Chapter 86 - Binge Drinking in Ancient Wedding Banquet

Chapter 86 – Binge Drinking in Ancient Wedding Banquet
Translated by Bloodfalcon, Edited by Krayto

“Milord, please look at that side!” Sun Ce is proposing toast here and there. But the problem is, there are 100 more tables for him to toast, so he did not pay any attention to whatever happened at the main table. However Zhang Zhao who sat nearby main table, did not avert his gaze at Liu Mang.

Two days ago, Liu Mang did a war of words with Qin Song and Chen Duan. That event left a very deep impression in Zhang Zhao’s mind. Therefore, the result today, their disciples wanted to make trouble for Liu Mang to avenge their masters. As Zhang Zhao is close friends with those two, he naturally wanted to see Liu Mang make a fool out of himself, but he did not think that their plan was thwarted by Liu Mang and now he is pulling the leader scholar and do not want to let him go.

Zhang Zhao knew the leader of scholars is Chen Duan’s top student. Revenge for an insulted master is a good thing, but one also must know his own ability, in order not to shame himself.

But now, Zhang Zhao needed to save them from embarrassing themselves. We cannot let these Jiangdong’s scholar youths disgrace their whole clan. Therefore Zhang Zhao notified Sun Ce to help them.

“Eh?!” Sun Ce moved his gaze to the main table. What is the Prince of Shu doing? Why is he pulling Chen Duan’s top disciple? That Chen Duan, two days ago because Liu Mang made him angry, his health was deteriorating very fast and now he must recuperate at home. So he must stay at home. If according to logic, Chen Duan and Qin Song’s disciples should made Liu Mang their mortal enemy, right? But right now, Liu Mang and that disciple is really friendly with each other, there is something wrong with this picture?

Sun Ce then noticed Chen Duan’s top disciple’s complexion, his face already turned to purple. In Sun Ce’s view, the leader of scholars is acting very awkward and embarrassed due to not knowing what to do next, then Sun Ce saw wine glass at the table. Is he intoxicated by wine?

And then Sun Ce saw those disciples behind the leader, all of them also have a purple complexion and ready to vomit at any time and saw that Liu Mang’s complexion is normal.

“Does His Highness Prince of Shu have a very high alcohol tolerance?!” Thought Sun Ce. Because he is only one man, how can he outdrink so many people?

“Ha-Ha-Ha!” Zhang Zhao’s laugh bitterly while shaking his head. He actually already knew what that rascal is drinking, if not, how can one human to outdrink so many people? “Milord, His Highness Prince of Shu is drinking the same liquid as yours!”

“Same liquid?!” Sun Ce stunned. Earlier, indeed he drank wine, but now he drinks water. Does that mean Prince of Shu also drinking water? No wonder, he can outdrink those people.

“Let’s go, we go back to main table!” Sun Ce also felt that he need to rescue those scholars. Otherwise it will make those Chen Duan’s disciples embarrass themselves to death. How, as lord, can he put his face again?

“Why do all of you not drink, we are all best friends right?? If we are best friends, you must drink with me!!!” Liu Mang will not let Chen Duan’s disciples go. Earlier you came and wanted to shame me right? And now you want to get away? Keep dreaming!!! I will make you drink until you pass out, so no one leave.

“His Highness Prince of Shu!” Exclaimed Sun Ce while holding his fist toward Liu Mang. Chen Duan’s disciples really lucky because Sun Ce show up.

“I, Sun Ce, will accompany you to drink wine!”

“Milord!” Sun Ce’s arrival made those Chen Duan’s disciples want to salute him, but their pose is completely messed up due to nausea by wine intoxication.

“Hmmm….” Sun Ce brow wrinkled and then he made a signal with his hand “It is okay, all of you leave!”

“Yes, sir!” Chen Duan’s top disciple and those scholars quickly excused themselves and ran away to vomit at a secluded place.

“General Sun Ce!” Liu Mang also held his fist respectfully back at Sun Ce. Today is Sun Ce’s wedding, his biggest day. So Liu Mang has no alternative to give Sun Ce face by releasing those scholars.

“Today is the happiest day in my life. I am truly honored for Your Highness Prince of Shu gracing his presence in my banquet. I propose a toast to Your Highness with this one cup!” Said Sun Ce while carrying wine glass, Liu Mang also followed his gesture.

“Please pardon me, Your Highness Prince of Shu. That liquor is no good for toasting!” Said Zhang Zhao while smiling and pointing to Liu Mang’s glass.

Liu Mang’s complexion become red. They know that it is water!

Liu Mang had no other choice but to change his glass and fill it with real wine again in order to toast with Sun Ce.

Seeing that Liu Mang began to fill his glass with wine, Sun Ce finished his water and quickly followed his gesture. While Liu Mang held his wine jug, suddenly Zhang Zhao speaks “Your Highness Prince of Shu, in Jiangdong we have a custom. The newly-wed groom must drink wine with the most revered person in this party until he passes out! Is not that right, everyone?!”

TL: Binge drinking in ancient age? WTF???

As Zhang Zhao is Sun Ce’s most trusted advisor, naturally when Zhang Zhao opened his mouth, everyone will respond.

