102 The Nearly Perfect Boss

Chapter 102: The Nearly Perfect Boss

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If one asked the players from Flying Dragon City which monster they had the deepest impression of, it would definitely be the Blood Dragon God.

Since time immemorial, whether in games or in real life, anything with Dragon or God in its name would have been an untouchable existence. And right in front of them was a monster that had both…

Of course a name was nothing more than just a name. The reason why all the players knew of it so well was because it had once killed its way into the city!

When the players were all still around level 10, some idiot ran all the way to Blood Dragon Heights and managed to trigger this boss. After killing the player, the boss continued it's rampage and ended up camping outside Flying Dragon City and killing all the players that dared to leave it! If the city guards didn't step up in the end and chase it away, some of the players might have been killed all the way back to the beginner village!

Ever since that incident, the name Blood Dragon God had cast a shadow in the hearts of all the players and the Blood Dragon Heights had become a forbidden zone for all the players.

"Everyone quickly run! This bastard is a complete demon!" Little Stick hurriedly shouted as he and Stab Addict turned and ran.

However, before the two of them had even ran the steps, two gunshots rang out and turned them into white light.

"A forty metre shooting range?!"

This wasn't a boss, it was more like a human-shaped canon!!

In <<REBIRTH, attack range was measured in centimetres. Since the information was displayed to the individual player, they were able to easily customise it to a unit of measurement they were familiar with.

For close combat characters like the knight for example, their attack range was 3 metres. Ranged characters like the Magician had a range of 8 metres. The job with the longest range was the Archer which was 10 metres at level 10 and around 20 when they reached level 20.

Yet this boss in front of them had a range of over forty metres… What's more, the boss' movement speed and damage was vastly beyond their expectations. A high damage abs high dexterity boss like this was the greatest nightmare for players who relied on sheer numbers to win.

In the time it took for them to regain their senses, the Blood Dragon God was less than twenty metres away from them.

<Blood Dragon God (LV 35) (Gold) (Elite)

HP: 250000

MP: 100000

Skills: [Rifle Combat Arts], [Precision Shot], [Bully Storm], [Exploding Chaos]

A level 35 Independent Mode boss? No wonder its aggro range was so huge!

Looking at its attributes, the faces of the Quan Zhen Sect members froze. Even a monster like Wang Yu also began to feel a sense of dread.

Wang Yu depended heavily on his own techniques to fight and had the most trouble with speed type bosses. The boss in front of them had high speed, high attack and incredibly long arms! What was most annoying of all, was its job combination.

Most bosses were a combination of two different jobs. For example, Andrea was a Priest and a Magician and Wharton was a Warrior and a Knight.

Bosses like them were still considered within reason since a melee job was paired with another melee job.

However this Blood Dragon God was a mix between an Archer and a Pugilist. With a mix like that it could fight in long and close range!

If they actually fought, then it would be able to really change the distance to suit itself! The designer who created this was really too shameless!

"Have you filthy humans not learnt your lesson yet?" The Blood Dragon God growled as it raised its rifle.

"Protect Fearless!"

The intelligence of an Independent Mode boss was incredibly high so it would naturally aim for the weakest player first!

The Quan Zhen Sect consisted of seasoned veterans so the moment they heard Spring Halo shout, Crotch Lord immediately used [Charge] to rush over and defend Fearless.


With a muffled thud, Crotch Lord was blown nearly a metre away and a blood red -402 appeared on top of his head.

Seeing its attack, Fearless' face drained of all its colour.

Crotch Lord was wearing a full set of high physical defense equipment and was even a pure tank. Despite all of this, one attack from the boss had already taken half his health away. If it was anyone else, they would have died on the spot.

By the time Fearless had healed Crotch Lord back to full health, the Blood Dragon God fired its next shot at the nearby Spring Halo.

Crotch Lord's [Charge] was still on cooldown so he couldn't rush to save Spring Halo. Fortunately, Spring Halo had already summoned his ghosts and lined them up to protect him. Within one shot, the ghosts instantly dissolved into light particles.

"Old Li quickly hide!" Spring Halo shouted as he dived to the ground.

Since the Quan Zhen Sect had three players in cloth armour, the next one to be attacked was likely Ming Du.

Without Spring Halo's reminder, Ming Du had already hidden behind Boson.


The third shot instantly turned Boson into a flash of light without even knowing why the bullet was set towards him…

"Nice betrayal man!" The others sarcastically clapped.

"Please don't… Boson can never find out…" Ming Du begged. As a squishy without any movement skills, Ming Du had been arrogantly standing at the front. The only way he could have avoided death was to hide behind someone else.

While all this was happening, Frost Blade had used [Stealth] to get behind the Blood Dragon God and stab it.


With the increase in effectiveness for [Stealth] from his equipment, Frost Blade had barely managed to sneak up on the Blood Dragon God and attack it.

Seeing the damage he dealt, the Quan Zhen Sect heaved a sigh of relief. The boss' defence was nothing special thankfully…

If the boss had high attack, speed and defence along with its job combination, no one would even come close to defeating it!

As Frost Blade was about to escape, the Blood Dragon God reached back without even looking and grabbed his throat. With a cold laugh, it lifted its rifle and smashed Frost Blade's head with the butt of the rifle and instantly killed him.

After Frost Blade died, the dagger in his hand dropped onto the ground!

"Retrieve the dagger!" Vainglory shouted as he and Wang Yu rushed forward.

Vainglory's shoes had a skill to increase his speed so he reached the dagger before Wang Yu. Seeing this the Blood Dragon God's expression darkened and it jumped back and kicked Vainglory into the air.

Hanging in mid-air, Vainglory was about to use [Eagle Stomp] to forcefully land when the Blood Dragon God casually kneed him and cancelled his skill.

Just as it was about to kill Vainglory, Ming Du and Spring Halo's [Lighting Blast] and [Distortion] landed.

The Blood Dragon God twisted its body and avoided the spells then raised its rifle and killed Vainglory with a shot before Fearless even had the chance to heal him.

At this time, Wang Yu finally reached the dagger and hurriedly threw it into his inventory.

With a cold laugh, the Blood Dragon God kicked towards Wang Yu's face.

[Sunset Shift]

Wang Yu disappeared and reappeared behind it's back and sent out two kicks of his own.

This technique was known as the Nine Chained Revolutions and had been used by Evil Rampage before. However, in the hands of Wang Yu, it's might was naturally much greater.

Wang Yu's first kick had been a [Lateral Kick] and his second had been [Thunder God's Stomp].

Before it could react, the Blood Dragon God had been struck by Wang Yu's attacks, stunning and staggering it.



Two blood red numbers appeared over its head.
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