Chapter 79 - Reaching Wancheng City

Chapter 79 – Reaching Wancheng City
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

Although they ran into a tiger yesterday, it do not hinder the armies marching speed the next day. Lu Bu also knows that Liu Mang is tired because if yesterday’s tiger fight, therefore he ordered that his unit to set out at a later time.

Liu Mang rested until noon before he finally woke up. Fortunately there was Cheng Yu who acted as his Lieutenant General to manage his Urban Army, so when Liu Mang woke up, they were already set to march.

Before marching, Liu Mang visited the He sister’s tent again, mainly to look if He Yu’s wound became infected.

Her wound had not yet healed completely, so she was still lying on the stretcher.

Seeing Liu Mang come into the tent, He Yue quickly become very obedient but at the same time her always-calm big sister showed a hint of panic not only because of her excessive bleeding but because her face started to get hot, with blush of red.

She learned from her younger sister that the man in front of her, bandaged her body by tearing her silk clothes and disrobed her undergarments.

“Have you gotten better?” Liu Mang did not know that his own arrival made He Yu very awkward, so he just asked it casually.

“Um... We, He sisters would like to thank General Liu for your graciousness in saving our life!” He Yu was not being sarcastic when she said her thanks, Liu Mang really saved them not only from tiger but also by dressing her wound, so saying graciousness for saving their life was proper.

"Words of gratitude are not needed! “When Liu Mang thought about what had happened, the truth was him saving them was only because the warhorse became startled and ran up to in front of tiger, then afterwards he took advantage of her when he was applying first aid.

From He Yu’s facial color, she did not have any infection, otherwise her face would be flushed because of a high fever.

“That bandage needs to be changed with a clean cloth and applied with medicine on it!” Yesterday because he did not bring any vulnerary, he could only clean her wound and carry her back to the main camp. Now that they are at the main camp, he can treat her wound with medicine.

“You also need to replace the bandage?!" Because of yesterday's events, awkwardness has taken effect. She was really embarrassed just looking at Liu Mang. Now he must change her bandage?

“Un! That silk bandage is becoming unclean right now! So I need to change the bandage!” That wound was wrapped up a for a long time without medicine, so we need to ventilate the wound by changing it with a new bandage.

“Can we just do not change the bandage?!” asked He Yu because she was already feeling better.

“Change it or not it is your choice, but if your wound worsens, please do not blame me!”

Actually the bandage that Liu Mang did can be maintained for up to three days, but what Liu Mang needed to do is apply medicine. Applying vulnerary can accelerate the healing process and possibly prevent a scar from forming.

“Big sister, please change your bandage!” While He Yu hesitated, unexpectedly He Yue supported Liu Mang’s words.

“But! “He Yu really do not want to do this again, because bandaging would require her to take off her upper half. This good educated girl is really ashamed to expose herself before others.

“Big sister, have you forgotten our home’s steward son? Steward Zhang’s son?!” Said He Yue.

“Steward Zhang’s son?!” The beautiful face of He Yu suddenly got bleak. Steward Zhang’s son died because of a small scratch wound that was left untreated. It got infected and took that young man’s life.

He Yu’s eyes looking at both Liu Mang and He Yue’s earnestly. Biting her teeth She thought, “I have been seen once already, what is the matter if I'm twice or thrice?!”

“Please pardon me for troubling General Liu!”

This time, He Yu is fully conscious, therefore Liu Mang cannot treat her like last time, so he needed to be extra careful now. He disrobed her to remove the bandage, then sprinkled vulnerary powder and re-bandage her using He Yue’s silk cloth, which has been put in boiling water, to wrap her.

Because now He Yu is fully conscious, she is really shy is hugging her bosom in order to avoid Liu Mang’s vision, but this kind of action actually made her more alluring.

“Medicine has been applied! Now, my division must march, so I will send my soldiers to escort both of you until Shucheng County!” Said Liu Mang to those He sisters.

Since both of them are certainly a family of Sun Ce’s senior generals, putting them in Shucheng County will definitely be okay as there will be people looking for them.

“Thank you very much, general!”

Cheng Yu sent out a cavalry squad to escort those two ladies to Shucheng County. As the Urban Army began march the silhouette of the escort unit disappeared over the horizon.

After crossing Shucheng County territory is Shi ting region. This place is a very strategic location. It is located in-between Jiangdong and Lujiang district. If one wanted to enter Lujiang, they must first pass through Shi ting and if one wanted to enter Jiangdong, they also first pass Shi ting. If Sun Ce’s army did not allow Lu Bu's army to pass Shi ting, the casualty suffered by Lu Bu's Army will rise up to 50%.

TL: Dynasty Warriors and ROTK players might recognize it as Yiling from Battle of Yiling.

