125 Wanted By All

Chapter 125: Wanted By All

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Since [Ray of Judgement] was a magic based skill, it required one additional action for it to be used, as compared to simply using [Heavenly Execution].

Since the two of them were hiding behind the statue of god, the Angel of Judgement was unable to use [Heavenly Execution]. All Wang Yu had to do was to interrupt it while it was trying to cast [Ray of Judgement], preventing it from attacking at all.

Having shot the Angel of Judgement with his musket previously, Wang Yu knew that long ranged attacks were unable to interrupt it. An independent mode boss would not be so easily defeated.

"Do you want the Sacred Devil Stone or not?" Wang Yu asked Yang Nuo.

"Of course I do!"

"I'm going to try pinning him down in a short while. While the time comes, I need you to start shooting at him!" Wang Yu instructed.

"Can you do it?" Yang Nuo stared at the figure floating in mid-air as she nervously asked Wang Yu.

No matter how hard she thought, Yang Nuo couldn't imagine how a short ranged job like the Pugilist could possibly restrain the Angel of Judgement.

Yang Nuo clearly knew that with her skills, she could never be able to take on the boss if it wasn't for Wang Yu.

"I have a plan!"

Wang Yu confidently stated as he darted towards the Angel of Judgement.

The Angel of Judgement immediately raised it's blade when it saw Wang Yu dashing over, preparing to use [Heavenly Execution]. But Wang Yu reacted instantly, sticking close to the statue of god, thereby forcing the Angel of Judgement to try to cast [Ray of Judgement] instead.

"This is the moment I've been waiting for!"

Wang Yu pulled out his pole, using it to push himself into the air. While he was in midair, Wang Yu quickly swapped the pole out for the Martial Artist's Regret, smashing against the Angel of Judgement with [Crushing Blow], forcefully interrupting its skill.

"Ding!" Yang Nuo immediately reacted, launching arrow after arrow into the Angel of Judgement's head.

Yang Nuo equipment was originally quite decent, but now that she had an obsidian weapon from Wang Yu, her damage output had increased exponentially.

Wang Yu did not have any skills that allowed him to fly, forcing him to land abruptly on the ground.

The Angel of Judgement angrily glared at him, swinging its blade as it used [Heavenly Execution] again.

With a simple [Rippling Wave], Wang Yu had managed to push himself out of harm's way, rolling behind the cover of the statue of god once again.

"Fifty metres, seems like that's the maximum range of its attacks." Wang Yu mumbled to himself as the Angel of Judgement prepared to attack once more.

Wang Yu immediately ran towards it, using his pole to propel himself into the air once more, before violently smashing against it with [Crushing Blow], cancelling the activation of its skill while Yang Nuo unleashed a barrage of arrows on its body.

Wang Yu currently had three skills that he could use to disrupt his enemies while they were trying to activate their skills. [Iron Body], [Void Seizing Palm] and [Crushing Blow]. The cooldowns for these skills were not high, allowing Wang Yu to cycle through them to fight the Angel of Judgement.

The Angel of Judgement sullenly stared at Wang Yu. It did not dare to use its physical attacks and Wang Yu was preventing it from using its magic attacks. It was like a dying mouse, being toyed death by a cat.

It's measly 90000 health was quickly depleted by these two experts.

Right as it was about to die, the Angel of Judgement soared into the air, its entire body wrapped in a golden aura as it began to chant.

"Run! It's using its signature move!"

"I got it!" Wang Yu nodded. Instead of running away, Wang Yu dashed towards the Angel of Judgement, grabbing its neck and mercilessly snapping it.

The Angel of Judgement which had been fabled to be a late-game boss, how been killed just like this, without even using its signature move...

<Global Message: Twilight City's Iron Bull and Clear Snow are the first players to have killed the Gold Tier Boss Heresy Judge Willie.

<System Notification: You have received 0 experience points for killing the Angel of Judgement.

<System Notification: You have killed the boss from the light faction, earning you the title: God Slayer. -200 Vatican City merit points. -200 familiarity with the light faction.

<God Slayer

+20 Spirit

+20 Intelligence

Yang Nuo had received the exact same messages as Wang Yu. The only difference being that since her experience points were not sealed, she had gained a level.

"F*ck, why didn't you use that skill earlier?" Yang Nuo grumbled.

"He had so much health previously, not to mention that he was in berserk mode. Do you want me to die?"

"Did you know that the player that has the last hit on the boss gains an additional 50% experience points? Stingy bastard!" Yang Nuo raged.

When he heard the words 'experience point', Wang Yu sheepishly stared at his attribute window, not daring to utter another word...

Yang Nuo was truly a calculative person, it was hard to say how she would react if she knew that Wang Yu had taken away her benefits without gaining anything for himself.

Since the Angel of Judgement was a boss that was part of a questline, it did not drop any equipments, only dropping three quest items.

Sacred Feather: quest item

Sacred Devil Stone: quest item

Holy Crest: quest item

Wang Yu obviously knew what the first two items were, but the Holy Crest was something that Wang Yu did not recognise.

But the two of them did not dwell too much on the Holy Crest as they had both received a similar system notification.

<System Notification: You have accepted the quest "Escape from Vatican City", A rank quest. You will be hunted down while you are fleeing Vatican City, all quest items will be dropped upon death.

The duo immediately opened their maps after looking at the system notification. There were currently two red dots on the map, representing Wang Yu and Yang Nuo, while the green dots represented the players that would hunt them down.

When Wang Yu had killed the Angel of Judgement, the players from the Imperial Root guild that were locked in battle against the Holy Knights were utterly taken aback when they saw the global message.

"How did those scoundrels kill the Angel of Judgement?" Dawn's First Ray gasped. Wasn't the Angel of Judgement supposed to be a level 200 end game boss? How did it get killed by a bunch of weak players in the early game?

The next two messages had broken Dawn's First Ray's thoughts into a state of disarray.

<System Notification: Your entire guild has accepted the quest 'In Search of the Truth'. You are to apprehend the God Slayer in Vatican City to restore the honor of your guild!

<System Notification: You have accepted the quest 'Revenge'. Stop the God Slayer from fleeing the city by killing him. Success will earn you the 200 Vatican City merit points and the title "Hallowed Warrior".
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