160 Gathering Numbers

Chapter 160: Gathering Numbers

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"Hell tier dungeon?" Frost Blade mumbled, no uttering a word anymore...

Even though everyone knew the method to clear a dungeon, the monsters in the dungeons were significantly stronger than the monsters in the wild.

Generally speaking, the levels of the monsters in the dungeon were fixed. For example the Blood Soaked Church dungeon. The level 15 dungeon would have level 20 monsters.

But from elite tier dungeons onwards, the level difference between the players and the monsters would only continue to grow.

Elite tier dungeons would increase the level by 5, Abyss tier by 10 levels. For the hell tier dungeons, the monsters would be 20 levels higher than the entry level.

The game system in <<REBIRTH was extremely brutal to players that were trying to fight monsters higher level than they were. It was virtually impossible to harm a monster 20 levels stronger than you if you did not have good equipments.

Furthermore, challenging dungeons of higher difficulties would have more variables in them. There could be bosses and monsters spawning out of nowhere, making it extremely easy for the party to be exterminated if they were not careful.

Normally when a player died in a dungeon, only the durability of their equipments would decrease, they wouldn't even lose any experience. But dying in a hell tier dungeon was different, not only would your equipment durability drop to zero, you would even lose a whole level directly.

Losing a level in the early stages of the game was even more frightening than losing a piece of equipment. After all they had all just finished their job advancements at level 20.

Dropping to level 19 would mean that they would have to do the quest all over again... and they would have to spend precious time and money helping NPC's do completely nonsensical quests.

Because of the difficulty, the system required twenty players to for a party to enter a hell tier dungeon! Players would normally wait till they were at a higher level, with stronger equipments before daring to challenge a hell tier dungeon.

Of course, the greater the risk the greater the reward. There were many rare items that could be collected from the corpses of the monsters in the hell tier dungeon. Even the simplest Blood Soaked Church hell tier dungeon could possibly hold Obsidian tier equipments.

Naturally, the boss in the hell tier dungeon was no push over either. Killing it was no mean feat.

"What? Too difficult?" Wang Yu indifferently asked.

"F*ck!" Frost Blade spat. Of course it was too difficult!

"I think we should discuss this with Fearless!" Frost Blade reasoned.

Fearless was the guild leader of the Quan Zhen Sect after all. Such a important matter should be discussed with him first.

"Hmm, it's not entirely impossible, but we should all complete our job advancement quests first!" Fearless replied.

"How many quests do you guys have left?" Wang Yu asked.

"Ha ha, I'm almost done with my quest, I only have one portion of it left!" Ming Du happily replied.

"We lost 10% of our own completion rate just to save your sorry asses at the Chevalier camp earlier on..." Spring Halo dejectedly grumbled.

"Oh... it's been hard on you guys..." Wang Yu embarrassedly replied.

"F*ck that shit! It was only right for us to help you guys out, after all we're all from the same guild!" Spring Halo laughed.

"Oh? How generous of you!"

"The most important matter now is that even if we all complete our job advancements, we only have eight people with us. We need twenty players to even challenge the hell tier dungeon!" Fearless sighed.

"Don't you guys have any friends?" Wang Yu asked.

"Of course! I have you guys don't I? An expert like would wouldn't go around fraternising with the rabble so casually!" Fearless laughed.

"Aren't you guys veteran players? How come you don't know anyone else?"

"We don't know many people, in fact most of the people we know are our sworn enemies." Spring Halo sighed.

"Not bad! Not bad! We really are like those heroes in the comics..." Ming Du added.

"F*ck you Ming Du! How shameless can you get?"

Wang Yu was speechless, were these really the people he called friends?

"I guess I'll have to personally find people for this quest then. A normal person like me would be the best suited for this job!" Wang Yu sighed.

"I guess we'll have to depend on you then!"

"Well well well, a crazy demon of war like yourself still dares to call himself a normal person? I say, you are even more shameless than me!" Ming Du quipped.

"F*ck!" Wang Yu mumbled. Only know did he realise that his upright character was starting to get sullied by the contemptuous behaviour of the players of the Quan Zhen Sect.

Even so, Wang Yu opened his friend list, sending a mass invite to all the players.

"Quan Zhen Sect seeks skilled players to challenge the Hell tier dungeon Blood Soaked Church together! Rewards for all!"

Shortly after, Wang Yu received a reply from Li Xue.

"Brother Yu, i would like to help, but all I can do is to provide you guys with medicine..."

"What we're lacking is raw manpower, not experts. Why don't you bring the other three ladies along with you!" Wang Yu replied.


Twelve players, even though four had almost zero combat power.

"Brother, your guild really is too small, looking for other people to help you challenge a dungeon..." Evil Rampage replied.

"Can you make it?"

"But I might have to log off at anytime!"

"Then f*ck off!"

"Hell tier dungeon? Sounds fun!" Yang Nuo messaged.

"I heard it was quite entertaining!" Wang Yu replied. Even though he had never challenged it before, he could roughly estimate the difficulty.

Thirteen players now. An expert like Yang Nuo would greatly bolster their chance of success.

"Are there any benefits?" Defiant Tiger suddenly asked.

"Your name will go down in history?" Wang Yu replied.

"Not enough!"

"The equipments are pretty good!"

"Alright then, I'll come over to Twilight City once I am done with my quest. Send me the coordinates!"

Fourteen players...

Afterwards there were three ladies from the Primrose Militia, which Wang Yu found rather surprising considering the fiasco with the Sanguine Alliance.

"Brother Bull, I heard you want to challenge the hell tier dungeon? Do you mind if we tag along for some experience?"

"Of course not! Join us!" Wang Yu replied. So this was their true intention...

Seventeen players…...
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