you even good for?" Eisen asked with a slight smirk, and the Angel just stared at him wrily. "You can be happy that I'm aware that's a joke, or else you'd be dead by now."

"Haha, I'd... Oh! That would be a good way to prove it!" Eisen said all of a sudden, and Jaz, Garon, and even Raziel looked at him confused. "What do you mean?" Garon asked with a deep frown, and Eisen just chuckled in response.

"The first Artificials appeared two months ago. You know that I've been here for longer, and I appeared right outside the town at level 1 without even my racial skills or titles... A month before the first Artificials appeared. So, that's proof enough that I'm not an artificial, right?" The old man pointed out, and both Jaz and Garon looked at each other for a moment.

Eisen figured that especially large Guilds were constantly exchanging such information, so this was probably the kind of thing that both Jaz and Garon were aware of being true. "Well then, the only thing I need to do is die then, isn't it? The only living beings in this world that are truly immortal are the Artificials, and the five that peaked. So, I'll just die and prove it to you." Eisen pointed out with a broad smile on his face, something that seemed quite horrid to everyone present, although then, the old man's face turned grim.

"Hmm, although... There's a level pentalty... I hope I won't be pushed out of Level 200..." Eisen muttered quietly, and that was something else that prompted Jaz and Garon to look at him in disbelief.

"You were Level 70 just two months ago, do you really want us to believe you managed to reach Level 200 in that time? What did you do, kill Dragons like they were flies?!" Garon asked angrily, this time him being the one that was reacting overly aggressive, although Eisen could just laugh about that.

"No, no, it's just part of the circumstances. I think it should all be clear with time. Now... How about you tell me whether you accept my proposal or not? My Level is something I'll have to worry about at a later point, then." The old man said with a smile on his face.

"Don't joke with us. Just leave already, you already wasted enough of our time. And you, I don't know if you're a Changeling or just have a skill or element like that, but you can leave with him." Garon said in a clear tone, however, Eisen just sighed deeply in response.

"Ahh, why will nobody ever listen to what I tell them?" The old man said, although his general demeanor and tone changed as if there was a difference of heaven and hell inbetween before and now, and Garon's body immediately tensed up so much that it basically made it impossible for him to keep moving. "I didn't build this world into what it is from the grounds up for people to think I'm some senile old man. Garon, Jaz, the choice is up to you. Follow me or don't follow me, but the latter would be the worst choice you have ever made in your short lifes. Come by the Inn and give Gralmar or whoever is there a message for me if you want me to show you the proof for my words." The old man said and slowly opened the door in front of him, simply stepping out, while Raziel followed him, despite even her being quite tense and nervous now.

As she hid her wings again, she hurried up next to him, "E-Eisen, just calm down. I get you're angry, b-but you can't-"

"I can't what exactly, Raziel? I can't get mad considering the situation I'm in, where I and those I care about are being toyed with? But even then, I can't bring myself to just go and abandon this world, because I've spent here longer than my soul even existed on the other side... How can I not be filled with despise at myself and those living with such lies? Sorry that the current me is a little too immature to keep the anger built up over millenia bottled up."

And so, with these words, Eisen stepped down into the main hall of the Adventurer's Guild, simply stepping out of there. And as if these doors were some magic item that was supposed to make everyone happy, the old man did his best to make sure he wasn't showing his actual mood to those currently waiting for him at the Stall they set up while Eisen was gone.

Just before they were noticed by them, Eisen turned toward Raziel, who was still feeling quite nervous about all of this, although she was empathising with what Eisen was speaking about. "I'm sorry, but let's speak about this later. I overdid it in there." The old man admitted as he stepped over to the actual Stall again, where Sky immediately looked at him with a slight frown.

"What took you so long? There's already someone trying to comission you!" He exclaimed, and Eisen slowly raised his brows in surprise, before he turned over toward the figure standing in front of the stall.

It was a tall man, whose height and build was comparable to Eisen's. His skin was quite rough and had a slight, pale charcoal tone to it, and he basically looked as if he was carved out of stone. The man had a bald head, but in return had a full gray beard on his chin.

There was a friendly smile on his lips, and his crystal clear blue eyes seemed nearly piercing. "Ah, you're the craftsman here?" The Man asked, who Eisen confirmed to be a player quite swiftly, and the old man quickly nodded his head.

"That I am. The name's Eisen, nice to meet you." The old man said and extended his hand forward for a handshake. "Gaurkon, likewise." The player replied, and Eisen just slightly smirked.

"Been a while since I've seen a Goliath." Eisen pointed out with a laugh, and Gaurkon just nervously scratched the back of his head. "Haha, is that so? Erm, anyway, I think that boy already told you, I would like you to make an item for me." Gaurkon replied, seemingly nervous about the rule of not revealing to be a player, so Eisen just looked back curiously.

"Is that so? Then what would you like me to make for you? Just request anything, I'll be able to make it work. Just be prepared that you will have to pay the respective price." Eisen explained, and the Goliath just nodded his head with a smile.

"Makes sense. Well, I already went to that super good Blacksmith here in town, but he said he was too busy to work on the kind of item I want... I would like to get my hands on a Magic Greatsword." The player pointed out, so Eisen just moved his fingers through his beard curiously.

"A Magic Greatsword, huh? What exactly should be magical about it?" The old man inquired, and Gaurkon scratched the back of his neck. "Well, my occupation is 'Magic Knight', and right now I'm carrying around both a staff and a sword, but it would be great if you could somehow combine it? Like, a Sword that doubles as a staff?" He requested, and Eisen crossed his arms with a slight frown.

"You're aware that something like that will heavily impact the durability of the sword? Magical Materials for staffs are quite brittle and not really meant for physical combat." The old man pointed out, making Gaurkon sigh in response.

"Yeah, I've heard that as well... That's why I wanted to go see that 'Denmir' Blacksmith here, because I figured someone like him might be able to help me with that. If it's not possible, then-"

"Hm? Oh, I never said it wasn't possible. I was just saying that you would need to be more careful with the final item. And it probably won't have the final capabilities of a full staff either, but it should still end up working like one..." The old man muttered quietly and continued moving his fingers through his beard as Gaurkon looked at him surprised.

"That's great then! When can I come pick it up?" The Goliath asked with a bright, excited smile, and Eisen just swiftly looked at the time and came to a quick conclusion. "Come by sometime around 6 tonight. But before then, I need some more information. Is there any way in particular that you want it to look like? Do you have an element already?" The old man asked, making Gaurkon swiftly nod.

"Oh, yeah, of course. My Element is 'Dark-Light'. Basically, I have both Darkness and Light as an element, and can somewhat shift between them, if that makes sense?" Gaurkon asked, and Eisen raised his brows with a slight smile.

"Mhm, it does, actually. Then here, just a moment... for the sword I'll have to get something from you then. I'll be grabbing your arm, and it's going to feel like I'm trying to pull something out of it, like a cold gust of air. Just let it happen, alright?" Eisen asked, and the Goliath nodded as he held his arm forward before Eisen started exactly what he explained, which was one way of taking abilities from someone to enchant items with. It didn't actually work without the other person's consent, but it seemed like it mattered little how much they knew about what they were consenting to, which worked in Eisen's favor, considering that he could really just take whatever ability he wanted, and to any extent that he wanted as well.

And so, the old man quickly enchanted some crystals with two different things. First, Gaurkon's 'Dark-Light' element, as well as his Goliath Racial Skill.
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