72 Crafter's Guild

Eisen grabbed the tag off of the table and was immediately met with a new notification.

[You have unlocked the Guild Function, which allows you to access different information in connection to your joined Guilds]

[You have joined the System Guild "Adventurer's Guild"]

After reading through these notification, Eisen smiled and waved them away. Having this kind of function would hopefully be quite useful. Although Eisen wondered about the term 'System Guild'. Were there other types of guilds than these? Maybe he should ask about that later, but for now it was time to finish the business with taking his first request.

Eisen stood in front of the Adventurer Guild's pinboard that was covered in a number of different task requests. Most of them were simple requests for gathering different plants, materials or ingredients, while there were also a few requests asking for someone to kill beasts that were roaming around immediately around Melroe.

There was a small number at the bottom of each piece of paper indicating what rank they were meant for. The majority of the requests were meant for Rank 1 and 2, while there were only a handful of Rank 3 requests which seemed to be hanging there for a while already.

It didn't seem like there was much foot traffic in here, so it made sense to Eisen that most of the requests on this board were still here.

While Eisen was looking around, Jaz the Guild Employee gave him another short explanation. "You are allowed to take requests that are up to one rank away from your own. Meaning that, for example, as a Rank 3 Adventurer you can take up requests of Rank 2, 3 and 4. For every request you complete, you will get 'Points', basically the same as experience, and once you get enough points, you are allowed to Rank up. How much points you get depends on the request itself, and on top of that, you will gain half the points for completing a quest under your rank, the regular amount for completing a quest of your rank, and twice the points for completing a quest above your rank."

"I see, thank you. I guess the only request I can accept for now is a gathering request, huh? Then… I'll take that Amran one." Eisen said and reached down to the bottom of the pinboard to pull off the request he wanted to take. The reason why he chose this one was quite simple. It couldn't hurt to know in what kind of surroundings the health-potion flower Amran grew and what it looked like in the wild so that he would be able to spot it more easily while traveling around, so it would

"This one it is! I will process it immediately! The way that this works is to simply hand over your Identification Tag together with the request, and the information will be transferred to our information center in connection with your mana signature, and can as such be accessed by any adventurer's guild branch. Afterward, you will get the tag back and simply have to hand it back in with the proof of completion. In the case of simply gathering amran, it's handing in the requested amount." Jaz explained and went through the first part of the process she just described. It only took about a minute before she already handed Eisen the request paper and identification tag once more.

[You accepted the Adventurer's Guild's "Amran Gathering" request]

"I see, thank you for telling me that. I will complete this request soon, then." Eisen said with a smile, before turning around to leave the guild.

"Thank you, Sir! Come back soon!" Jaz yelled after him while Eisen and Bree left the building with their non-person companions.

The Fey-kin Bree turned to Eisen with a grin. "This is the first time I've seen a Guild Master conduct the entrance test… So cool! What do you want to do now?" She asked happily. Eisen didn't know why she was even more excited than usual, but maybe it had to do with him not being there over the past few days, and she was just happy to see him again.

He chuckled lowly and looked at the Crafter's Guild. "I wanted to see if I can join some other guilds as well. The most interesting ones to me are the Crafter's and the Merchant's Guilds."

"Alright~! Let's do that, then!" Bree agreed and nodded gleefully.

They walked forward and made their way to the entrance of the Crafter's Guild. Compared to the Adventurer's Guild, this building was already in far better condition, and a lot more noise was coming from inside.

When Eisen opened the door up, he was met with an incredibly busy room. From what Eisen could tell, the layout was mostly the same to the Adventurer's Guild, just in a larger scale. The pinboard was larger, the seating area was cut off into its own room, and there were 10 different counters instead of only 3. Even so, it was nearly completely filled out with numerous people walking around back and forth from and to the pinboard and standing in lines in front of the counters.

Eisen first walked over to the pinboard to get an idea of what would be done at the crafter's guild, and it simply seemed to be requests to have different tools, potions, and all other kinds of items made. Different to the Adventurer's Guild's requests, these went all the way up to Rank 7! It was quite simple, and Eisen thought that this was quite a smart way to handle the creation of different tools and items.

Since mass production wasn't really possible in this world yet, if a place needed a lot of the same thing made, this would be the easiest solution to get to as many different craftsmen as possible.

On top of that, for unknown crafters that just started out, this was a great way to earn money and at the same time get their name out there.

Deciding that it would be a good idea to join, with a loud sigh, Eisen stepped inside and decided to stand in one of the lines until it was his turn, which would probably take quite a while.


"Good morning, Sir, how can I help you today?" A young guild employee asked with a professional smile similar to how Jaz did in the Adventurer's Guild, and Eisen quickly began his business as he was already feeling the impatient stares of other people in the back of his head.