From Battle of Shi ting, one can see, why it is a very important place.

But because of Sun Ce’s order to let them pass, Lu Bu's army passed Shi ting without any problems. Lu Bu's army did not fear battle, but they did not want to fight an unnecessary battle.

As Lu Bu’s army was passing through Shi ting, the complexion of the stationed soldiers was very grim. Although Sun Ce had ordered them to let Lu Bu’s army pass, they were all still very anxious and were in full alert. Until Lu Bu’s army has fully crossed Shi ting can they breathe in relief.

“All army, rapid advance. In front of us is Wancheng city, they have prepared hot food and good tent for us!” Sun Ce’s army sent out guide to tell Lu Bu that they have prepared everything in Wancheng city, therefore Lu Bu just simply ordered his army to rapidly advance to rest in Wancheng city.

If Sun Ce really kept his promise to entertain Lu Bu army then it is good, but if he dares cheat him, then Wancheng city will know the fear of the Bing Province Heavy Cavalry!

Wancheng city, when at the time of spring and autumn period, is located at Qianshan County and is Anhui region capital. During Han Dynasty, Wancheng city was no longer the capital of Anhui region and instead its location became Lujiang Prefecture capital, its affiliation changed from Anhui to Lujiang, but Wancheng city is still a capital. This decision came from Lujiang’s Prefect called Lu Kang who wanted to distance the city from the chaos of war, se he moved Lujiang Prefecture’s governance body to Wancheng city.

Hearing the name Lu Kang perhaps a lot of people did not recognize him, but Lu Xun will definitely know, because Lu Xun is Lu Kang’s second cousin grandson. Lu Xun had been studying Lu Kang’s books for many years and become adept because those books.

Afterward when Yuan Shu had interest in Lujiang, he sent Sun Ce to attack Lu Kang. When the city fell, Lu Kang died of illness. At that moment the Lu clan was thought to have perished until Lu Xun’s emergence. The big loss of Lu clan by Sun Ce can only be restored if Lu Xun can become Wu’s Grand Commander.

After Sun Ce took over Wancheng city, he presented it to Yuan Shu as a tribute to him. Then Yuan Shu asked one of his subordinate to become Lujiang's Prefecture. After Yuan Shu lost, Liu Xun then occupied Lujiang, who later lost Sun Ce. After losing, Liu Xun and his family went Old Cao and sought protection. So now, Wancheng city is Sun Ce's to govern.

With Wancheng city serving as the bridgehead, Sun Ce can attack Central Plains from one side and can retreat and defend Jiangdong region on the other. Because of its strategic position, naturally this place is where 4 major battles have happened like Xu Province, the first one is when Sun Ce attack Lujiang Prefecture under Yuan Shu's order, the second one is when Huang Zu’s battle with Sun Ce, the third one is when Liu Xun took over Lujiang Prefecture and the fourth one when Sun Ce attacked Liu Xun of Lujiang Prefecture again in order to take control of Wancheng city. This Lujiang is a gate to attack three factions. One is Huang Zu of Jiangxia, Sun clan of Jiangdong and Old Cao's Yu Province. But Old Cao is currently preoccupied with Battle of Guandu.

“This Sun Ce really has skill!” In Shucheng County, one can see its liveliness but compared to Wancheng city, Shucheng County can be considered deserted. One can see many caravan goes in and goes out from the city, plus these caravans do not fear Lu Bu army. Is it because of their confidence in Sun Ce's army?

“My lord, this is not Sun Ce's work but Liu Xun's!” Said Chen Gong. “This Liu Xun, although he do not have a skill to be warlord but he is very skilled in administration, also when he was the prefecture lord, Lujiang is very prosperous!” Moreover the owner before Liu Xun was Lu Kang who was also a very capable person.

“Regardless to say. This Sun ce is much stronger than his father!” After Sun Jian died, he left Sun Ce with several veterans like Huang Gai, Cheng Pu and Han Dang. Those several veterans refused to accept Sun Ce, because he allowed himself to be an ordinary soldier under Yuan Shu.

When Imperial Seal granted him with 3,000 soldiers, those veterans were also did not have any confidence in Sun Ce. Only when Sun Ce using those 3,000 soldiers conquered Jiangdong and Lujiang, their eyes opened and confided in him wholeheartedly.

Lu Bu and Chen Gong's conversation stopped suddenly because there was a messenger from Sun Ce’s army, greeting them.

“Announcing to Marquis of Wen, my lord has come out to greet Marquis of Wen personally!” Said Sun Ce's messenger while bowing down.

“Your lord has come to greet me personally?!” Lu Bu stunned was for a moment. Although Sun Ce's titles, General Who Exterminates Rebels and Hueiji's Administrator, cannot be compared to Lu Bu's own, Governor of Xu Province and General Who Pacifies the East. Sun Ce has a home base. He has pacified Jiangdong, and in terms of strength, he is also very good compared to Lu Bu.