In all Jiangdong, the most revered person here is probably Sun Ce’s mother Lady Wu. But if according to official title, the biggest one is Liu Mang. According to title, he is one of the lords of this nation, a royal scion. So the most revered person in this party is Liu Mang.

What custom is this? The most revered person in party drinking wine with the groom until they pass out? Liu Mang really did not know how to respond this.

But he is helpless against all of the Jiangdong natives who is now cheering him incessantly, if he did not drink, he does not respect Sun Ce.

Liu Mang once again reach for his wine glass, but prevented by Zhang Zhao who said “Your Highness Prince of Shu, this kind of cup, will not be satisfying! Servant, please bring our specialized banquet cup for Your Highness!”

“Yes, sir!” two servants comply the order and bring out the “special banquet” wine cup.

“What the fuck?!” Liu Mangs mouth was twitching. This is a special banquet cup? This is as big as a basin for washing clothes. When Liu Mang stretched his arm, it is unable to cover 50% of the diameter. Old bastard, you are good, you really want to make me drunk as a skunk.

TL: Basin

That is correct, Zhang Zhao also wanted to make Liu Mang drunk! Liu Mang gave Jiangdong’s scholars a big grievance, if they do not take revenge, how can Zhang Zhao be seen as a Jiangdong scholar also? Now came an opportunity, if he did not utilize it, it is his stupidity.

“FLUSHHH!” A big wine pot pouring its content to the large basin.

“Come, Your Highness, I drink the first bowl!” Said Sun Ce, while he and Zhang Zhao looking at each other smiling. Hehehe, you young inexperienced fox, how can you outsmart an old fox, eh?

Looking at Sun Ce has drinking the wine, Liu Mang also started to drink his bowl. Although the liquor in Eastern Han Dynasty looked white pale made from rice, but still has alcohol which can make you drunk. Even a low alcohol content beer can make a person drunk.

After several large bowls, Liu Mang gave up, kept shouting “No more”, with both eyes shut due to severe intoxication. Fortunately, Liu Mang is quite a well behaved person when drunk. He is a person who will just fall asleep after too much drinking, not the type who will get crazy. Therefore, those Jiangdong scholars were really unsatisfied because of a no show.

“Servants, please help carry His Highness Prince of Shu, to a nearby room!” Zhang Zhao smile faintly. Brat, you are a thousand years too early to outmatch me.

However, he miscalculated one person, a real pity.

Looking at several maidservants carrying Liu Mang, finally Boss Lu opened his mouth “Sun Ce, my worthy nephew. Today is your wedding day, your Uncle Lu cannot give you anything except bless your marriage with wine. Come, let us, uncle and nephew, drink again!”

“Oh no, son-in-law is drunk, now his father-in-law takes revenge?!” Zhang Zhao really cannot fathom Lu Bu. Now Lu Bu has stood and spoken, as his official title is bigger than Sun Ce, he naturally has become the most revered person in this banquet after Liu Mang. So Sun Ce is unable to decline if Lu Bu wanted to toast him.

“Okay, Ce propose a toast to uncle, one cup!” Sun Ce hurriedly grab a wine glass, but was prevented by Lu Bu who pointed to the basin “We use that!”

Lu Bu also did not mind using dirty the basin that Liu Mang has left behind.

“Fine then…..!” In his mind, Sun Ce already rejected, because this is his first night with a pretty girl, so whatever the outcome, he cannot afford to get drunk. But now, he can only helplessly hold the bowl while glancing at Zhang Zhao with a message “Fuck you, old man! You harm me on my first night!!!

Zhang Zhao was also very helpless. Who knew after defeating the young one, there is also the old one as an opponent?

Then the banquet continues in the hall.

Liu Mang has fallen asleep for quite some time, and after that he sat, feeling uncomfortable in his head. He woke up because he wanted to piss due drinking a lot of water to flush out the liquor. His bladder already suppressed a lot, and his head is very tipsy, making him unable to stand properly.

“Servant, servant!” Liu Mang calling out for a servant to bring him a pisspot, but at this time, every servants is busy in the banquet hall. How can anyone hear his voice?

“FUCK!” Liu Mang burst out foul language. After waiting a long time no one hearing his scream, Liu Mang jumped down the bed while holding his head, opened the door and walk outside.

He did not want to suffocate in his own urine. The Administration office was where Sun Ce held his marriage, it is just a small one but it is Lujiang Administration office, the government body of all Lujiang. Its size is reduced considerably by the previous owners Lu Kang and Liu Xun. And because of the chaos of the war, this Administration office was damaged, therefore it is now undergoing big repairs and also because of that, Liu Mang cannot find a toilet.

“I do not care anymore, I’ll pee here!” Liu Mang cannot hold it. Hey, this is not young master’s fault okay, but you, Sun Ce, forced me to do it. Then Liu Mang started to pee in the courtyard while enjoying spring wind.

It should be easy to go back to one’s room in a full conscious state, but right now he is not sober at all. This Administration office maybe small in one glance but it is quite big with no servants around as all of them are busy in the banquet hall.

Still blurry and drunk, Liu Mang just followed his own instincts to go back into his own room in rear court.

But he did not read the direction labels due to his blurry state, that he is not going to back to rear court but instead he is going to West Wing, where Sun Ce’s wedding room is.
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