"Good morning. I would like to join the Guild, if possible." He swiftly explained, and the employee nodded in response and waved over a middle aged dwarven man. "I see, then please follow my colleague here, he will guide you through the process. Next, please!"

Immediately after she explained this, Eisen was already pushed to the side by an impatient man standing behind him.

With a sigh, Eisen shook his head at this rude behaviour and followed the man that the employee waved over. "Good mornin'. So you want to join the Guild? We will first have you appraised, so stand over there, please." The dwarf explained and brought Eisen over to a wall behind the counters before taking a crystal ball like the one used in the Adventurer's guild.

Eisen placed his hand onto the smooth surface once he was prompted to and poured his mana inside, after which the man copied Eisen's status onto a piece of paper. His eyes became big for a second when he looked through it, and then pointed at a door leading to a private room in the back. "Follow me, please." He said and opened said door for Eisen and his group.

"We use these private rooms so no personal information can be leaked during our conversations. We know how much craftsmen worry about secrecy." The Dwarf explained in probably the most dialect-free manner that Eisen has ever heard from a dwarf so far. "I must say I'm surprised, Sir. I haven't heard about 'Omni Craftsmaster' yet, but it seems to be quite an extremely high ranking occupation. And considering you have the Limitbreaker title at a stage that I've never seen before, you must be extremely skilled. The admission will as such be no problem, but we will still require one or more items as a reference. Can I ask what your specialization is?"

Eisen shook his head and smiled at Bree, who quickly placed her bag to the ground so that they could grab a few different items to show Eisen's skill to the Dwarf. "I don't have a specialization, but as you can see, my highest ranking crafting skills are Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Leatherworking, Alchemy and Enchanting, so I'm using them the most right now. Although I will begin heightening my Woodworking skill soon." Eisen explained and placed a few different Items onto the small table in front of them, amongst which were a few Mana and Health Pills, his leather armor, and some of the tools that Eisen made for himself. "Other than these items, I also made the suit I am wearing, as well as the wolf standing over there. Just to show you some variety."

In surprise bordering on complete shock, the Dwarf looked over the items one by one, his gaze stopping on Aulu. "Erm, you said you made this wolf? I thought you had tamed it? You do have that skill, right?" He asked himself and looked over the piece of paper again, and Eisen began to chuckle lowly.

"No, I didn't tame her. She's an Automaton that I created. She has a golem core as her base, and I used a brass skeleton and different gears and tubes to make up her main body. Then I gave her mana crystal sensory organs and muscles, put leather over her, and then added fur made out of brass. If you want I can show you?" Eisen suggested, but the Dwarf simply shook his head.

"It's fine, I just used appraisal, and I could confirm that it was you that made it, I mean her. Yeah, this is definitely enough to prove your abilities, definitely. We would usually watch rookie craftsmen while they are creating an item for us to confirm it is really them making it, but seeing how your name is mentioned in the item description, that's not necessary. I must say I'm surprised though, most people without a specialization seem to be simple jack of all trades, but you're a master of them. No discussion about it, Sir, welcome to the Crafter's Guild!" The Dwarf said with a smile and extended his hand which Eisen happily shook.

This went a lot more smoothly than it did at the Adventurer's Guild, so Eisen was happy he could make up for the time he had to spend waiting in line.

"But before we finish up, we would like to ask you for your Craftsman Signature. It's something that you put on the items you make simply to show that you made them. It won't be protected until you're at least Rank 4 in our guild, but after that we will make sure that there will be no fraud committed with your signature pretending to be you. Do you have anything like that already?" The Dwarf asked and got out a piece of paper and a pen. Eisen didn't really think to have long, as it was quite obvious what he would use, as he already put this onto a few of the clothes that he made.

He took the pen and quickly drew up the Hammer encircled by different patterns as depicted on the coin around his neck onto the paper. "Alright, we will quickly check to make sure this or something too similar to this hasn't been used before, and then we will get you your identification tag." The Dwarf explained and stood up before leading Eisen and the others back out of the room and toward the seating area next to the main entrance.

After a few more minutes, the dwarf came back with a wooden tag similar to the one from the Adventurer's tag. "Here you go, Sir. Everything was fine with the Crafting Signature you chose. Thank you for joining our guild."

[You have joined the System Guild "Crafter's Guild"]

Eisen looked at the wooden tag in his hands and compared it to the one from the Adventurer's Guild. There was only a small, but noticable difference. On the front was his mana signature, and on the backside it simply said "Crafter's Guild" in fien cursive. There was similar writing on his Adventurer's Tag, but obviously instead saying "Adventurer's Guild".

Before Eisen could thank him, the Dwarf already pointed over to the pinboard. "Do you want to take your first request to get you to Rank 1 already? This way I can immediately process it and you don't have to stand in line."

"I see, then yes, let's do that." Eisen smiled and stood up before walking over to the pinboard to choose his first crafting request.
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