393 Jade Beauty

Chapter 393: Jade Beauty
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"Alright, I'll trust you since you have faith in me!" The female magician instantly released her magic wall as she diverted her focus on BOSS Feige.

Within a few seconds, the supporters turned around and attacked the other direction.

"F*ck! What's happening?" Seeing the two teams attacking the BOSS simultaneously, the members of the Quan Zhen Sect called out.

A surprised and enraged Fearless shouted, "F*ck! They want to split the loots of the BOSS equally!"

The despicable Quan Zhen Sect had done things like that before. Therefore, Fearless was able to guess what the plan of the two teams was in a short period of time.

After Fearless' words, everyone understood what was going on.

Every member of the Quan Zhen Sect grew unhappy as they thought about this. After all, half of this BOSS belonged to the Quan Zhen Sect. Given the temper and attitude of the Quan Zhen Sect, it was already decent that they didn't go ahead to snatch the BOSS. Who would have thought that these two teams would turn into an alliance to take away the half that belonged to the Quan Zhen Sect?

"F*ck! How dare they try and take away our Quest Goods? Let's finish them off!"

Every member of the Quan Zhen Sect started walking over.

If their benefits remained untouched, the Quan Zhen Sect would be more than willing to watch the two teams fight it out. Now that they might not benefit from this, how could these fellas stand still and do nothing about it?

Noticing that the Quan Zhen Sect was walking towards them, both teams that were fighting the BOSS went on guard immediately.

The BOSS didn't have much health left after the first round of battle. Now that the BOSS was under the attack of both teams, it was evident that he wouldn't last for much longer.

After such a long fight, both teams were naturally unwilling to give up on the rewards at this point. Moreover, they were having the numerical advantage now. Therefore, both teams' archers had a mutual understanding as they started attacking the Quan Zhen Sect concurrently.

Crotch Lord raised his shield, charged towards the crowd of people as he activated crowd taunt. After having their aggro forcefully drawn towards Crotch Lord, a few players beside Crotch Lord couldn't help themselves but attack him. In fact, the aggro of two Thieves in stealth mode was even drawn towards him.

This was the reason why Thieves were commonly helpless against tanks like Guardian.

A series of attacks by a Thief was definitely not able to kill a Guardian. On the other hand, a Guardian was able to make use of the taunt skill to force a Thief to attack. One must know that once a Thief attacked, his [Stealth] mode would be released. What good would a Thief be if he couldn't use [Stealth]?

At the same time, Boson's [Tornado Slash] was carried by Ming Du's magic as it flew towards the enemy's camp.

In just one single round of attacks, four out of the twenty people in the alliance were instantly dead.

After the two attacks disrupted the formation of the alliance, the rest of the people hurried back in front of the BOSS to continue their attacks.

A bald warrior from the female magician's team shouted in rage, "How dare they try and steal our Flaming Militia's BOSS? They must be really sick and tired of living!"

"Flaming Militia?" From the first sight, Frost Blade found this female magician rather familiar. After hearing the reputable name of the Flaming Militia, he took a closer glance at the female magician. He exclaimed, "You're Jade Beauty!"

Flaming Militia might not be the number one guild in the country. However, their squad was definitely within the top ten in the country. Moreover, their popularity was certainly comparable to the top few guilds.

The main reason for their popularity was because the number one female player in the country was in their guild. She was Jade Beauty.

There were never a lot of female gamers in the country to begin with. Additionally, Beauty Jade was an incredibly beautiful female.

In the hearts of these males addicted to computer games, Beauty Jade was undoubtedly a god-like existence. Frost Blade was not an exception because he was all over her too. Previously, he travelled a long distance just to watch Beauty Jade participate in a competition. Even so, Beauty Jade was a very low-profile player. Furthermore, she was playing a keyboard and mouse game at that point in time. Therefore, Frost Blade had never actually seen her up close before.

Now that he finally saw her, his heart and mind started racing wildly.

