364 Wine Immortal Skill

Chapter 364: Wine Immortal Skill
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The last item that Wang Yu revealed was a torn piece of paper, it was a recipe.

Once Wang Yu obtained the book, he immediately learned the skill. It wasn't because of his excitement, but because he didn't trust the Hermit.

The Hermit did not cheat him, the Wine Immortal skill was pretty decent.

[Drunken Beating of the Mountains]: Increases movement speed by 20%, physical attack and defence by 15% while user is in the drunken state.

[Blood Cleanse]: Dispels all poisons and debuffs on the user with the power of wine.

Even though both of these skills were amplifier skills, the effects were powerful.

"How is it? Pretty decent right? This is one of my favourite skills, if you weren't smart, I wouldn't impart it to you…" the Hermit hugged his wine bottle and said.

"It's good it's good" Wang Yu said with satisfaction.

His present for the Hermit did not go down in vain, the only thing that could increase movement speed, physical attack, physical defence and dispel poison were mixtures and antidotes respectively.

The two items were much more expensive than regular potions and their usages were much more specialised.

Of course, high end wine was not cheap either. But for the skill, any type of wine would do.

After learning the skill, Wang Yu was ready to find a place to practice, when news suddenly came in.

It was from Seven Blueberries.

"Brother Bull, you're not here for the PVP arena today?".

"Didn't I already mention it? Practice and training is the right way to go… The PVP arena isn't the way," Wang Yu lectured.

Wang Yu was a little bumped as well, this girl usually did not take the initiative, it was always him that invited her to join the squad. Why did she suddenly come to him? Could it be that they didn't have enough people?

"Got it…" Blueberry replied.

Wang Yu felt that he wasn't being a gentleman by rejecting a girl like this, so he added, "If you need someone, I can join.".

"We need someone," Blueberry said directly.

"…" Wang Yu was a little speechless, he felt like slapping himself, why did he find more trouble for himself?

"Just wait for me, I'll be there soon…" Wang Yu left a final message before heading to the PVP arena.
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