273 The Main Gate Falls.

Chapter 273: The Main Gate Falls.

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The python was about eight meters long, with a girth of almost one meter. It was two stories tall when it stands up.

There was a stone pillar covered in runes on its weak spot.

Wang Yu quickly threw a detection skill at it.

<Ruler of Snakes, Angela (LV 40) (Obsidian Boss) (Elite)

HP: 7841

MP: 48 562

Skills: [Toxic Breath], [Death Ray], [Poison Fang], [Runestone Forest]

Abilities: [Ruler's Scale (Immune to damage)]

Wang Yu was cursing the system after seeing Angela's true form.

The other skills were fine since she could not hit Wang Yu, but her freaking ability was "immune to damage", that meant she was invincible!

While Wang Yu was stunned, Angela attacked with her head, which could damage anything in a 6 meters radius.

Wang Yu quickly used [Crushing Blow] to dodge, but before Wang Yu had even landed, a stone cage rose from the ground and locked him in.

Angela then aimed at Wang Yu and opened her mouth.

Wang Yu felt the danger even from 6 meters away, he quickly used [Sunset Shift] to dodge again.

Just as Wang Yu landed, a big ball of poisonous mist came out of Angela's mouth, towards the stone cage. After the mist dissipated, Wang Yu saw the huge hole on the ground caused by the corrosion.

"F*ck…" Wang Yu broke out in a cold sweat. Had that attack landed on him, he would be dead by now.

Angela saw that Wang Yu was not dead, and charged towards him again.

Despite Angela's size, her speed was insane. She was in front of Wang Yu in the blink of an eye.

Angela's attack range was huge, yet both Wang Yu's skills for evasion were on cooldown.

As Angela's head went towards him, Wang Yu gritted his teeth and rolled forward.

When pythons attack their enemies with their heads, there would be an arc at their neck. <<REBIRTH was successful in simulating that characteristic, allowing Wang Yu to get to that arc, and evading death.

Angela was outraged, and started rolling onto Wang Yu in order to crush him.

"This is cheating…" Wang Yu was in tears.

As expected of an elite boss, even shameless tricks like "rolling" could be used.

The attack covered all 360 degrees, leaving no gap for Wang Yu to escape.

Wang Yu stuck his pole against the ground and lifted himself up to get over Angela's circling attack. This was the first time a boss used such an attack in 1v1.

However, Angela seemed to be expecting that, and her head went towards Wang Yu again.

Wang Yu then subconsciously stabbed his pole at Angela's jaw.

The scales on Angela's jaw were soft like human skin, Wang Yu's stab successfully stopped her. However, Wang Yu himself was sent flying by Angela's monstrous strength, it was so strong that even his Spirit Guard was activated.

Despite that, Wang Yu was glad to know that Angela still had a weak spot, and was not completely immune to damage.

Just as Wang Yu was stalling Angela, the Sanguine Alliance players were in a chaos.

After Angela's true form was revealed, the morale of her minions rose by 100%.

Datas were constant in the game, so morale had no effect on the players, but, that was not the case for the monsters. Since the monsters were part of the game, a 100% increase in morale meant that their attack increased by 100%, at the cost of defence reduction.

The sharp increase in attack immediately caused the collapse of the frontline defence, which was already in imminent peril. The monsters were now attacking the main gate directly.

With their attack, the main gate would not be able to last long.

Meanwhile, Sanguine Warflag was losing his mind when he heard that the main gate's defence had fallen.

It was known that it took both Fearless' tactics and the main gate to survive the monsters' attack.

The players were like the cork, blocking the leak that was the main gate. Now that the cork was gone, the monsters would rush in to attack the guild crystal. By then, Sanguine Alliance would have truly fallen.

"Fearless, we're in deep shit. The main gate's defence collapsed…" Sanguine Warflag contacted Fearless almost immediately.

His behaviour pissed the other Sanguine Alliance core members off, but it could not be helped. Under these circumstances, there was nothing they could do but to rely on Fearless.

'We'll be right there!" Fearless saw mess and already knew that the main gate was in trouble, he quickly gathered the other Quan Zhen Sect members, and headed for the main gate.

When they arrived, the magicians and archers were attacking the monsters from above. The other players could only hide behind the gate helplessly.

"Open the gate!" Fearless shouted.

Sanguine Asura was shocked, "Fearless, stop joking. Once that gate is opened, we are all f*cked…"

Fearless stared at him and said, "Does it look like I'm joking?"

'But once the gate opens, the monsters could come in…" Sanguine Asura was in a dilemma.

"Listen to my command!" Fearless then added, "Tanks in front, knights at the back, and form a horizontal line. Open the gate when I count to one, then we'll all rush out. Shamans tag behind as well!"

"The snakes' attack is way too high now, tanks can't even last a few rounds. It's pointless to rush out…" Sanguine Asura added again.

"Shut the f*ck up! Just listen to what I said!" Fearless replied.
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