Chapter 134 - Together We Live or Die

Chapter 134 - Together We Live or Die
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“ALL OF YOU!!! RUN NOW!!!!” Lu Lingqi shouted toward Liu Mang and co. She must block Zhou Tai, she must absolutely not let him pass even if that feat costs her life.

This man has increased his strength by at least twofold by going berserk. Even Lu Bu or Huang Zhong will have big difficulties in killing him, let alone Lu Lingqi. Now she can only stall him, until the main unit arrives.

A First-class general is basically having the strength of one thousand people (superclass strength). Those whose strength have reached pinnacle of first-class are Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Zhao Yun, Dian Wei and Xu Chu. Their strength are more than 1,000 troops and even saying their strength equivalent to 10,000 men may not be an exaggeration. They are so strong that 3,000 troops will not be able to stop them.

Those who are following Liu Mang are only 20 great shield troops and less than 100 dismounted cavalry troops, how can they win against this beast?

And due to those big disadvantage, Lu Lingqi ordered them to run.

Liu Mang thought “Eh, run?! Leaving you Lu Lingqi alone? NEVER!!!!”

Once she goes all out to stall Zhou Tai, the last moment is to see her die. Liu Mang's slogan is “Together, we live or die; together, we share riches and honor!!!” He has sworn never to leave behind his soldiers, how can he leave his wife behind?

“All of you, protect little madam!!!” As weak as Liu Mang is now, he cannot watch Lu Lingqi die here.

“YES SIR!!!” The Urban Army's first training was to obey orders without question, even at the front of mortal danger, once the leader has ordered them to rush, they must rush.

“Huang Xu, lead the Honorable Mother-in-laws, Miss Yuan Fang and Miss He Yu to a secure place. After that return to me!!!” Liu Mang exclaimed loudly while holding a great shield. Liu Mang started to think back on his reason to study martial arts. It is to protect those who are important to him and those who believe in him. Liu Mang really did not want the same tragedy of Mt. Bagong to happen again.

“YOU GO, RUN FROM HERE!!!” How can Liu Mang not know about Zhou Tai's terror? Lu Lingqi knows that Liu Mang is afraid of Zhou Tai. This is the same fear that all of Lu Bu's opponent felt before Lu Bu.

He can kill you as easy as breathing and you can only tremble at his presence. With these kind of feelings, even a thousand people is not enough to stop Zhou Tai.

“I WILL NOT GO!!!” Liu Mang went forward and carried Lu Lingqi like a bride, hugging her tightly. Liu Mang discovered, that when he touched Lu Lingqi's hips, she was bleeding due to Zhou Tai's attack.

Her white cloth had turned red from the blood. In the battlefield, Liu Mang has seen many soldiers disemboweled and suffered severe injury, but a beautiful woman injured like this, really broke Liu Mang's heart. This silly woman really fought too much.

“PUT ME DOWN, YOU ARE NOT A MATCH FOR HIM!!!” Lu Lingqi was truly anxious, if Liu Mang stayed too long here, he will die. “Oh, Hanyang, I beg you. Hurry, you rescued all our mothers, wait for the main unit to rescue me!!!” Lu Lingqi is struggling to be put down.

“DON'T STRUGGLE!!!!” Liu Mang tightly hugged Lu Lingqi. He hugged her with all of his feelings pouring towards her. Lu Lingqi whose strength had reached superclass should be able to break out from Liu Mang's hug easily. She did not know however, whether it was because her wound or other things, but she ceased her struggle.

“Before, you always hated me, we were always bickering, and always quarreling. I could tolerate all of that. But this!? This I cannot!! What this Zhou Tai said is right, how can a man hide behind a woman!!!” Liu Mang had not spoken with Lu Lingqi for a long time.

Previously before they arrived in Shucheng County, they stopped talking to each other because Liu Mang kept training disregarding her scolding to stop. He had planned to go apologize again in Wancheng city, but there was He Yu and Yuan Fang. Making Liu Mang and Lu Lingqi's relationship in a rut permanently, but now he is pouring everything for her, his full body and soul.

Liu Mang then said with a very gentle tone “Forgive me for aggrieving you all the time, I swear, I will make it up to you forever!!!”

Originally Liu Mang thought that he did not care whatever feelings were between them, because their marriage is set. But now, he must ask her for forgiveness, because their fate is uncertain due to the battle with Zhou Tai.

Suddenly on Lu Lingqi's face a red blush appeared.

“ALL SOLDIERS LISTEN UP!!!” Liu Mang shouted “Zhou Tai said that we are garbage and cowards, we only can hide behind woman, TELL ME, IS THAT WHO WE ARE?!”

“THAT IS NOT US, THAT IS NOT US!!!” The Urban Army also screamed. Zhou Tai had already killed many of their brothers. They are also proud men. Being insulted as cowards and garbage really angered them



Twenty great shield soldiers immediately raised their shield and formed a wall.



“Put me down!!!” Lu Lingqi said toward Liu Mang who quickly complied with her order.

Lu Lingqi then exclaimed “SINCE ALL OF YOU CHOOSE TO STAND TOGETHER IN LIFE AND DEATH, ADD ME ALONG INTO THE FRAY!!! I, LU LINGQI, LU FENGXIAN’S DAUGHTER ARE ALSO WITH ALL OF YOU. TOGETHER, WE LIVE OR DIE; TOGETHER, WE SHARE RICH AND HONORS!!!” Lu Lingqi knows the Urban Army's slogan, because it is her future husband's division. So she also helped to maintain this division wholeheartedly.

