136 Sin City

Chapter 136: Sin City

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After exiting the mini-dungeon, Zeus sad incomparably depressed. He was an end game boss and yet he hadn't even been able to touch the edges of Wang Yu's clothing…

"Lord dragon slayer, I really feel very cheated…" Zeus grumbled. It turns out that he was a very competitive individual as well.

"It was just a fluke… Your plan was quite brilliant, but it wasn't brilliant enough…" Wang Yu lightly chuckled.

Wang Yu understood his own strength very well and thought very highly of Zeus' strength as well. If he hadn't hesitated previously then Wang Yu wouldn't necessarily have won.

When Zeus had lowered himself to level 35, he had dropped his health and mana to the lowest possible kennel to ensure that he would have been in his peak states at the start of the fight. However, against a weak little Pugilist, there really wasn't a need to do so.

At this point, Wang you only had roughly 1000HP. Even a normal attack from Zeus would already have been more than enough to kill him. Even if he didn't start in his second stage, any random attack would still have been more than enough to kill Wang Yu!

"Ai… I've really really made a fool of myself this time… You better not tell anyone about this!" Zeus grumbled as his expression sank.

At the end of the day, he was still one of the end game bosses. Even if he was in a weakened state, being killed by a player that was 15 levels beneath him was still an utter embarrassment to him.

"Will I get any benefits from that?" Wang Yu asked with a devious smile. Although Wang Yu was normally a very generous person, he had spent too much time with the other members of the Quan Zhen Sect and had begun to think like them…

"That's it? Aren't you an end game boss?" Wang Yu disappointedly asked.

"There's someone watching us…" Zeus helplessly shrugged.

"Urk…" This boss even knew that there was someone monitoring it… It's intelligence really couldn't be underestimated…

"Alright then, just give me the quest items then…" Wang Yu sighed.

No matter how monstrous Zeus was, he was still merely an AI. If the game designers found out that he was breaking the rules, they could simply wipe him out of existence…

"Thank you honourable dragon slayer!" Zeus chuckled as he took out Mjolnir and the Titan's Heart.

: Quest item, the heart of the first titan still beats strong even after its death.

Physical Attack: 1780-3310

Magical Attack:1780-3310

+ 181 Strength

+ 272 Endurance

+ 90 Burst

+ 152 Splash


[Thunder's Judgement] (Active): Deal 250% of user's magical attack as magic damage to all enemies in a fiver metre area around the user.

[Lightning's Soul] (Passive): All normal attacks deal lightning damage and paralyse the target for a fixed duration.

[Lightning Slam] (Active): Conceals the user for 3 seconds and teleports the user to any point within a 12 metre area around the user's original location.

[Heaven's Fury] (Active): Summon lightning to strike any enemy within a 4 metre area from the user. Deals 250% of user's magical attack as magic damage.

[Oscillating Devastator] (Active): Slams the divine hammer into the ground and deals 300% of user's physical attack as physical damage to all enemies in a two metre area around the user.

[Gaia's Hammer] (Active): Store power for 3 seconds and then deal 350% of user's physical attack as physical damage to all enemies in a ten metre area around the user.

Level Requirement: 1

Job Requirement: All jobs

"F**k me! It's a Legendary tier weapon!" When he saw the attributes of Mjolnir, Wang Yu almost started drooling. Although Wang Yu wasn't really concerned with the quality of his own equipment, even he was swayed when he saw its rarity.

Although Divine Smith Simba's Thunderclap and Mjolnir were both hammers, the difference between them was like heaven and earth…What was even more impressive than this hammer was Tia who wanted to use a Legendary tier weapon as a smithing hammer...

Mjolnir's attributes were unspeakably high and yet it didn't have any level or job requirements… With it, even an ordinary player could one shot anyone they fought...

Thinking of this, Wang Yu couldn't resist the urge to try and equip it.

"Ai… What a waste..." With a soft sigh, Wang Yu kept Mjolnir in his inventory. After bidding farewell to Zeus, Wang Yu headed straight for the Smithy.

"Great dragon slayer, you actually managed to borrow Mjolnir?" Tia excitedly squealed when Wang Yu took it out and handed it to him.

"Yea..." Wang Yu really didn't know whether to laugh or cry. If Mjolnir wasn't a quest item, he would have stolen it even if it meant the entire titan race would be hunting him down forever.

Tia quickly pulled out a book from one of the tables nearby and handed it to Wang Yu and said: "That's truly a miracle! Refining is the secret skill of our titan race. The fact that you know it must be the will of the creator! Since you helped me so greatly I'll give you my most prized possession, the fruits of my research!"

When Wang Yu received the book, although he was smiling, he wasn't happy at all.

He just gave up a godly weapon like that for a diary?? That really wasn't worth it at all…

[Middle Grade Refining]: Has a 50% chance to craft a top tier equipment.

"Haiz… I guess it's better than nothing…" Although Wang Yu lamented the loss of Mjolnir, he was still incredibly pleased with [Middle Grade Refining]. No matter how godly the weapon was, it was as if he could use it anyway.

As of this moment, Wang Yu had already completed 3/5 of his quest. He just had two more cities to investigate. Sin City and Hades City.

Hades City was one of the cities under the control of the dark faction so it was very foreign to a light faction aligned player like Wang Yu. Thus, he chose to search Sin City first.

Sin City was also considered one of the banished just like Titan City and belonged to the neutral faction. It was located in the middle of the entire continent and was completely different from other cities.

The game was split into 15 districts and 5 belonged to each of the factions. The cities in these districts normally discouraged players from similar factions from killing each other. That was the whole point of assigning PK points.

The fastest way of ridding oneself of PK points was to complete bounty quests. However, since not everyone was an expert. When it came to guild wars or disputes, squishier classes were relatively easier to kill… In these situations, it was very easy for one to amass large amounts of PK points.

Players who ended up acquiring too many PK points would usually choose to seek shelter in Sin City.

The main reason for this was that Sin City had no guards since it was at the front line of the war between the dark and light factions. Players who came to this city could choose to complete quests for NPCs. However, the rewards for completing such quests as well as the number of PK points it reduced was far less than a normal bounty quest.

Of course, players with large amounts of PK points weren't any saints either. Solo players that stepped into the city were often slain without even getting a glimpse of their killers. Players like Wang Yu who were covered from head to toe in top tier equipment were even more susceptible to these kinds of ambushes. Before he had even walked five metres away from the airship, three other players had already tried to rob Wang Yu! Of course the fates of these poor fools were easily imagined.

Seeing this, Wang Yu couldn't help but sigh. A dilapidated city like this without any guards really was too lawless…

Since inns were a good place to gather information, Wang Yu decided to head there first. However, just as Wang Yu was about to sit down, the doors of the inn were suddenly flung open.

An ugly Magician wearing a long black robe arrogantly strolled in and shouted: "Bounty quest! Those who aren't related f**k off..."
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