466 Incidents

The moment that Benjamin and Tony heard Michael start throwing up, Tony turned to his father with a bit of concern in his eyes, "What's going on, what did you just do?" He asked with worry and quickly rushed over to Benjamin to help him sit back up properly.

With his eyes a bit blurry, Benjamin started to breath in and out slowly to somehow get rid of his nausea, and removed his hand from his mouth while turning his eyes toward Tony, "Something that let's me influence others in a positive way… I can encourage them, bring them to change for the better… although I doubt that would have worked if Michael wasn't a mess before this…"

Just as Benjamin was trying to explain everything a bit further, he heard quick footsteps from the hallway as Benji came rushing into the Livingroom, "Turn on TV, channel 3." He exclaimed immediately before either Benjamin or Tony could react, "Benji, what's going on all of a sudden?" Tony asked, trying to somehow block him from seeing Benjamin's current condition since it was a bit hard to explain, but the teenager just kept staring at the screen that suddenly lit up.

It switched to a national news outlet that Benjamin didn't really enjoy watching all that much. Rather than 'news', they spoke more about 'Who-dates-who' kind of stuff. Basically, high-school on a national level, and celebrities were the Sports-Team and Cheerleaders.

And the moment that the sound of the channel came in, Benjamin couldn't believe what he heard. His sight was still a bit too blurred and his eyes were pretty dry, so he couldn't actually see what the screen showed right now, but the sound was enough to completely understand what was going on.

"… Standing in front of the Los Angeles Residence of World-Reknown Multi-talent Nataly Klein. Last night, a group of heavily armed men invaded this residence in hopes of finding Miss Klein, and while in the process caused a fire that destroyed half the building. Miss Klein seemed to not be in this residence at the time, but her current location is under tight lock. Two of the Invaders were arrested by the LAPD, but the rest of them got away. If you have any clues about their current location, inform the LAPD immediately." Confused, Benjamin turned toward his grandson, "Is she okay? Did you speak to her?" The old man asked, and Benji immediately nodded his head.

"I'm on the phone with her right now… She's actually on her way here right now, and they're even bringing her capsule. They got a call about this just now and-"

"Give me the phone." Benjamin said immediately, not even letting Benji finish speaking before pulling the phone out of his hand, "Evalia, you there?" The old man asked while Benji looked at him confused, and it seemed like the woman on the other side of the call was just as surprised.

"Huh? Eisen?" She asked, and the old man immediately replied, "You will have more access to the situation than I or the reporters. Contact the police and say that you might have an idea why they came into your house, and ask if the two men they arrested already said something about a weird dream, or a voice without a visible source, or something supernatural in any way." The moment that Benjamin said this, Nataly stayed silent for a few moments, although soon she could be heard again.

"How… how do you know about that?" She asked, and the old man ground his teeth angrily and looked at Tony. "Son, go pick up Jasmin. She wanted to bring some of her things over already anyway, right?"

"Got it." Tony said immediately and hurried over to the door to put his jacket on and grabbed his keys. He didn't understand what exactly was going on, but he knew that the situation was serious, although Benji was just confused.

"Grampa, what's going on? Why's Jasmin coming here? And… is there a bum throwing up in the kitchen?" Benji asked, and his grandfather just shook his head, "I'll explain in a bit, don't worry." He said to Benji, and then turned his attention back to Nataly, "When will you be here?" Benjamin asked, and Nataly seemed a little surprsied before holding the phone away from her head, seemingly to ask the driver of the van they were in. Of course she wouldn't go on a long trip like this without security, so it made sense she was accompanied by some others.

"Erm, seven, maybe eight hours the way it's going now, why?" Nataly replied, and Benjamin just sighed deeply. "Alright, that means you'll get here today at least... I'll explain everything later. Trust me." The old man said, and then handed the phone back to Benji, before he looked around and stood up while Tony called over to him.

"I'll be back in 20. Benji, keep an eye on Michael and your grandfather." Tony told his son and then went outside, closing the door behind him shut, while Benji jerked his face toward the kitchen again, "Wait, that's Michael?!" He yelled out, before other footsteps could be heard coming from the hallway, and two young girls appeared there, Sophia and Kim, although Sophia immediately pushed Kim back into the hallway when she spotted her father to protect her.

"Wh-What are you doing here?" She asked loudly, and it seemed like the exhausted Michael slowly turned his eyes toward his daughter and tried to stand back up after sinking to the ground. He really looked quite polarizing to what Sophia was used to from her father.

But she immediately quieted down when Benjamin spoke up, "Don't worry, we're speaking about him later. Just sit down on the couch, all of you."