Those Urban Army soldiers who heard their little madam’s exclamation became much more determined.

“Little lord!!!” When Liu Mang wanted to face Zhou Tai, suddenly a thin young man come from behind. This person’s presence made Liu Mang's brow wrinkled. “Huang Xu, did not I tell you to protect the Honorable Mother-in-laws!! Why did you come back here?!”

“Little lord, I am sorry, we cannot leave!!!” Huang Xu shook his head. The enemy is not only Zhou Tai. There are also Black Flag soldiers who are with Zhou Tai. Protecting those 5 pretty ladies, will be a very tough task for Huang Xu. Huang Xu had decided to destroy Zhou Tai first, only then can he assure everyone's safety.

“Little lord, give me time, give me enough time!!! As long as I have enough time, I will be able to handle Zhou Tai!!!” Huang Xu said while looking at Zhou Tai who is already in crazy.

“Handle Zhou Tai? Really?!” Liu Mang original plan was to fight Zhou Tai to the death, buying time for the main army to return. Now Huang Xu has a method to handle Zhou Tai, how can he not be excited?

“UM!!!” Huang Xu nodded firmly and said “What I need now is time!!!” Liu Mang noticed at Huang Xu's hand there was longbow.

“Are you trying to?!” Liu Mang had seen Huang Zhong's godly archery. Only an arrow can make Lu Bu uneasy.

“Um!!! Regarding wushu, I only learned 30% of my father's skill, but regarding archery, I already learned 80% of his skill!!!” Huang Xu's face revealed a confident look.

“80%?!” Huang Zhong with at pinnacle of superclass generals in archery able to make Lu Bu throw down his weapon and helmet. 80% of Huang Zhong's archery skill should be enough to handle Zhou Tai.

“Okay!!! I will buy time for you. As long as the Urban Army and this Liu Mang still exist, nobody can disturb you!!!” Huang Xu now has become Liu Mang's final chance to survive.

“CHARGEEEE!!!” Liu Mang already did not treat Zhou Tai as a man, but like a battalion with 3,000 troops. Now in Liu Mang's hand he only had less than 200 troops. Whatever the outcome, Liu Mang must battle with this person whose strength is equal 3,000 troops with his 200 troops.

“SHA, SHA, SHA!!!!” The Urban Army was charging toward Zhou Tai who had become crazy in an orderly manner.

“HAAAHH, BLOOD!!! BLOOD!!!” Zhou Tai had just finished killing another Black Flag soldier, when suddenly seeing the Urban Army closing on him, Zhou Tai became excited again.

“BLOOD!!! BLOOD!!! BLOOD!!!” Zhou Tai jumped into the air, the serpent spear on his hand is firmly gripped. But when he used the spear, he just swung it like a club. A Thousand-jin strength hit the Urban Army soldiers.

“BANG!!!” The serpent spear swept the great shields.

“CRRRACCCKKKK!!!!””ARGH!!!” The Urban Army's body was hit with serpent spear. That strike made their leg bone fracture.

Normal people will scream with this injure, but the Urban Army shield unit just endured it in order for them not to release their great shields.

“Front row, change into second row!” Liu Mang quickly ordered so that the front row was replaced with healthy soldiers.

“HAAAA!!!!” Lu Lingqi also started to strike him. If a moment ago, Zhou Tai made her feel fear. Lu Lingqi’s morale had been restored. He is only one man and Zhou Tai was definitely outnumbered now.

“RAAAWWH!!!” Zhou Tai roared again toward the sky, his serpent spear became faster.

“BANG, BANG, BANG!!!!” In just half an hour, the Urban Army has changed rows 10 times. Liu Mang himself also was hit by Zhou Tai's “club” and spurt blood from internal damage.

His Aries gold-cloth did not fear sharp weapons, but the force of being it with a thousand pounds; Liu Mang felt that his organs has shifted into many places.

“Huang Xu, quick, quick!!!” Liu Mang is screaming in his heart. If Huang Xu did not make his move, then all of them will die here.

And as if, Liu Mang's scream had been heard.

“WOOOSH” An arrow passed in front of Liu Mang's eyes and zipped through toward Zhou Tai.
Although Zhou Tai was currently in berserk mode, he still had the instinct of wild animal. An animal's instinct regarding danger is higher. Feeling danger looming, Zhou Tai stopped in his path and looked around.

Finally he found the arrow that wanted to claim his life.

Zhou Tai wanted to avoid it, but the arrow was too quick. His eyes can see the arrow but his body could not react in time. It was not fast enough to avoid it, so he can only brace for impact while avoiding vital spots according to his instinct.

“Pssssh!!!” That arrow jabbed into Zhou Tai's body. Its strength was enough to make Zhou Tai stagger.

“Nice opportunity!!!” Lu Lingqi was excited and quickly directed her halberd toward Zhou Tai's vital spots.

If this was hit, even if Zhou Tai did not die, he would be severely wounded and with that, danger would have been averted.

“LEADER!!!” A Black Flag soldier jumped in front of the halberd's path, in order to protect Zhou Tai.

The long halberd quickly pierced the Black Flag soldier’s body; blood is splashing toward Lu Lingqi.
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