203 Miraculous Rooftop

Chapter 203: Miraculous Rooftop

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Boson and Crotch Lord made a beeline towards the second alleyway when they received Ming Du’s message.

These two burly men exuded an extraordinary pressure as they charged towards their enemies. Magician’s couldn’t control them, Archer’s couldn’t harm them and even the near ranged players didn’t dare to get close to them.

But before their reinforcements had arrived, the players from the Pure Lands guild on site did not dare to approach these two Warriors, simply standing by with mouths ajar as Boson and Crotch Lord ran away.

Before long, they had arrived where Ming Du was currently hiding.

There were currently three Archer’s madly shooting their arrows towards Ming Du on the rooftop as two Warriors were protecting them.

Because the attack range an Archer much greater than that of a Magician, Ming Du could only nimbly dodge the attacks that were coming his way as he shouted at his attackers: "F*ck you fathers! Do you dare to take a few steps forward and taste my wrath? Shit, my medicines... I’ll give you guys 1 gold each of you step forward..."

The players from the Quan Zhen Sect did not lack medicines, not to mention the fact that these were all medium grade recovery medicines. Ming Du could easily recover from the damage dealt to him, but each bottle had an estimated value of 50 silver...

"Cut the crap! You’ll finish your medicine soon enough! Why don’t you save yourself some cash and just die already!" An Archer shouted at him.

"Hmph! The Quan Zhen Sect will never admit defeat! I will only fall in battle!" Ming Du coldly retorted.

"Then why don’t you just die! Stand still while I shoot you!" The Archer shouted as he shot another volley of arrows towards Ming Du.

"Hmm?" Just as Ming Du had side stepped the Archer’s arrows, he noticed that Boson and Crotch Lord had already crept behind his assailants, preparing to ambush them.

The player’s from the Pure Lands guild noticed Ming Du’s odd gaze, turning around to see who was behind them.

"Crotchy! Boson! You guys have arrived!" Ming Du excitedly cried out.

"I knew the players of the Quan Zhen Sect area nothing more than a bunch of cowards..." A Warrior mocked.

"Bang, bang!"

Before he even got the chance to finish his sentence, the duo had knocked into him using [Charge], sending him flying away.

The Warrior steadied himself, raising his head to see who had attacked him, only to see a large shield coming his way.


The Warrior was viciously knocked over by the shield, stunning him as well.

Crotch Lord immediately raised his blade, viciously cutting down towards the Warrior again and again while he was stunned. The Warrior raised his own blade in an attempt to retaliate, only to be stunned by Crotch Lord’s shield once again, turning into a ray of white light.

Boson had taken on the other four players by himself, easily dispatching them.

His new set of equipments had allowed Boson to become a powerful force to reckon with. As an Independent mode player, Boson used [Charge] to knock his enemy back before using [Tornado Slash] to cut them down, turning all three Archers into a ray of white light in a single combo.

"Aiyah, Boson really is different with this new set of armour. Exactly how much did it increase your attack by? Crotchy over there really can’t make it, he’s taking so long to kill a single Warrior. I would have finished him off by now..." Ming Du sighed.

"Go f*ck yourself you piece of shit!" Crotch Lord shouted as he wiped the sweat off his brow.

"What’s the matter? You didn’t call us here just to save yourself right?" Boson asked.

"Get up first then we’ll talk. Their reinforcements are arriving!"

"F*ck off! Let’s just run!" Crotch Lord shouted as he raised his shield to protect Boson and himself.

He must have been joking, asking two burly and clumsy Warriors to climb up to the rooftop to join him? Did Ming Du think that this was some kind of joke?

"Thinking of running away? Do you guys really believe that you can leave?"

A mocking luaghter suddenly drifted in from the entrance of the alleyway as a group of players surrounded the entrance, Lone Blossom standing at the front of the pack.

"Kill the all!" Lone Blossom decreed.

Crotch Lord and Boson were caught in a dilemma, they would definitely die if they attempted to break out of this encirclement/

"Open the guild chat and hurry up and climb up here! Stop wasting time down there!" Ming Du shouted.

The duo immediately opened their guild chat and sprung into action. Boson jumped into the air and Crotch Lord knelt down, using his shield to knock Boson further into the air. While Boson used [Charge] to cover the final bit of distance, landing on the rooftop.

"What the f*ck! Kill that Guardian!"

The players from the Pure Land’s guild decided to target Crotch Lord now that Boson was out of reach.

A brilliant light suddenly shone as a Magician suddenly appeared where Crotch Lord was originally standing.

"What the f*ck??? Where did this magician come from?" The players from the Pure Lands guild rubbed their eyes as they asked.

"Archer’s, take aim at him. Don’t let this man live!" Lone Blossom commanded as he glared at Ming Du.

Ming Du smiled, raising his staff as a brilliant white light enveloped him, appearing on the rooftop once again.

"Oh my god!!!" The players gasped.

Did these scum from the Quan Zhen Sect really enjoy standing on rooftops that much?

"You really are a genius, I can’t believe you managed to get all of us up here..." Crotch Lord praised as he looked down from the rooftop.

"He he he, you just have to know how to use your skills... I’m just more familiar with my skills than you guys are. Not to mention that I’m smarter than you two idiots as well" Ming Du laughed.

"What the f*ck, how dare you call me an idiot, do you want to be thrown off..."

"Come on... I dare you!" Ming Du taunted.

"Fine, you win..." Crotch Lord mumbled when he realised that Ming Du could still use [Protective Switch] to throw him into the crowd of Pure Lands players.

"Should we just log off here?" Crotch Lord asked.

"Are you stupid? They can’t get up if we’re here, but the moment we leave, they’ll definitely use the same method to climb up! We just have to continue occupying this space. No matter how many people they bring, they still can’t kill us." Ming Du explained.

"Then what should we do? Should we just commit suicide?" Crotch Lord dejectedly asked. What was wrong with dying? After all, it was only 10% of their current experience points.

"We can never admit defeat! We just have to wait!"

"Who are we waiting for?"

"Iron Bull!"
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