406 Ming Du’s Occupational Disease

Chapter 406: Ming Du’s Occupational Disease
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Thorn City.

There were a group of people standing at the entrance of the martial academy, staring closely at the people leaving and entering it.

Among them, there was a Knight that was especially eye-catching. This Knight held a gold-coloured spear and he wore a set of gold-coloured armour, giving him an incredibly imposing look. Although the stats and unique effects of these equipment were unknown, anyone only needed a single glance to tell that these were high-quality equipment.

The martial academy was a place where players gathered. As players walked by, they could not help but turn back and take a second look at this Knight.

One person actually possessed two Gold tier equipment. This was a fortune that would only land on the experts of a huge guild. Such experts were definitely celebrity players. As everyone walked by, they would look at this Knight's face, wondering whether this fella was the celebrity player that they liked.

This eye-catching person was Godless, one of the top ten experts of Feng Yun Guild. Just now, he was the one that led people to kill Vainglory. Currently, he was camping at the entrance of the martial academy.

Godless was a person with thin skin. Thus, when people walked by and stopped to look and him, he felt unnatural and a distinct look of anger appeared on his face.

"Why haven't this brat's friends arrived?" Godless asked with an unkind tone.

"They're probably too afraid to come." A Warrior beside Godless mumbled to himself.

These people had been camping here for a long time. It was obvious that they would feel impatient.

"Heartless, is that fella still online?" Godless asked the assassin beside him.

This assassin was the fella that Vainglory wanted to trade with. The two added each other as friends, so he could monitor Vainglory's status at any time.

Heartless looked at his friend list, "He's still online."

"Hmm, if that fella is still online, it means that he is waiting for someone. Let's continue waiting." Godless said.

"Boss, now that we're talking about that, if this brat's friends come, would we be able to win them?" Heartless felt nervous, "Just now, we had so many people surrounding that brat but he still managed to kill two of our brothers…"

Heartless naturally knew that state of his own team. When it comes to skills and equipment, this team was top-class. However, although there were more than 10 of them that came together to ambush Vainglory, Vainglory was still successful in killing two people. It could not be helped that Heartless would feel anxious.

Godless said solemnly, "That was just a little more than 10 people. Now, we have so many people waiting in ambush. You're still afraid that we can't screw them to their deaths?"

"That's true!" Heartless recalled that besides their team, there were still another 100 experts waiting in ambush not far away. He felt more reassured.

Thorn City and Twilight City were neighbouring cities. Thus, taking the teleportation formation only required the blink of an eye.

"Shall we go to my brother's ship to take a seat?" Red Spiderlily quickly got close to the members of Quan Zhen Sect. At this moment, she was inviting them over as guests.

Wang Yu said grimly, "Lady, you're inviting a wolf into your house, you know that?"

Although these members of Quan Zhen Sect did not behave decently most of the time, they still looked at the big picture. While Vainglory was lamenting his bad luck for not being invited by a lady, the rest naturally knew that they would not abandon him.

"Some other day then. We have important matters to do," Fearless said.

Wang Yu pulled Red Spiderlily and said, "You can head back first. We are going to PK with some people and we won't have time to take care of you…"

"Alright. Be careful."

On their way here, Red Spiderlily came to understand why Quan Zhen Sect was heading over to Thorn City. Even if she enjoyed being among this crowd, she wouldn't want to get herself into trouble. Now, with Wang Yu's words, she definitely wouldn't stubbornly follow them.

"I know… Let's train together some other time…" Fearless and the rest all waved goodbye to Red Spiderlily.

Red Spiderlily laughed, "En, ok!"

With that, she turned and left. Just as the people of Quan Zhen Sect were about to head to the martial academy, Red Spiderlily suddenly turned back.

"Little girl, you can't bear to leave me?" Ming Du asked with a doggy smile.

"Err…" Red Spiderlily jolted slightly before speaking, "I just wanted to tell you guys that my brother's shop is on the 4th Street, Number 24. It's not far from here."

"Oh oh oh, we understand."

The group answered absent-mindedly. They were merely saying this to appease her but this lady really believed them. Why would they go over to that person's shop for no reason?

Besides the scenery, the home cities were roughly the same; the structure of Thorn City and Twilight City were exactly the same.

When the group arrived at Middle Street's martial academy, they immediately saw Godless and his group waiting at the entrance.

After seeing Godless's getup, the people of Quan Zhen Sect were also shocked by this fella's appearance.

Of course, Gold tier equipment weren't anything mystical to the people of Quan Zhen Sect. The mystical thing was the colour of Godless's armour and spear; they made him look like a knight of gold… Indeed, he hadn't come out of his adolescent delusions (or chunibyo)…

"Little Chicky, is the leader of the people that killed you wearing a set of flashy gold armour?" Fearless asked on the guild chat.

"En! It's that trash!" Vainglory's enmity towards Godless was as deep as the ocean. Previously, Vainglory wanted to make use of a Pugilist's high jumping power to jump up onto a roof and escape. However, he was stabbed by Godless's spear. To make things worse, he was stabbed in the back. This enmity could no longer be contained by the domains of this heaven and earth.

"They only have that small party. Let's go over and exterminate them!" Ming Du suggested.

Fearless shook his head incessantly, "No! Don't be rash. They are definitely not such people!"

Boson asked doubtfully, "Could there be other people here?"

Fearless pointed at Godless and said, "There's definitely an ambush. Have you seen any guild that would leave a party of 10 people to camp over a respawn point?"

"That's true…"

All the members of Quan Zhen Sect had a plethora of experiences. These casual words by Wuji quickly brought them to an understanding.

A respawn point wasn't a small space. Although there was only one entrance, this entrance was very wide. With a little more than 10 people, they could only form one line of defence at the very most.

Previously when the people of Pure Lands tried to block them, they sent 40-50 people to camp at the respawn point. What capabilities did Feng Yun Guild have to send only 10 people?

"Then what do we do? We're just going to abandon Little Chicky?"

Fearless waved his hand and said, "Old Bull, you can go over first. Frost Blade and Old Fisher, go take a look at how many people there are in the surroundings."

The people of Quan Zhen Sect don't even know the depths of Wang Yu's power. However, they knew that if Wang Yu wanted to run away, it didn't matter how many people there are; they wouldn't be able to catch him in such a terrain where there are two walls around him.

Frost Blade and Darknorth Fisher were both assassins that could conceal themselves. Thus, there's less need to worry about them.

After the three left, Ming Du pointed at an intersection point on the street and said, "Let's stand there."

Crotch Lord and Yang Nuo were confused, "We can see everything clearly here. Why do we have to go over there?"

Ming Du grinned and said, "You don't understand. No matter the situation, intersections are good because they are the easiest places where you can make an escape."

Crotch Lord turned to look at the road. Indeed, there were many paths that one could run away from at the intersection. There were also all kinds of corners. Running away would definitely be easier.

Crotch Lord was convinced, "How many people chased after you for you to learn this fact?"

Ming Du said proudly, "This is where you're wrong. This is my accumulated experience from years of work. It's not learned from being chased after!"

Crotch Lord went blank. No wonder why Ming Du liked walking around alleys and taking up bounty quests. So it was his occupational disease.
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