170 The Cugel’s Area Of Control

Chapter 170: The Cugel’s Area Of Control

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Ivory Emperor really was overthinking things too much. Wang Yu's teleportation could only move him five meters. What Wang Yu intended to do was simply jump to Clinton. Back when they were doing the escort quest for the Four Holy Ballers, Wang Yu had done the same thing. The only difference was that these Skeleton Warriors smooth heads would make it slightly harder for Wang Yu to replicate the miracle.

Wang Yu took a two step head start and then leapt into the air. Afterwards, he activated his [Crushing Blow] to propel himself forward. In mid air [Crushing Blow] would launch the player forward five meters with the initial momentum and then another five while the player slowly fell towards the ground. As Wang Yu descended, he then took out his cudgel and heavily slammed it into the ground to boost himself again. FInally, Wang Yu twisted his body and shot [Rippling Wave] onto the ground and borrowed the recoil to fly towards Clinton.

The moment Wang Yu landed, he immediately used [Savage Maul] and punched Clinton's face.

"F**k me!!" When Ivory Emperor saw what Wang Yu had done his jaw nearly hit the floor.

Since the other members of the Quan Zhen Sect had all seen Wang Yu's various feats before they were already prepared for this. However this was the first time anyone else had ever witnessed such a wonder.

Twenty meters… He had just jumped twenty meters… In future if anyone dared to say that Pugilists were the easiest job to avoid Ivory Emperor would surely be the first to kill the naysayer.

With this kind of god like mechanics, no matter how skilled an Archer was he would still end up in the Pugilist's attack range!

[Savage Maul] had a grab effect to it and could even disrupt a skill's invulnerability! Naturally, it was able to disrupt Clinton's [Orphans Of War].

After Wang Yu's punch landed on Clinton's face, Clinton dropped both his weapons and grabbed at Wang Yu who was hanging onto his face. Even though Clinton didn't have eyes, Wang Yu could still feel the rage emanating from his eye sockets.

No matter what, this despicable traitor was still one of the top knights of the Church Of Light so being held by the face like this was still an insult to his honour.

After the Skeleton Warriors stopped spawning, the pressure on the rest of the party at the gate had greatly diminished. However things weren't looking as good for Wang Yu. Most of the remaining Skeleton Warriors had turned around and ran backwards to help their leader.

In his rage, Clinton once again picked up his scepter and launched a black fireball towards Wang Yu. Seeing this, Wang Yu immediately let go of Clinton's face and dodged to his back. After the fireball had missed him, it landed on the herd of Skeleton Warriors that were standing around Clinton and reduced them into ashes.

At the same time, Wang Yu unleashed his [Thunder God's Stomp] and kicked Clinton's calf.


Turning around, Clinton picked his greatsword up and clashed in a two hundred degree arc. When Wang Yu attacked again, he realised that the Skeleton Warriors had it much worse than him. This one attack by Clinton had decapitated more than ten of the Skeleton Warriors! Twisting his body again, Wang Yu used [Crushing Blow] again to strike at Clinton's face.


As as strength based boss, Clinton had no way to deal with a slippery fish like Wang Yu. After being continually attacked by Wang Yu without being able to retaliate finally tipped Clinton over the edge. Stabbing his greatsword into the ground yet again Clinton grabbed two of the remaining Skeleton Warriors and stuffed them into his mouth.



In less than a second, Clinton had healed 10 000 health.

"F**K! Again!" The sight of the two green numbers above Clinton's head again made everyone incredibly depressed. There were still roughly a hundred of these Skeleton Warriors near the gate… If Clinton kept on using his [Swallow] how would they ever be able to kill him?

"Kill of all his minions! Don't let any of them get near to him!" Spring Halo shouted as he waved his staff and casted [Distortion] on the ones that were trying to run back to Clinton.

The rest didn't dare to hold anything back at this point. They all started to cast they skills in greater succession.

It was rather difficult to associate a shameless bastard like Clinton with a regal and noble Knight. Even after he had just healed himself, he still reached forward and tried to grab more of the Skeleton Warriors to consume.

How could Wang Yu just let this scum just do as he pleased? He quickly swapped to the cudgel again and viciously thrusted towards Clinton's chest briefly stunned him. Although the stun lasted for less than a second, it was still more than enough to force him to drop the two Skeleton Warriors in his hand.


"Shaaaa!!!!" After glaring at Wang Yu, Clinton reached forward and grabbed another two Skeleton Warriors.

With another swing of his cudgel, Wang Yu managed to force Clinton to drop the Skeleton Warriors again.

"Roar!!!" With an angry roar, Clinton tried to rush forward to grab his greatsword and battle Wang Yu to the death.

With another thrust of his cudgel, Wang Yu once again staggered Clinton and prevented him from bending down and retrieving his greatsword. At the same time, Wang yu borrowed the momentum from the recoil of Clinton knocking into the cudgel to swing the other end of it into Clinton's knee and managed to knock him over.

What Wang Yu was doing was known as establishing his area of control. This was one of the highest displays of cudgel arts and relied on the two ends to create an area where he had absolute control.

In Wang Yu's eyes, Clinton's chest, thighs and knees were all easy targets to knock him over with.

Cudgel arts were one of the most technical in chinese martial arts. Since Clinton was so focused on strength, it made it even easier for Wang Yu to take advantage of his actions to launch his counter attacks. At this point, Clinton was really no different from a caged animal. No matter where he went or how he moved, Wang Yu's cudgel was always there to stagger or trip him.

In the hands of a master like Wang Yu, the legendary area of control could have been achieved with any weapon. Even though he was using a cudgel, Wang Yu reduced the distance between them to nearly hand to hand combat distance to seal Clinton's movements even further.

Because of this, Clinton couldn't even move an inch. In desperation, he commanded the Skeleton Warriors that were nearby to attack Wang Yu.

With a light chuckle, Wang Yu swept his cudgel out and blew all the approaching Skeleton Warriors away.

Clinton immediately tried to take advantage of this opening to strike at Wang Yu. Without even turning around, Wang Yu swiftly pulled his right hand back and struck Clinton's arm and sent it flying back towards him.


If Clinton was an ordinary player then his heart would definitely shattered. The feeling of having your own attack redirected back at you was something no one would ever want to experience…

To create an area of control required one to have incredibly high hand eye coordination and near god like reflexes. Even for a master like Wang Yu, the limitation of the attributes in this game caused him to only be able to restrain Clinton and not launch attacks of his own.

Because of this, although Clinton couldn't fight back, Wang Yu wasn't able to deal much damage of his own until the others arrived.

Since Clinton couldn't damage himself, Wang Yu's redirection of his attacks didn't have much effect other than enraging him.

"What… What is this supposed to be???"

After the others finally cleaned up the remaining Skeleton Warriors, the arrived next to the boss only to witness this mind boggling scene.

Even the members of the Quan Zhen Sect couldn't help but exclaim: "F**k does this bastard even have any limits???"

"What're you guys doing? Quickly help me!!!" Wang Yu shouted while he continued to hold Clinton back.

"Do you even need help?" They asked again. From the looks of it, Wang Yu had everything under control. In their eyes, Wang Yu was the real boss in this battle. No one had ever seen anyone toy with an Independent Mode boss that was 20 levels above them like this before.

"Bullshit! Of course I do! Quickly attack him!!!"

Hearing his shouts, the other quickly formed up and began attacking Clinton again.
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