The leader of the opposite camp, who was a Lich Doctor, looked surprised, "So you're the famous Jade Beauty! This explains everything! Please remember to give me your autograph later on…"

Ming Du and co. were always old timers. When they heard that she was Jade Beauty, he chuckled, "Hehe, you're indeed as beautiful as they rumoured you to be…"

"Tsk!" Jade Beauty grunted as she replied, "Since you know who I am, why don't you get out of my sight?"

Yang Nuo replied coldly, "Who do you think you are?"

"She is the number one female expert in this country!" Fearless spoke as though he was a love-struck fool.

"Number one female expert? Says who?" Yang Nuo started to show signs of displeasure.

Fearless, being the observant man that he always was, noticed Yang Nuo's tone. Therefore, he changed his words hurriedly, "Not anymore!"

"Who are you people?" When Jade Beauty saw that the Quan Zhen Sect looked excited upon hearing her name instead of fearing her, she had a bad premonition.

"Us?" Fearless paused and chuckled for a long while before replying, "I don't think you're strong enough to know who we are. God Fist, show them what we're capable of."

The moment Fearless finished his sentence, Wang Yu darted forward. This was because Fearless sent a private message to Wang Yu just a few seconds ago saying, "You're Imperial Dragon God Fist now…"

Jade Beauty saw the situation and was taken aback instantly. She took a few steps back subconsciously as her staff produced green rays of light before shouting, "Dancing Ghost Vines, Prison!"

After shouting her commands, thick vines started emerging from where the Quan Zhen Sect was standing. The vines flew around and formed a prison very quickly with all the members of the Quan Zhen Sect trapped inside.

"F*ck! This woman knows wood attributes magic." Ming Du called out in surprise.

Wood Magician was also one of the hidden jobs of a magician. Their level of control was also much stronger than a Shaman. In fact, Wood Magician's control skills could also deal damage to the opposition.

This woman's [Dancing Ghost Vines] required a full minute of control to be successfully executed. While all the members of the Quan Zhen Sect were trapped, they suffered quite a lot of damage to their health too.

However, there was also a weakness to this skill. Once the target had been trapped, she would no longer be able to attack the target.

Even so, the Jade Beauty's aim was to kill the BOSS. As for the remaining people, it wouldn't be too late for her to deal with them after killing the BOSS.

"No wonder you're the number one expert! Impressive, truly impressive!" Looking at how Jade Beauty managed to trap the arrogant Quan Zhen Sect, the Lich Doctor on the opposite camp started praising her. He even removed the word 'female' and addressed her directly as the number one expert.

"Sister Jade can crowd control and attack! They wouldn't pose a problem for her even if they got more backups." The underlings of Jade Beauty started bootlicking her.

Even with the compliments of so many people, Jade Beauty didn't look too happy.

"There is one more person who I didn't trap!" Jade Beauty cried out.

She was clearly aware of how many targets she had while executing her skill. She was certain that she was up against ten enemies but only nine were trapped in the Dancing Ghost Vines.

"It can't be! Where is he? Why can't I see him?" Another underling of Jade Beauty started questioning.

At this moment, Wang Yu's voice could be heard from behind, "I'm right here!"

Jade Beauty turned her head and could see Wang Yu's hand coming for her. Her body flashed and she managed to escape and opened up five metres before replying in fear, "You! How did you avoid my skill?"

[Dancing Ghost Vines] was a skill that moved faster than [Dark Barrier]. Additionally, the area it covered was much larger too. It would be too odd if someone could dodge such a skill.

Wang Yu looked at Jade Beauty in surprise after seeing how she teleported her way out of danger. However, he managed to reason it out by himself. As an expert of the Flaming Militia, it shouldn't be surprising that a magician like Jade Beauty could learn the teleport skill.

To answer Jade Beauty's question, Wang Yu replied, "Beauty, there is no need for you to shout your skill so loudly before executing them the next time…"
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