"B-But Gramps, I-" Sophia tried to protest, but immediately did as her grandfather said when she saw his expression, pulling Kim behind her while blocking Michael's view of her.

Benjamin then just sat there trying to dial the right number, although his sight was still not in the best state right now, so he handed the phone to Benji instead, "Can you call Andrew Jones' Number for me?" The old man asked annoyedly, frustrated that he couldn't even do this right now, but Benji just quickly did what Benjamin asked him to before the old man held the phone against his ear, and after a few seconds, Andrew already answered. "E-Eisen..?" A quivering voice asked from the other side of the phone, and immediately, the old man knew that his suspicious were right.

"Brody, are you okay? Did something happen?" He asked with obvious worry in his voice, and the man on the other side of the phone that Benjamin had never experienced like this before was basically sobbing now, although he was doing his best to hold it back. "G-Got me in a bad moment, old man… It's… Jess was…" He muttered quietly, and the old man opened his eyes wide in shock, "What happened with Jess?" Benjamin asked, and Andrew's crying slowly died down, and his voice instead became angry.

"It's the Triad, I just know it… It happened last night, and I went out for a run because I didn't have anything else to do… When I came back, the door was ripped wide open, and a group of fucking assholes stood around Jess who was just holding her stomach in pain… One of them used metal knuckles to fucking punch her stomach! They killed my unborn child!" Andrew yelled out, loud enough for the others in the room to hear what he said.

"I'm… I'm sorry, Brody… I…" Benjamin said, as he was just not entirely sure how he should react or what he should say, and then sighed out deeply to get his mind in order, "Get anything you need, anyone you want to bring, and come to my house. As soon as you can."

"Ah, about that…" Andrew said quietly, "I don't think that will be possible." He pointed out, and Benjamin started to frown, "Why not?" He asked, and just when he asked that, he realized why.

"I saw a group of guys around my wife after they killed my child… Why do you think?" Andrew replied, before Benjamin leaned forward nervously, and his next sentence confused all three of the teenagers sitting on the couch in front of him.

"Are any of them still alive?" Benjamin asked, and from the other side of the phone, the old man could practically hear how Andrew formed a grin as a part of Brody slipped out. "Heh… Old man, if all that shit from that side is real, deep down you should know me the best and the longest out of everyone in the existence of everything… So you should know that I won't let those fuckers get away that easily."

A shiver ran down Benjamin's back, knowing that what Andrew just said was filled with pure bloodlust, but Benjamin just tried to approach this in a way that wouldn't turn his friend into a killer.

"You can still take calls, so you've not been arrested, right?" Benjamin asked, and Andrew just slightly laughed, "What, you think the police have balls enough to meddle in Triad Business? I'm rather expecting a gang of heavily armed chinese to storm in here any moment now. And I'll be here, waiting for them." The man explained, but Benjamin just ground his teeth and tried to get him to do anything but that.

"Brody, you will not do that. You will get your shit together and come to my house, you hear me? My basement is impossible to get into, it's second only to Fort Knox. Your Wife will be safest here. Also, if you come here, I'm going to tell you who is at the end of the chain of all of this happening." Benjamin explained, and immediately, Andrew replied, "What do you mean? You know people from the Triad?!" He asked angrily, but Benjamin immediately denied that fact.

"Of course I don't! Listen to yourself, Brody. I mean the one that's making this all happen. Trust me, I can't explain it right now, but I will once you get here. Now start thinking like an adult, and don't take the risk of your wife having to lose both her child and her husband. Got it?" The old man said in a clear voice, getting louder as if yelling at him, and Andrew stayed silent for a few moments and then sighed.

"Fine, we'll be there by tonight… Still have some things to take care of…" Andrew muttered quietly, and then added, "And it's not what you think, don't worry… Thanks, old man." He replied, and then simply hun up, before Benjamin leaned back on his armchair and sighed deeply as he rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"Is… everything alright?" Benji asked quietly, but Benjamin just shook his head, "Not really. Can you help me out again and look for Fukuda Haruo on the phone?" The old man asked, although Benji just shook his head and placed the phone onto its base station again.

"That's Jyuuk, right? Nat said that she'd call him, so don't worry about that for now and tell us what's going on." Benji said, but the old man just sighed quietly, "I can't. I'll need to speak to the others about this first, and then, maybe we'll tell you as well. But for now, there's something more important." Benjamin pointed out, and Sophia looked at him with a deep frown.

"What do you mean, 'more important'?" She asked, and Benjamin just turned his head to the side to look at what he meant, "It's sobbing in the kitchen right now."
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