But now Sun Ce unexpectedly comes out to greet him personally, making Lu Bu more curious as to what his intentions are.

From here to Wancheng is still 50-li, while the army is still doing its rapid advance, Lu Bu led Chen Gong and Liu Mang, to greet Sun Ce first.

“Is the person in front, Honorable Marquis of Wen, Lu Bu, Lu Fengxian?!” Sun Ce side opened conversation first.

“Indeed I am Lu Bu, Lu Fengxian!” Lu Bu also returned Sun Ce's greetings. Only in Lu Bu's side there were only three people. They are confident because their army is in vicinity but Sun Ce and another person were the only ones to come out. It can be said that either this Sun Ce is very courageous or reckless, or he was not afraid that Lu Bu can kidnap Sun Ce and use him as a leverage to obtain his bases directly!

“HYAA!” That general taps his horse with his feet. Sun Ce he was not wearing war helmet at all. At his hand, a very long spear. He is also dressed in a purple armor made of metal with the same design as Lu Bu's original armor and riding a maroon-colored warhorse he said “I have been hearing about Marquis of Wen's great name, today I can finally meet the person in flesh! I Sun Ce, Sun Bofu, welcome you, Marquis of Wen to Wancheng city!”

“This...!” Chen Gong and Lu Bu's vision interlocked with each other. His appearance and with maroon-colored warhorse, if one did not see his face, he looked like a replica of Lu Bu. But now that Lu Bu is using Poseidon's gold cloth his image has changed greatly.

Two Lu Bu? One big and one small, hehehe.

“Ha Ha, son of Sun Jian, the tiger of Jiangdong, you are very good!” Lu Bu hardly gave praise to someone but now he gave it to Sun Ce because he has acknowledged him. Only people of Cao Cao’s caliber have received Lu Bu's praise. “Father?!” When Lu Bu mentioned Sun Jian, Sun Ce's eyes suddenly looked very gloomy but his eyes restored immediately.

“Marquis of Wen is flattering us too much!” Said the young scholar who is riding a warhorse beside Sun Ce.

“This is?!” Chen Gong also opened his mouth.

“Oh, I am sorry, I forgot to introduce you to Marquis of Wen. This is my younger brother Zhou Yu, Zhou Gongjin!” Sun Ce did not say what position Zhou Yu has in his army, but directly said that Zhou Yu is his younger brother, thus one can see how important Zhou Yu is to Sun Ce.

“Zhou Yu?!” Said Chen Gong while observing that young scholar.

“Is he the handsome Zhou Yu?!” Liu Mang also admires him. Zhou Yu, can only be described with one word GaoFuShuai (tall, rich and handsome). He is also skilled in both civil administration and military matters. His wife is also a top-notch beauty, Xiao Qiao, who made everybody envy him. If that Zhuge Liang did not exist, Zhou Yu can be said to be the winner in battle of wits. What a pity, he died due to Zhuge Liang's ploy.

“This gentleman should be Mr. Chen Gongtai!” With Chen Gong strategies, Lu Bu can make a difference, he can make people fear them. So, considering Chen Gong as Lu Bu's top advisers is not overrated. “Zhou Yu, as the younger generation, paying respects to Mr. Chen Gongtai!” On knowledge, Zhou Yu know that he cannot match Chen Gong. Confucian traditions dictates that one must be respectful to one’s teacher, and since they are not confronting each other, Zhou Yu knows that he must be courteous with Chen Gong.

“There is no need to be so polite, one shouldn’t be too courteous?!” Chen Gong declined with a smile and he immediately glanced at Liu Mang. His glance is saying “Hey look, this Sun Ce and Zhou Yu is so respectful to me, why cannot you be more polite with me?!”

"Yeah, right" Replied Liu Mang through his body signs, while curling his lip.

“This person must be His Royal Highness Prince of Shu!” Sun Ce and Zhou Yu also noticed Liu Mang. Heh, Prince of Shu title. In this time, this only can be treated as a joke. Those four provinces are still in other people's hands: Yi Province is still in Liu Zhang's hand, Jing Province in Liu Biao, Yu Province is in Liu Pi, Yuan Shao and Liu Bei's hand and Yang Province is master less due to Yuan Shu leaving Shouchun, while Lu Bu’s army still did not have a home base, so Liu Mang's title is a joke and worthless.

However Zhou Yu and Sun Ce actually gave full respect, even kneeling in front of Liu Mang, out of etiquette.

“Please stand both of you, you are too kind!” This is Liu Mang's first praise from an outsider.

With both sides complimenting each other, Lu Bu’s and Sun Ce army got off to a good start.
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