131 I Just Need To Run Faster Than You

Chapter 131: I Just Need To Run Faster Than You

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"You sure you can tank them all?" Wang Yu asked disbelievingly after looking at the entire valley of Horned Lizards.

"I'm a Knight so at the very least I'll be able to hold them off longer than a Pugilist like you!" Defiant tiger replied

"Come on man, if you have so little confidence then just let me help you!" Wang Yu laughed as he pulled out his pole.

Wang Yu was the kind of person that would never back down from a challenge until after he gave it a shot. What's more, Defiant Tiger had already helped him so running away like that while leaving him behind was way too moral-less for him.

However, instead of accepting, Defiant Tiger hurriedly replied: "Just go! I'll be fine on my own! It's not very convenient for me if you're still here..."

"Not convenient for you..."

Wang yu knew that different players had their own trump cards that they didn't want others to find out about. Hence, after mumbling to himself Wang Yu didn't say anymore and immediately turned around and left.

Watching Wang Yu's fading figure, a devious smile flashed across Defiant Tiger's face.

The small path that Defiant Tiger had pointed out to Wang Yu was rather strange. Logically, since he was walking out of the area, the path should have been leading him upwards. However, the more Wang Yu walked, the lower below sea level he ended up. Even the winds in began to get stronger and wilder.

At some point along the path, the winds that blew across Wang Yu's face became so sharp that they left slight gashes!

"I couldn't have gotten lost right?" Wang Yu muttered to himself. Suddenly, a large figure gradually appeared along the path and blocked Wang Yu's way.


Looking at the large beast, Wang Yu was momentarily stunned.

The monster in front of him was the largest one that he had encountered since he started playing this game. Even the Fire Dragon Sovereign form of the Blood Dragon God was as large as this! Even though wang Yu was standing five metres away from the creature, all he could see was its head!

At first glance, the large monster looking incredibly similar to a rat. However, with its immense size and long tail, the monster looked much more threatening than a simple oversized rat.

HP: 500000

MP: 6000

Skills: [Sigh Of The Wind], [Squall's Fury], [Agility]

The attributes of this boss really matched its size. Even though it was only a Silver grade boss, the Squall Beast had even more health than an ordinary Gold grade boss!

The two large eyes of the Squall Beast locked on to Wang Yu and it silently stared at him for more than 10 seconds before suddenly roaring. The Squall Beast then opened its mouth again and spat out a large mass of wind that carried all the gravel and sand from the surroundings and shot towards Wang Yu.

The path Wang Yu was on was incredibly narrow and the ball of air that the Squall Beast had just shot had almost covered the entire path! Since Wang Yu had no space to dodge, he could only use [Sunset Shift] to teleport next to the Squall Beast and bash its face with his pole.


Looking at the damage that he had just dealt to the Squall Beast, Wang Yu heaved a sigh of relief: "Even though this bastard is huge, he doesn't have much defense!"

Just as Wang Yu had raised his pole and was about to swing it again, the Squall beast suddenly roared.


Wang Yu wouldn't have imagined that his one attack had ended up enraging the Squall Beast.

As it roared, the Squall Beast suddenly bolted up and sent Wang Yu flying backwards with just the wind pressure. Immediately after that, the Squall Beast bent its four limbs and pounced forward. Wang Yu wasn't able to react in time to this attack and ended up being struck and sent flying again.

In mid-air, Wang Yu hurriedly used [Thunder God's Stomp] and landed back on the ground feeling happy but surprised.

Surprised because the Squall Beast was much faster than its size would have suggested.

Happy because its damage was also very low! Even though Wang Yu had taken a hit from it previously, he had lost less than 30% of his total health! It was much weaker than any other level 30 boss!

While Wang yu was still celebrating, the Squall Beast had charged towards Wang Yu again. This time, Wang yu turned and ran away without any hesitation.

This path was really much too narrow. For Wang Yu who relied on evasion and counterattacks, continuing to fight in a place like this was simply suicide!

Back in the valley, when Defiant Tiger heard the Squall Beast's roar, he happily laughed: "I wish you all the best on your journey then brother! I helped you get back to the city and you helped me complete my quest! We're even now..."

The entire situation had all been part of Defiant Tiger's plan to complete his quest!

Defiant Tiger's quest was to enter the valley and kill the Squall Beast!

At this point in the game, most players were around level 15. Having unlocked the dungeons and cleared them, most were already equipped with bronze tier gear. With the proper set up and teamwork a level 30 Silver grade boss like the Squall Beast wouldn't even be a problem.

However, the Squall Beast was a very cowardly creature and was always hiding inside the Squall Vortex. Without a special quest item to guide them, players could only end up hopelessly lost. Thus, Defiant Tiger wasn't able to find anyone to help him.

In all honesty, his quest wasn't even that hard. As long as he could lure the Squall Beast into a trap then the quest was already half done. However, the Squall Beast was much too fast for a slow Knight like him to handle. At this point, Defiant Tiger had already been killed by the Squall Beast twice…

This time, Defiant Tiger chanced upon Wang Yu who had been accidentally teleported…

The moment he saw Wang Yu, Defiant Tiger knew that he wasn't from this district. There wasn't a single player in Hurricane City that didn't know of Squall Valley. Thus, Defiant Tiger had formulated a plan to take advantage of Wang yu as bait to complete his quest.

He would send Wang Yu in first to get the attention of the Squall Beast while he set up the trap!

If Defiant Tiger as a Knight couldn't tank the boss then a piece of trash Pugilist like Wang Yu definitely wouldn't be able to either! Wang Yu surviving wasn't even a possibility that Defiant Tiger had considered.

Wang Yu's death couldn't have had much impact on Defiant Tiger's plan anyway. The boss' aggro was towards the party. Since they were a party, after Wang Yu died then the aggro would naturally shift over to Defiant Tiger. With that, Defiant Tiger would have been able to lure the Squall Beast into a trap without him even needing to lift a finger!

However, the scene in front of him left Defiant Tiger tongue-tied…

Wang Yu who was supposed to have already died at the hands of the Squall Beast was currently running towards him with the Squall Beast in hot pursuit.

After recovering from his shock, Defiant Tiger shouted: "A boss? Quickly, run towards your six o'clock!"

Laughing to himself, Wang Yu ignored Defiant Tiger's words and ran right past Defiant Tiger.

Wang Yu wasn't an idiot either. The moment he saw the Squall Beast, he immediately knew that Defiant Tiger had tried to take advantage of him. The entire Quan Zhen Sect made a living by tricking and using people so how could he be so foolish as to fall for a simple trick like this one?

Although Wang Yu was fast, the Squall Beast was even faster than him. The two of them soon reached Defiant Tiger's location.

"F**k me!"

Seeing that Wang Yu didn't fall for his tricks, Defiant Tiger immediately turned around and tried to escape as well while shouting: "Brother why are you doing this? The valley is so large! Do you think you can outrun it?"

Wang Yu's figure suddenly flashed as he used [Sunset Shift] and reappeared in front of Defiant Tiger and chuckled: "I just need to run faster than you!"

"F**k your..." Before Defiant Tiger even had to chance to curse Wang Yu, the Squall Beast caught up to him and stepped on him. It then stomped a few more times and turned him into a ray of light.
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