274 Wang Yu’s in Danger

Chapter 274: Wang Yu’s in Danger

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It was reasonable for Sanguine Asura to feel worried.

The combo charging attack by warrior classes was a common mechanics used in game. Any commander with experience in group fights would have known it.

In fact, Sanguine Asura already did it several times. However, with the snakes' incredibly high attack currently, charging out of them seemed pointless.

Despite so, he had to listen to Fearless, who was the commander in charge, and opened the gates.

As soon as the gate opened, the snakes flooded into the headquarters.

The Sanguine Alliance players followed the lead of Fearless, and charged the monsters away, and followed up with [Shield Bash] to stun them. The tanks then took up a defensive position at the gate.

The flying serpents among the monsters tried to fly in, but the archers shot them down instantly.

"Tanks, get into the cone formation. Shamans, prepare your [Dark Barrier] and toss them out!" Fearless ordered the shamans.

The shamans were dumbfounded when they heard Fearless. [Dark Barrier] required three seconds of cast time. That was enough time for the tanks to be completely wiped out.

Despite so, everyone still casted [Dark Barrier] obediently.

The tanks at the front hurriedly fell back and formed into the cone formation as Fearless ordered.

At that moment, the stun on the minions ended, and they started attacking again.

The tanks were scared, they knew that the monsters could take them out within a few blows.

Just as everyone was retreating, Spring Halo's [Dark Barrier] rose into the air and towered over a few tanks together with the minions.

"Such a godly prediction!"

Everyone was amazed. With the long cast time of [Darkness Barrier], it required extraordinary prediction skills to capture the monsters so accurately.

The rest of the monsters then started coming from the two sides of the barrier, but 20 interconnected barriers rose up and stopped all of them.

The players finally had time to rest after stopping the monsters.

"Everyone! March forward! One, two, one, two…" Fearless' command out of nowhere almost killed everyone.

For f*ck's sake, acting like a sports committee member during such a critical situation. Why could Fearless not stop his shenanigans.

Fearless was out of choices too. It was the first time the Sanguine Alliance players used this formation, so they were uncertain. It was impractical to attack under such circumstances.

As the formation was formed up again, the situation was finally under control. But Fearless turned black again when he saw that Wang Yu was in trouble.

After turning into a python, Angela was no longer the pretty chick. She was taking revenge on Wang Yu, attacking non-stop with her fearsome strength. Wang Yu could only rely on his body movements to dodge the attacks, and he was struggling.

Wang Yu was really in a tight spot. After turning invincible, no matter what Wang Yu attacked with, no damage was done to Angela.

To make things worse, Wang Yu's martial art techniques were useless against her, apart from dodging. Afterall, his techniques were never designed to fight such monsters.

"This boss is really overpowered…" The Quan Zhen Sect members were shocked to see Angela hot on Wang Yu's tail.

Since the game started, they had only seen Wang Yu beating bosses up, not the other way round.

"Iron Bull is the overpowered one, for him to be able to stall the boss even in such a situation…" Sanguine Asura was full of respect for Wang Yu.

The Quan Zhen Sect members glanced and him and thought to themselves, "You don't know enough about Wang Yu…"

"I'll go help him…" Yang Nuo volunteered.

Although it was a tie between the two of them, but they could not leave Wang Yu hanging. If anything was to happen to Wang Yu, it would the end for him.

The Quan Zhen Sect members could not be resurrected in the headquarters since they did not belong to Sanguine Alliance. Therefore, they could not risk getting killed, since they were needed to support the rest whenever someone else was killed.

"Ok! Just be careful." Fearless nodded.

Angela was an obsidian grade boss at Level 40. She could already be classified as a divine beast currently. No one would dare to agitate her without hundreds of back ups.

Even Wang Yu could barely survive her attacks, so Yang Nuo was the only one that could help him.

"Ming Du, clear a path for us." Fearless turned and said.

Ming Du was already at the front of the formation recklessly, and shouted, "I'll show you guys some fun!"

In the next moment, a cluster of rockets descended from the sky.

"Eh? Is this [Flaming Barrage]? Why does it seem different from before?" Frost Blade was a meticulous guy, and he spotted the change right away.

Unlike the previous [Flaming Barrage], this one had a trace of blue flash on it.

"That's right, this is [Flaming Lightning Barrage]! HAHAHAHA!" Ming Du was laughing hysterically. As the rockets landed, the ground was covered in blue lightning. The snakes were soon dead, creating a gap in the monsters' formation.

"What the f*ck! So sick?" The other Quan Zhen Sect members were shocked. They did not expect Ming Du to have such a skill.

"I hate you, how did a b*tch like you get so strong!" Vainglory said unwillingly.

"It's a must given that its a hidden branch job…" Ming Du replied arrogantly.

"Tch…" Fearless despised Ming Du, "I bet you can't learn your Level 30 skill [Chain Lightning] anymore."

" do you know?" Ming Du was surprised.

"Isn't that how hidden branch jobs worked?" Fearless questioned Ming Du.

As the saying went, "No pain no gain." After knowing that Ming Du could not learn his Level 30 skills anymore, they felt slightly comforted….But with such a strong skill, what was the point in learning [Chain Lightning] at all?

At the meantime, Yang Nuo already went past the monsters' encirclement, and approached Wang Yu.

"Get here now!" Wang Yu quickly called out to Yang Nuo when he saw her coming.

Yang Nuo hesitated, "Could be bastard be trying to sabotage me…" She could not forget about what Wang Yu did to her.

While she was hesitating, Angela turned and spat out a huge cloud of poison mist at her. Yang Nuo was shocked and she hurriedly dodge the mist, while casually firing an arrow at Angela's head.


A number appeared on Angela's head.
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