Chapter 229.5 - Liu Mang’s Wedding Night

Chapter 229.5 – Liu Mang’s Wedding Night

Bloodfalcon: I use Old English words for the blacksmith greetings.

Lu Lingqi’s, Yuan Fang’s and He Yu’s POV

Inside Lu’s mansion, three very beautiful brides-to-be were being tutored by three mature ladies. The three of them were as beautiful as the three teenage brides-to-be. Lu Lingqi was being tutored by her mother Lady Yan. Meanwhile Yuan Fang was taught by Lady Cao and He Yu, obtained the privilege of being guided by Diao Chan herself.

Lady Yan then spoke to Lu Lingqi while combing her hair. “Ling’er, today you are still mother’s girl. In five days, you will be a wife to Hanyang. You must always be courteous to him. Never forget the three obediences and four virtues of a woman and support him to the best of your abilities! Love him as I loved your father. Hanyang is all alone in this world with no parents nor relatives. Love him, okay?” Lady Yan said Liu Mang’s courtesy name with the tenderness of a mother.

Lady Yan recalled that when at Kaiyang, when Liu Mang was in a coma after he brought horses and equipment, he kept murmuring the words, “Mother, father… don’t leave me, don’t leave me!” while tearing up.

Recalling that event made Lady Yan and even Lu Lingqi shed tears of sympathy. Lu Lingqi then said, “Do not worry, mother. I will become his best friend and will support him till the end of time!” Both mother and daughter embraced each other in a tight hug.

On Yuan Fang’s side, she was also being lectured by Lady Cao. Lady Cao and Yuan Fang had been in acquaintance since Yuan Shu and Tao Qian were still alive and trading with each other.

Currently, Lady Cao was helping Yuan Fang with her dress and mannerisms. Lady Cao then imparted her heart and wisdom to Yuan Fang. “Fang’er, we began as strangers, but right now we are one big family. Soon you will be a wife to royalty. Maintain your attitude well, and serve him as a wife should. Be kind to him, as that man is an orphan just like you and me. Remember to always uphold the three obediences and four virtues.”

Lady Cao also spoke Liu Mang’s name with a tender tone. She had accepted Liu Mang as her son-in-law as well, since he also cared for her well-being while in Kaiyang, on the trip to Shucheng County, and even in Wancheng City. Lady Cao had long been afflicted with asthma, and luckily with Liu Mang being a doctor-in-training himself, he was able to stabilize her effortlessly.

When Yuan Fang heard her father being mentioned, she hung her head down and said, “Oh… father…” She then quickly become energized again and said, “Yes, Mother Cao. I will be his best confidante. He will never have to feel alone ever again. I swear to love him forever.” Lady Cao then smiled brightly and continued to dress up Yuan Fang.

On He Yu’s side, two beautiful ladies were conversing heartily with one another. He Yu was asking Lady Ren (Diao Chan) about how she was able to pit Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu against each other. Diao Chan answered her questions while laughing. Even though Diao Chan was laughing heartily, He Yu being a very perceptive girl caught a hint of shame and remorse in her tone.

He Yu then asked, “Mother Ren, forgive Yu for being presumptuous but why does Yu hear sorrow and shame in your laugh earlier?”

Diao Chan then petted her head. “Silly girl! He Yu, how can you be so perceptive? Or do you want me to call you Qiao Yu?”

He Yu then said, “Please call me Qiao Yu, mother! May I call you, Mother Ren Changhong?”

Diao Chan nodded. Diao Chan then looked outside with a long gaze and began to tell her story. “My good Yu’er, you are luckier than I was. I had a difficult life since the very beginning. My father, the court official Ren Ang, was slandered by Zhang Rang, the Chief Eunuch at that time in front of Emperor Ling.”

She continued, “As a result, my Ren Clan was exterminated and I was the only one in the whole clan to survive. One day after escaping, I saw the Minister-of-the-Masses, Wang Yun, who passed by to offer tributes to his ancestors. When one of the joss sticks fell, I quickly picked it up and presented it to Minister Wang Yun. Being childless himself, he then took pity on me and adopted me as his daughter.”

“He doted upon me and made me learn dancing. One day, he asked me to sever the relationship between Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu! He asked me to sell my body and even my chastity to satisfy Dong Zhuo, but my heart had already taken by my husband Lu Bu!” Diao Chan added.

“Every night, when Dong Zhuo slept with me, I felt my body tainted even further. Dirtied, sullied! It felt so miserable that I wanted to die!” When Diao Chan spoke of that to He Yu, her body shook as she remembered that dark and traumatizing day. He Yu then approached and held Diao Chan’s hand tightly.

