261 I Will Never Forgive Someone That Embarrassed Me

Chapter 261: I Will Never Forgive Someone That Embarrassed Me

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Even Spring Halo couldn't resist joining in on the fun: "Ha ha! How can you guys be so harsh towards Fearless? It's only natural that we commit crimes of passion in our youth! But then again, to taking it to that level is rather extraordinary... I really salute you Fearless!"

"Spring Dog! I'll f*cking kill you! You're the one that told me to saw those words to that female NPC to trigger a special action and mission! How dare you slander me now!" Fearless angrily shouted.

The crowd was speechless, quickly turning their condescending gazes towards Spring Halo. Such a prank really did seem like something that Spring Halo would try to pull.

Don't be fooled by his looks, Spring Halo was the most mischievous person in the guild despite his age.

"Brother Bull, what exactly happened today?" Spring Halo quickly changed the topic when he noticed the rage in Fearless' eyes.

"There was a guy causing trouble at my shop today, so I killed him..." Wang Yu stated.

"This is definitely a trap by the Daybreak Studio!" Fearless declared.

"I think so too... but I'm not sure why they would do such a thing." Wang Yu sighed.

It did not make much business sense to spend so much gold buying items from his shop. Could it be that they had bought all the stocks from his convenience shop and then sent someone to cause trouble?

"They want to kill the business for your shop and then monopolise the market for medium grade recovery medicine!" Fearless explained.

"Kill my shop? But they've been buying so many things from me!" Wang Yu laughed.

"You're too naive!" Fearless sighed: "Their plan was to buy all the stock in your shop first. And then they framed you for being unreasonable, thereby causing the reputation of your shop to plumet. After this happens, the number of customers you have will naturally decrease. They will then take advantage of this and sell the medium grade recovery potions that they bought from you, ultimately conquering the market! Do you get it now?"

"Kind of, but not really... aren't they just selling our goods?" Wang Yu asked.

"Damn it! You really are stupid! When the time comes that you can't sell anymore goods due to a lack of customers, they'll try to entice Snowy Velvet and the rest to join them! But if they have even a shred of intelligence, they will probably just approach them directly..." Fearless explained.

"How did you even think of this?" Fearless explanation had utterly shocked Wang Yu. He had easily predicted and explained the actions of the Daybreak Studio without even comprehending the full extent of their actions, he had even predicted the fact that the Daybreak Studio would approach Li Xue directly.

"Then what should we do?" Wang Yu asked.

Since Fearless had already seen through their plans, he would naturally have a countermeasure.

"Their target is the medium grade recovery potion. For now, you should just display 30% of your goods and keep the rest. If they can't hit their quota for buying the medium grade recovery position then they'll probably leave you alone. You can take this time to sell them a bunch of trash too!" Fearless indifferently explained.

"That's all? Isn't that too simple? Then what do I do with the remaining 70% of my stock?" Wang Yu asked.

"Nothing. Just keep it in the bank. You'll need it soon enough..." Fearless smirked.

After giving his instructions to Wang Yu, Fearless turned over to Frost Blade as he asked: "How much do we have left in the guild savings?"

"About 50 gold." Frost Blade answered.

The guild's savings was the money that they pooled together from selling items that they got as a guild from selling unwanted equipments, and from the income of the four ladies.

50 gold. This was a hefty sum for a small guild such as theirs.

"Good, take all the money and buy up as much materials for the medicine as you can!" Fearless instructed.

"All of it? That's very wise is it?"

The one who had spoken up was Yang Nuo, who rarely ever interfered with what they were doing. As a member of the Quan Zhen Sect who had some combat powers, Fearless had naturally notified Yang Nuo of this meeting as well. But he never expected that Yang Nuo would actually turn up.

"Oh? Why do you think it's a bad idea?" Fearless asked. Clearly he was very interested in her opinion.

"The money belongs to everyone in the guild. It doesn't make much sense to spend it all on materials!" Yang Nuo explained.

Any other guild would definitely be spending this sum of money on enhancing the defenses of their guild headquarters or equipping their players with better equipment.

Yang Nuo felt that this money would be better spent on increasing the battle power of the players, rather than buying seemingly random materials.

As new members of the guild, Crotch Lord and Darknorth Fisher seldom voiced their opinions. Even though they also felt that spending all their guild's money on materials was a waste of gold, they did not dare to voice their opinions.

The only reason that Boson and Spring Halo had remained silent throughout this discussion was because they knew that there was no point in trying to reason with Fearless once he had made up his mind.

But Yang Nuo felt that this was her responsibility as a member of the guild to voice her opinion regarding this matter as she felt that Fearless' suggestion did not make sense at all.

"The reason that I asked Frost Blade to spend all our money on materials is to increase the money that we have in our savings!" Fearless chuckled.

"And why should I trust you?" Yang Nuo asked.

"It doesn't matter if you trust me or not. You just need to trust in the fact that I will never forgive someone that embarrassed me!" Fearless gnashed his teeth as he replied.

"Oh..." Yang Nuo's heart trembled as she looked at Fearless' terrifying expression, thinking to herself: "Was I the one that embarrassed him?"

"Do you still have any questions?" Fearless asked.

"No..." Yang Nuo shook her head as she replied. Even though they hadn't known each other for a long time, Yang Nuo knew of Fearless' devious methods and schemes. It was better if she avoided conflict with this man.

Furthermore, most of the money came from the contributions of Li Xue's group. It did make some sense if they were using the money to buy materials for them.

Seeing that Yang Nuo no longer had any objections, Fearless drank a large mouthful from his cup before he cleared his throat and spoke: "Alright, this wasn't the reason that I called you guys over today. The main reason was because of a rather interesting job that I was offered. I wonder if you guys will be interested or not?"

"A job?" Everyone else asked.

As this point in time, everyone was around level 20. They could only clear dungeons about twice a day since Darknorth Fisher was still only level 17. Other than clearing dungeons they spent most of their days hunting monsters to level up. Thus, Fearless' words had greatly aroused their interest.

"Helping the Sanguine Alliance complete their headquarters defense quest..." Fearless grinned.
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