124 How Should We Fight The Boss

Chapter 124: How Should We Fight The Boss

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<Angel of Judgement (LV35) (Boss) (Elite)

HP: 90000

MP: 12456

Skills: [Heavenly Execution], [Divine Feather], [Ray of Judgement]

"Ha ha ha!" Wang Yu laughed as he watched Heresy Judge Willie transform into the Angel of Judgement.

Wang Yu's guess was indeed correct. When Willie's health had fallen below 30%, he would activate his skill [Angelic Descent] and transform. The wings on his back were likely created from the skill [Sacred Feather].

After finishing its transformation, the Angel of Judgement once again put its hands together in a posture of prayer as a cross blade materialised in its hands.

"Sacred Devil Stone!!!"

Yang Nuo unconsciously shouted as she stared at the gem embedded into the cross blade.

It turned out that the Sacred Devil stone had been on the Angel of Judgement's blade this whole time. It was no wonder why Yang Nuo could not find it.

"Taste the wrath of god!"

The Angel of Judgement grasped its sacred blade in its hand, slashing forward, casting [Heavenly Execution] as it released a sword qi in the shape of a crucifix.

Wang Yu immediately dodged to the side, allowing the sword qi to head straight towards the one standing behind him: Yang Nuo.

But Yang Nuo was still too engrossed with the Scared Devil Stone on the cross blade, she had only noticed the sword qi when it was already too late to dodge it.

Just as she was about to be cleaved in half, Yang Nuo saw a black figure speeding towards her in the corner of her eyes. Her vision blurred as a heavy impact landed on her face, knocking her out of harm's way.

After missing its mark the sword qi struck landed on the ground, leaving a metre deep crater in the aftermath…...

"F*ck! What do you think you're doing!!!"

"Saving you! That's what the f*ck I'm doing, I even wasted a skill on you, you ingrate!" Wang Yu shouted back as he landed on the ground.

"F*ck you!" Yang Nuo angrily growled as she pointed her middle finger at Wang Yu.

Yang Nuo had never been hit her whole life, not even by her parents! Yet Wang Yu actually dared to kick her in the face and still complained about wasting his skills!

A woman's face was more important than her life! If it had not been for the fact that Wang Yu had saved her life, Yang Nuo would have attacked him then and there.

The Angel of Judgement stared at Wang Yu for a moment before endlessly releasing sword qi after sword qi, absolutely destroying the hall that they were in.

As martial artists, it wasn't too hard for Wang Yu and Yang Nuo to evade the attacks from the Angel of Judgement. But as his attacks got faster and fiercer, even Wang Yu realise that it was impossible to evade everything.

"Do you see that statue of god there? Wang Yu said as he pointed at the god of light, "its the only thing in the hall that the Angel of Judgement doesn't dare to harm, we should hide behind it..."

"It's impossible!" Yang Nuo replied after estimating the distance.

The two of them were roughly forty metres away from the statue... even an Archer's [Sidestep] only had a five metre range. It would take a normal player at least four seconds to cross a distance of forty metres.

Even someone like Yang Nuo, who was playing an agility based job like an Archer, would find it impossible to make it that far while evading the dense barrage of sword qi flying at her.

"You just need to cover the first five metres, I'll handle the rest!" Wang Yu confidently declared.

"Can you do it? You're not trying to betray me right..." Yang Nuo suspiciously asked.

Wang Yu was but a simple Pugilist, his speed was even slower than Yang Nuo, there was really no way that Wang Yu could possibly do anything! It was more likely that he would use himself as a meat shield to ensure her safety...

"Do I look like that sort of person!" Wang Yu angrily growled.

"Bullshit, you left me behind just now didn't you?" Yang Nuo unhappily grumbled.

"I had my reasons. Anyway, it's not up to you to decide whether we should try this method or not." Wang Yu resolutely replied as he pointed at a stone pillar in the hall.

Only now did Yang Nuo realise that this stone pillar had been destroyed by the Angel of Judgement's attacks and was falling towards them. They would be killed by the debris if they had remained where they were hiding.

"I'll trust you this time! You better remember to retrieve my Sacred Devil Stone if I die!" Yang Nuo unwillingly agreed.

"Relax you won't die!"

Yang Nuo immediately used [Sidestep], dodging past the falling stone pillar. Just as she was about to be struck by the Angel of Judgement's attacks, Wang Yu suddenly appeared by her side, pulling her out of the way as used [Crushing Blow] to propel them forward.

The Pugilist's skills were much more flexible than other jobs. By using the Independent mode, this allowed Wang Yu to use his skills even more freely, such a using [Crushing Blow] to properly himself forward. Only a video game noob like Wang Yu would dare to try something so ridiculous.

Even though [Crushing Blow] could be used to travel fifty metres, that was only for a single person. Since he was carrying Yang Nuo, Wang Yu was only able to travel thirty metres before the effect wore off...

"We're dead! Just leave me behind and run!" Yang Nuo frantically shouted. If Wang Yu were to be killed, Yang Nuo would definitely fail her quest.

"No rush!"

Wang Yu nonchalantly smiled as he grabbed Yang Nuo and continued to run...

With his large stature, he could easily shield Yang Nuo from all the incoming attacks.

The dense barrage of sword qi quickly descended upon Wang Yu, causing the golden coloured [Spirit Guard] to be activated. Wang Yu continued to run forward under the protection of his [Spirit Guard] allowing him to bring to Yang Nuo and himself safely behind the statue.

"It's time to lose some weight! Fortunately I'm pretty strong, otherwise, we would both have been delayed by your heaviness and killed!" Wang Yu laughed as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"You're the one that's fat! Your whole family is fat!" Yang Nuo roared in embarrassment. This fellow really was too blunt, how could he say that a girl was heavy and needed to lose weight!

"Fine fine, but could you get off me? You're crushing me to death!" Wang Yu said as he pushed Yang Nuo off himself.

"Watch where you're touching!"


Having lost sight of its targets, the Angel of Judgement who was currently floating in the sky promptly ceased his attacks, glaring at the statue.

"Ha ha ha! He really doesn't dare to attack us now! Quickly shoot him!" Wang Yu laughed as he pulled out his musket, taking the shot at the Angel of Judgement.

The Angel of Judgement angrily glared at Wang Yu, yet it ultimately didn't dare to retaliate.

Seeing that the Angel of Judgement did not dare to retaliate, Yang Nuo decided to join in the fun as well.

After having been shot by Wang Yu, the Angel of Judgement had already steeled itself for further attacks, cutting Yang Nuo's arrows down before they even reached it. The Angel of Judgement raised his sword with one hand, rubbing the surface of the sword with its other hand as it the cross blade began to glimmer with a pale gold light.

[Ray of Judgement]!

The Angel of Judgment swung it sword again. But this time, the sword qi mysteriously phased through the statue, cutting down towards Wang Yu and Yang Nuo.

"F*ck!" Wang Yu and Yang Nuo immediately dodged to the side. Strangely enough, no visible damage was done to the ground where this golden sword qi had landed.

"It seems like this attack is a magic attack, unlike the physical attacks that it was using before!" Wang Yu exclaimed.

"And then?"

"What do you mean 'and then'?" Wang Yu stared at Yang Nuo.

"What's the point of differentiating what kind of attack it is? How are we supposed to dodge it?"

"How should I know, maybe..." A golden ray cut down towards them yet again, interrupting Wang Yu mid-speech.

While he was rolling out of harm's way, Wang Yu carefully observed the Angel of Judgement's actions.

"I know how we should fight it!"
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