115 Losing Face

Chapter 115: Losing Face

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"Well aren't you generous! Aren't you afraid I'll run off with it?" The lady chuckled after she looked at the bow's attributes.

The bow that Wang Yu had tossed out was, in fact, the Fire Dragon's Fang that he had recently picked up. It was one of the three Obsidian tier equipment that existed in the game now. At this point, it was simply a godlike item.

In the game, equipment was worth much more than the player's life. For Wang Yu to lend her such valuable weapon was incredibly unprecedented. Either he was really confident in being able to get it back or he was an utter fool.

"You can give it a try!" Wang Yu laughed. However a trace of panic did flash across his eyes. Since Wang Yu was new to gaming he did not think of this beforehand…

"Look at how scared you are!" The lady teased and then ran straight towards her pursuers.

"Oh? Has she finally lost it? She's trying to fight us alone!" The sight of her running towards him stunned Master Flashy briefly before he burst into laughter.

The players that were watching from the duty gates also began to worry for the lady when they saw her run over.

"If she wanted to die then she could have just rushed into a herd of monsters instead of these beasts!"

Master Flashy was rather infamous in Vatican City as he was one of the four founders of its top guild Imperial Root.

The four founders were all rumoured to be wealthy young masters in the real world and were nicknamed "the four holy ballers". The four holy ballers were all extreme cashers that had an army of professional gamers in their bankroll equipped with top tier equipment. There wasn't a single guild in Vatican City that dared to offend them. Even the fifth ranked guild in the country Crimson Helm's leader Limitless Pavilion didn't dare offend them.

But now, a mere Archer dared to challenge them head on!

However, the woman's strength soon silenced the onlookers.

Archers were a Dexterity focussed class so their speed was naturally far greater than others. However, not only was the lady fast, her movements were extremely mysterious and she easily dodged all of their ranged attacks.

What was the most impressive, however, was that the Archer was only three metres away from Master Flashy when she attacked! A weak little Archer was able to keep a whole how group of well-equipped players at bay with but a mere three metres… this was really too much!

"Heh! Seven Star Steps huh…" Wang Yu chuckled. One look at her martial arts made it clear who she was. No wonder Wang Yu found her so familiar! It was Yang Nuo!

The Seven Star Steps was a movement technique that was unique to the Yang Clan. It focused on tangling, locking, dodging and dashing. Even an expert on Wang Yu's level would have some difficulty disengaging an opponent who used it.

Of course for Wang Yu, the level of Yang Nuo's Seven Star Steps was hardly enough to truly ensnare Wang Yu. It wasn't like someone capable of Wang Yu didn't exist though. The Yang clan's twelfth generation patriarch was said to have been a once in a hundred year genius. Yet if he was still alive today he would have been over three hundred years old.

Although Yang Nuo's Seven Star Steps wasn't fully mastered, it was more than enough to deal with ordinary players like these.

In just a few exchanges, Yang Nuo had managed to kill three on Master Flashy's men.

"F**k! She's good!" Master Flashy cursed as he waved his mace, causing a white light to shroud his men and heal their missing health while increasing their speed.

This was the Templar's level 15 skill [Blessing Halo]. For a short period of time, it boosted all the attributes of the user and his team. Since all his underlings were using top tier equipment, they got an extra buff for their attributes and an increase in duration until 2 minutes!

Under the effects of [Blessing Halo], Master Flashy and his men quickly rushed forward and arranged themselves into two rows.

Since the game had been released for quite some time, players had already begun developing PVP strategies. People like Master Flashy were even more experienced in it.

Out of the four Warriors in the frontline, two held up great shields while the other two his behind them with their swords unsheathed.

The Sharpshooter's level 15 movement skill only had a distance of half a metre. However the two Warriors still had their [Charge].

As long as the two Warriors in front used [Charge] and [Shield Bash] to stun her then the two others would be able to kill her instantly.

With a giggle, Yang Nuo activated her [Big Dipper Gust] and teleported half a metre back.

Seeing Yang Nuo's actions, the four Warriors couldn't help but be confused. Their [Charge] had a distance of 3 metres so what was the point of her retreating that half a metre?

"Ka cha…" A soft sound rang out.

Before the four of them had the time to recover, the two Warriors in the front stopped in their tracks, causing the two behind to accidents stab them.

Since they were all in the same party, the players wouldn't be able to hurt each other but the effect of the collision would still affect them. The four heavily armoured Warriors ended up falling over each other and crashing into a pile.

Hunter's level 10 skill [Pitfall]!

Seeing this Master Flashy gasped: "The f**k? Isn't she a Sharpshooter? How can she use [Pitfall] too?" However he soon laughed: "You think this is the end? Foolish!"

While Wang Yu was watching Yang Nuo, he suddenly noticed two of the players behind Master Flashy disappear.

Right as Yang Nuo was about to engage the four Warriors, two Assassins appeared behind her.

"Watch out!" Wang Yu hollered and he activated his [Sunset Shift] to teleport nearer to Yang Nuo and then used [Void Seizing Palms] to pull her to safety.

Seeing that the Assassins had failed in their sneak attack, Master Flashy angrily shouted: "Brother this isn't related to you!"

"It wasn't just now, but now it is!" Wang Yu shouted as he tossed Yang Nuo away.

No matter how much Wang Yu hated Yang Nuo, she was still someone he knew in real life so he wouldn't just abandon her like that.

"You're not giving this young master any face in Vatican City?" Master Flashy growled.

Although Master Flashy wasn't especially skilled, he did have a wealth of in-game knowledge. Seeing Wang Yu suddenly appear like that with an unknown skill made it clear that he was a top expert.

Rich kids like him definitely weren't fools either. If it wasn't for the fact that he had to obtain the quest item then he wouldn't have tried to reason with Wang Yu. With his personality, he would already have ordered his men to kill Wang Yu in a normal situation.

"Face isn't given to you, you have to earn it!" Wang Yu lightly chuckled.

"Hpmh! Then kill him as well!" Master Flashy coldly snorted.

If these people couldn't even handle Yang Nuo at close range then fighting Wang Yu was nothing more than the ravings of a madman.

Wang Yu used [Crushing Blow] to charge towards Master Flashy. When Master Flashy raised his mace to club Wang Yu, Wang Yu grabbed his wrist and twisted it, causing him to drop the weapon. Stuffing the mace into his inventory, Wang Yu lashed out with his right hand and smashed Master Flashy's jaw and sending him flying backwards.

This bastard really was durable. There weren't many that could survive an attack of his.

Without waiting for Master Flashy to land, Wang Yu stretched out his palm and launched a [Storm Palm], instantly turning Master Flashy into a ray of light.
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