123 Without Lifting A Finger

Chapter 123: Without Lifting A Finger

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The "Brave Heart" quest that Wang Yu was currently doing was an S rank quest and all S rank quests would have a trick to it. The trick to fighting Heresy Judge Willie was his 12 Holy Knights.

Willie's attacks were rather lacking since he had a more support orientated job and was significantly weaker in comparison to the Blood Dragon God. These 12 Holy Knights were designed specifically to cover up this weakness of Willie.

One of the skills that the Holy Knights had granted them a significant boost in their attacks and defenses when they were in the presence of Willie. If that had happened, Wang Yu would be forced to retreat no matter how godly his martial arts skills were.

Additionally, this quest was designed in a way that would allow the Holy Knight's to immediately revive by Willie's side when they died. So regardless of how many helpers you brought, you could not use superior numbers to suppress the Holy Knights.

This meant that if the players from the Imperial Root guild were able to kill the Holy Knight's, they would immediately respawn by Willie's side. Fortunately for Wang Yu, the players that were currently fighting the Holy Knight's were the Knights and Priests with low attack power, otherwise fighting Willie would become exponentially tougher...

In the end, the Imperial Root guild were unknowingly helping Wang Yu, allowing his battle against Willie to be incomparably easier.

Wang Yu stared at Heresy Judge Willie while he unhurriedly pulled something out of his inventory...

This golden weapon was about a metre long, with a thick end and a thin end. The thick end of it was even decked out in several precious stones and pearls.

<Sacred Mace (Gold)

Physical Attack: 45-67

Magical Attack: 50-70

+12 Vitality

+14 Strength


[Sacred Strengthening] (Passive): Increases the power of the user's light skills by 50%.

[Holy Blessing] (Passive): Grants a 10% in attributes for allies in a 50m radius.

[Sacred Ray] (Passive): Reduces the cooldown of the user's skills by 20%.

Level requirement: 1

Job requirement: Knight, Priest.

This mace was exactly the weapon that Wang Yu had snatched from Flashy Jing.

The novelty in maces lay in the fact that they had a thick end as well as a thin end. This greatly resembles large bones that cavemen were depicted to have used to fight in the past. Maces allowed their users to use blunt force to instantly deal a ton of damage to their targets.

Pugilists did not have any restrictions on the weapons that they could use, while the Martial Artist had the skill [God of Arms], allowing Wang Yu to use this weapon. Wang Yu even felt that this weapon was rather suitable for him...

When Wang Yu chose to use this mace, it had for the simple reason that it didn't belong to him and he didn't care if it broke or not. Only now did he realise that this weapon was completely immune to the degrading effect of the golden light.

"How interesting!" Wang Yu laughed to himself, swinging the mace around to test it before shouting: "Charge!"

Wang Yu swung his arm, throwing the mace straight towards Willie's face.

Willie was still standing in a posture of praying, saying a chant to cast a spell, only to be violently interrupted by the mace Wang Yu had thrown...

Without giving him any time to recover, Wang Yu had already arrived beside Willie, picking up the mace as he swung it towards Willie's face once again brutally beating him.

An expert like Wang Yu was naturally relentless in his attacks, giving Willie no chance to recompose himself.

Seeing that Willie had yet to regain his bearings, Wang Yu's leg immediately swept out, knocking him to the ground...

"Crash!" Willie loudly crashed face first onto the ground.

Wang Yu ruthlessly stepped on Willie's back as he repeatedly hit Willie on the back of his head with the large mace...

Without his 12 Holy Knights, Willie really was nothing more than a pile of trash. Of course, this words only applied to Wang Yu. After all, this was the same madman that had single-handedly killed the Blood Dragon God.

Even though Willie was a boss, he was simply unable to find an opportunity to retaliate in the face of Wang Yu's relentless assault. He could only wriggle on the ground like a worm, hoping to evade Wang Yu's attacks.

There was simply nothing that could match up to Wang Yu in a close combat battle. Not even the Blood Dragon God could do it, let alone a pathetic boss like Heresy Judge Willie.

Yang Nuo stood by tongue-tied in amazement as she watched Wang Yu strike Willie...

As someone that had fought Willie before, Yang Nuo naturally understood how strong he was.

Yang Nuo was someone that was born in one of the four great martial arts families as well. When she was a little girl, even though she had never met Wang Yu she had heard of his name in the martial arts world. She had always been compared to this legendary Wang Yu as a kid growing up...

Yang Nuo had always believed that no matter how talented he was, she could always make up for the difference with the sheer amount of hard work she put in.

Only today did she understand the difference in their abilities...

When she had fought against Willie, her weapon had been destroyed within three rounds and was sent running for her life. But Wang Yu had not only lasted against Willie for much longer, he had even pinned Willie on the ground and was beating him senseless.

For something like martial arts, not only was hard work important, you needed some talent as well. Not only did Wang Yu have more talent than Yang Nuo, even the sheer amount of time and effort he put into his martial arts was not something that Yang Nuo could hope to compare to.

"What are you looking at me for? Have you found it?" Wang Yu barked at Yang Nuo, starting to become uncomfortable with her fervent stares of admiration.

"No... no I haven't..." Yang Nuo shyly replied.

"Ok! Then take your time!"

Wang Yu indifferently replied as he continued to beat Willie. At this point, even Yang Nuo was starting to feel sorry for this boss...

An endless stream of red numbers floated up above Willie's head. Not even his healing ability was able to keep up with the continuous attacks from Wang Yu. Willie's health gradually decreased, but right as it was about to fall below 30%, Wang Yu suddenly jumped away.

After having fought so many bosses, Wang Yu knew that bosses would always unleash their strongest skills when their health had fallen below 30%. Wang Yu had been waiting for this exact moment!

A holy light descended, gently wrapping Willie inside as the wounds on Willie began to rapidly recover.

"Filthy heathen!"

Willie angrily shouted as he floated into the air, his hair fluttering in the wind as his robe was dissolved by the holy light, while a pair of wings slowly extended from behind him.
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