Diao Chan then continued, “After Lu Bu killed Dong Zhuo, I felt relieved and guilty as well, as I had betrayed my husband, forcing him into becoming a tool in my foster father’s plot. When I heard the honeypot plan had succeeded, I quickly packed my things. I only had two plans in mind when I left that day. One was to kill myself and the other was to find a temple and become a nun. None of them transpired as when I packed my things up, Lu Bu suddenly hugged me from behind. He said everything will be alright and he wanted me to join him. He would protect me. At that time, I really fell for him.”

“I am willing to go anywhere as long as I am with him, so when he was almost defeated at Xiapi, I almost killed myself. I will not let myself be a trophy for Cao Cao to put on display! It was then that Hanyang appeared. Hanyang helped us a lot of times and even protected us from harm in Wancheng City. I really felt as if Husband Lu Bu appeared before me in a younger form. So, my dear Yu’er, this Ren Changhong is very honored to be his mother-in-law and having you as my stepdaughter feels very fitting for us. Love Hanyang as I love my husband, okay? I am very sure, he will love you back twofolds!” said Diao Chan.

He Yu tightened her grip and said “Yes, mother. I will love him forever! For the rest of my life!”

After that, time flowed very quickly and the hour of the wedding finally arrived. Early in the morning, Liu Mang was picked up from his house. In front of his house, there was a red palanquin reserved for the groom. It was meant to bring him to the temple to obtain a blessing. Liu Mang was really confused as the people who wanted to carry his palanquin were none other than his men. Huang Zhong, Xu Sheng, Cheng Yu and Chu Jie were all wearing red belts and red headbands.

Huang Zhong greeted Liu Mang first while doing a modern style military salute. “Good morning, Little Lord. The four of us woud like to have the honor of carrying your palanquin to the temple.”

Liu Mang then protested, “Generals like the four of you are willing to become my palanquin bearer? Why? Won’t you feel ashamed if people suddenly badmouthed you?”

Four of them replied at the same time, “To repay Little Lord’s kindness toward us, even a thousand deaths will not be enough.”

Huang Zhong then said, “Please Little Lord, ride the palanquin.” Liu Mang teared up a little and quickly climbed up into the palanquin.

In the temple, on the right side (bride’s side), Lu Bu and his wives had already arrived. All of them were dressed in very beautiful clothing along with Liu Mang’s wives, who were all wearing red bridal veils. On the right side (groom side), Liu Kai and his children including Liu Neng were standing in a row. Liu Kai was carrying a small tablet with Emperor Ling’s name on it as Liu Mang had said that he was a royal prince.

The tablet was a replica that arrived this morning, presented by the royal messenger. In a few minutes, the groom’s palanquin finally arrived. Liu Mang then exited the palanquin and greeted everyone around him. When Liu Mang entered the main hall, the hall turned silent. His wives stood on the right while the priest prepared himself for the ritual. After the ritual began, the priest announced that they needed to bow four times. The first to Heaven and Earth, the second to their ancestors, the third to their parents and the last between the spouses. Liu Mang then did it together with his three wives at the same time.

After bowing, Liu Mang added one session of his own by asking all of his wives, “Do you, Lu Lingqi, Yuan Fang and He Yu, take me Liu Mang as your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part?”

This addition made the priest, the parents and all the guests dumbfounded. All of his wives, however, felt excited as this was the first time their husband asked for vows. The quickly replied, “I do!”

Liu Mang then pulled out the rings from his pocket, and put them on his wives’ ring fingers. The gold one was for Lu Lingqi, while the jade ones were for his concubines. The ritual procession ended with Lu Bu feeling approval for his son-in-law’s addition of asking for a marriage vow and placing the rings on his daughter’s finger.

The feast for Liu Mang’s wedding was finally held. The situation was more or less the same as Sun Ce’s wedding except that this time, Liu Mang was the one toasting his guests here and there. Due to Liu Mang’s request, he insisted that his wives be on standby with him to eat the food in the hall, much like the modern culture. Lu Bu and his wives just accepted his weird request and went around giving toasts.

Night finally arrived and it was finally time for the newly-wed to enjoy themselves. Liu Mang then went into Lu Lingqi’s bridal chambers first. The view was very much like how he first enjoyed He Yu but right now, Lu Lingqi had already removed her bridal veil and was waiting for Liu Mang.

Liu Mang then waved his hand to beckon her to approach him. Lu Lingqi obeyed. After that, Liu Mang then carried Lu Lingqi like he did when at the battle of Wancheng City. Liu Mang then tenderly said, “You know, I have been wanting to hold you again like this. Now I can finally do it again.” Lu Lingqi blushed in response.

Liu Mang then placed her on the bed and started kissing her. He said, “You know, I have been in love with you ever since the very first time we saw each other in your tent. If only you didn’t hit me back then, I would have definitely said yes countless times when father-in-law asked me to marry you!!!” Lu Lingqi then returned the kiss and they engulfed in passionate consummation.

