272 Chapter 272: Imminent Peril

Chapter 272: Chapter 272: Imminent Peril

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Viper General was a simple-minded boss, it was a miracle that he survived for so long against Ming Du.

With Yang Nuo stalling Viper General, Ming Du could attack without worries. Not to mention that Fearless already told them about Viper General's weakness after it went berserk.

Ming Du and Yang Nuo had decent attack and hit rate, allowing them to kill Viper General, who had poor magical defence, so quickly.

Viper General belonged to both warrior and knight classes, so it dropped an armor and a wrist guard, both equipments for warriors and knights. Since Boson and Crotch Lord just replaced their armors, Ming Du and Yang Nuo split the loot between themselves.

Sanguine Warflag was full of envy, but it was too bad that they had already agreed to give all equipments to Quan Zhen Sect.

Contribution points were distributed evenly to Ming Du and Yang Nuo as well, meaning that they both received an additional 10 000 000 honored experience points, bringing them to level 24.

They then returned to the headquarter under Ming Du's cover fire, joining the defence formation.

Ming Du was a bastard that would kill steal from his own friends, not to mention others.

He first casted [Hellfire Wall] to damage all the monsters, then he would kill steal any monster that had low HP. His experience points increased like mad easily.

This made all the Sanguine Alliance players frustrated, it was such a low blow from Ming Du. However, they could not do anything as MIng Du was hired to help, so they just rolled their eyes at him.

"Ming Du, isn't this inappropriate?" Even Yang Nuo could not stand how despicable Ming Du was.

"You're right…" As Ming Du replied, he cast [Flaming Barrage], and wiped out a whole bunch of monsters that had low HP.

"That's better…" Ming Du laughed.

",,," Yang Nuo was speechless for a moment, then added, "I am going somewhere else…" Yang Nuo was actually afraid that the crowd would get angry and slaughter Ming Du, so she did not want to get involved.

At that moment, another system notification was released.

<System Notification: Hidden one, Kandan, has been slain. Damage of all monsters increased by 30%. All attacks have 10% chance to deal criticaldamage.

Hidden One was an assassin and human type boss.

This type of bosses typically had low HP and were weak to crowd control. Spring Halo's group even had anti-stealth limestone powder as well.

With the limestone powder, Hidden One was traceable, therefore allowing Spring Halo to trap it with his six ghosts, restricting its movements.

Hidden One became a thief without stealth, and an assassin without movement, virtually becoming defenceless.

After Spring Halo reduced Hidden One's speed, the assassins took turns to crowd control, followed by dealing tremendous damage on it. Hidden One tried to escape several times, but always ended up getting knocked back by Boson and tossed into Spring Halo's barrier by Vainglory.

In the end, Hidden One could not resist against the five of them, and dropped 2 skill books and 2 daggers when it died.

[Ambidextrous] - Rare skill, allows the user to dual wield. Secondary weapon will deal 60% of the damage of primary weapon.

Job requirement: Assassin

[Enhanced Stealth] - Rare skill, enhances stealth by 30%

Job requirement: Thief

The two daggers were a weapon set.

<Despair's Poison (Dagger) (Set) (Secondary)

Physical Attack: 50-67

Magical Attack: 34-58

+10 Dexterity

+4 Strength


[Tempered in Poison] (Passive): Normal attacks have a 30% chance to trigger poisonous damage.

Set Bonus

Despair's Poison (Dagger) (Secondary): 1/1

Despair's Fang (Dagger) (Main): 0/1

[Serpent of Desperation] - Increase attack by 10% (unlocked)

[Stab of Desperation] - Increase critical chance by 10% (locked)

Special Effect:

[Strike of Desperation] - Reduce own HP to to deal damage to enemy. (1.5x of own HP]

<Despair's Fang (Dagger) (Set) (Main)

Physical Attack: 67-82

Magical Attack: 22-34

+10 Strength

+4 Dexterity


[Hinder] (Active): Reduces damage taken by 30%

Set Bonus

Despair's Poison (Dagger) (Secondary): 0/1

Despair's Fang (Dagger) (Main): 1/1

[Serpent of Desperation] - Increase attack by 10% (unlocked)

[Stab of Desperation] - Increase critical chance by 10% (locked)

Special Effect:

[Strike of Desperation] - Reduce own HP to to deal damage to enemy. (1.5x of own HP]

[Ambidextrous] worked as a set with the Desperation Set...but Frost Blade had equally good equipements, so he chose [Enhanced Stealth] and gave the rest to Darknorth Fisher.

At this point in time, Frost Blade's stealth was enhanced by 60%, there was probably not a single monster in game that could detect his stealth.

As for Darknorth Fisher, he was already on the path of a damage dealing Thief. Now that he had [Ambidextrous] and the Desperation Set, his damage shot up tremendously, almost catching up to Frost Blade.

There were three bosses dead now. Apart from Fantasy Serpent, the other two bosses both left a buff for the monsters after they died.

This made the defence tougher.

The increase in attack was fine, but the increase in defence pierce rate and critical hit rate was nightmarish.

If only either one of them was buffed, it would still be manageable. However, with the both of them buffed, the tanks were suffering. Luckily, there was an abundance of supports, so they could still stall the monsters.

As the supplies decreased, they could not last much longer. There were already deaths at the main gate.

It was fortunate that players could revive in the quest, or else the main gate would have been broken through by now.

Angela at obsidian grade had her stats increased by almost 100%, coupled with her better intelligence, even Wang Yu had only managed to drop half her health after so long.

Despite so, Wang Yu's experience with her previously allowed him to fight comfortably, killing her was only a matter of time. After 10 minutes, Angela was finally down to 30% health, but the situation at the main gate was turning worse.

Sanguine Asura had failed to maintain the formation after some players died, and now the monsters had broken through their defence.

Suddenly, a miserable cry was heard throughout the valley. Following that, all the monsters bow down and stopped their attack.

At this moment, a huge anaconda appeared before Wang Yu.
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