After making passionate love, Lu Lingqi and Liu Mang felt drained and satisfied. Suddenly, in just a moment, Lu Lingqi who had just lost her virginity quickly rode Liu Mang again. After the second round finished, Lu Lingqi then laid down on Liu Mang’s chest and began calling Liu Mang ‘husband’.

Liu Mang quickly stopped her and said, “Don’t call me husband when we are in private. Call me by my baby name, A’ Xin! This would apply as well to Yuan Fang and He Yu.” Hearing her husband’s baby name made Lu Lingqi happy but when he mentioned that Yuan Fang and He Yu would also receive the same treatment as her, it made her irritated.

Her next act was to grab his family jewels as she said, “A’ Xin, this d*ck only belongs to the three of us and its only other use is for peeing. The moment you betray our trust, is would be better if you castrate yourself, got it?” Lu Lingqi said it while smiling maliciously. Liu Mang could only nod as he excused himself to go to Yuan Fang’s chamber. Lu Lingqi could be heard giggling as he made his escape.

Liu Mang then entered Yuan Fang’s chamber. Yuan Fang just sat on the bed, still wearing her bridal veil. She was shaking in fear when Liu Mang entered. She was afraid that Liu Mang would mistreat her. After all, her marriage proposal was forced by Yang Hong along with the Imperial Seal. She was afraid that her worth would be no more than just an object, and not as a human being. Liu Mang then climbed onto the bed and hugged her tightly. That petite body, feeling the warmth of her husband, loosened her tense and returned the hug.

Liu Mang said, “Have you calmed down?” Yuan Fang then nodded.

Liu Mang continued “I know your fear. You are afraid that you would be treated like an object right? Like some worthless stone on the roadside? Let me tell you one thing, you have entered into the House of Liu now. I will give you the same treatment that I give to Ling’er and Yu’er. I will love you with all of my heart. Even though we only got acquainted in Huangzhou City, I can already tell that you are very precious to me.”

Yuan Fang then started to tear up. There was never a person that was so kind to her before. This kind of treatment really reminded her of Yuan Shu, her father.

Liu Mang then kissed her and started to disrobe her. Yuan Fang then helped to disrobe him unconsciously. She really needed Liu Mang as he was her only support physically and mentally. After they had consummated their relationship, Yuan Fang rested her head on Liu Mang’s chest and unconsciously held his family jewels. Liu Mang felt pain and asked, “What are you doing?”

Yuan Fang quickly removed her hand and said, “Oh, I am sorry A’ Xin. I did it unconsciously. I was just following the orders that Mother Cao and Mother Yan had given me.”

Liu Mang shuddered and asked nervously, “What did mother-in-law Cao and mother-in-law Yan tell you?!”

Yuan Fang then blushed and said, “She said that a man’s pride lies in his little brother and she also said that should you commit infidelity, I should give you pleasure and then proceed to crush your little brother. So, my body right now had unconsciously responded to their teachings.”

Liu Mang felt stunned and dumbfounded as he thought, “What in the name of gods do my mother-in-laws intend to achieve by teaching this pure girl a horrifying lesson like that?” With that thought, Liu Mang quickly excused himself from Yuan Fang and began heading towards his last concubine, He Yu.

In He Yu’s chamber, Liu Mang was already shuddering to no end. He Yu was personally tutored by his mother-in-law Ren, who was Diao Chan. She was renowned as the person who single-handedly ended Dong Zhuo’s and his clan’s tyrannical reign through Lu Bu’s hands. She would definitely teach He Yu a sure-kill technique!

When Liu Mang opened the door to He Yu’s chamber, He Yu quickly jumped down from her bed and embraced Liu Mang. “You came!” said He Yu in a sultry voice.

Hearing that voice, Liu Mang spent no more time speaking to his wife as he quickly kissed her and carried her into the bed. Their consummation was quickly finished in three rounds. As they were both releasing their loneliness from missing each other’s touch, and also because they are now officially husband and wife, they could do it as many times as they want.

After the intense battle, Liu Mang casually chatted with her. “Yu’er, what did mother-in-law Ren teach you?”

He Yu then chuckled and said, “Nothing special. She just told me to be bold with my husband, especially after you have lost your virginity. She just said, be aggressive! That’s it, A’ Xin.”

Liu Mang breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, it seems like there would be no sure-kill techniques from Diao Chan. Suddenly, He Yu climbed on top of Liu Mang and said, “But A’ Xin, if you dare to be unfaithful to any of us, I would personally castrate you and feed your little brother to the dogs, do you understand?”

Liu Mang felt extremely terrified. The goddess He Yu turned out to be more demonic than Lu Lingqi and Yuan Fang combined!

Hence, the troubled marriage life of Liu Mang continued from that day onwards, unceasingly.

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