407 Walking Into A Heavy Ambush

Chapter 407: Walking Into A Heavy Ambush
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As Ming Du and the rest were hiding at the road intersection, Wang Yu had already arrived at the entrance of the martial academy.

The martial academy wasn't merely the respawn point for Pugilists. It was also where Pugilists could accept quests. Thus, there were many Pugilists that enter and leave this place and the arrival of Wang Yu did not attract the attention of Godless and group.

At this moment, they still had not verified whether there was an ambush, so Wang Yu didn't ask Vainglory to come out.

Just then, Frost Blade and Darkness Fisher sent a message, "There's indeed an ambush. However, there aren't many people… Just a little more than 20 but they look strong."

"There aren't many people?" Fearless's heart tightened and a look of confusion appeared on his face.

They had just this amount of people and they wanted to lay an ambush? Could this really be a personal vendetta against Vainglory?

"Just 20 people?" Wang Yu laughed, "Little Chicky, come out. I'm waiting for you at the entrance."

Honestly, a little more than 20 people wasn't enough for Wang Yu to feel any pressure.

When Vainglory saw Wang Yu's message, he sneakily walked out of the martial academy.

"Boss, that kid has come out!" Heartless pointed at Vainglory and said.

"He finally came out!"

After Godless and co. saw Vainglory, their eyes started to brim with tears of excitement.

From morning till now, they have been camping at this entrance, anticipating Vainglory to come out. This was especially so for Godless after being stared at for the entire day. In his mind, he had already killed Vainglory 180 times. How could he not feel excited now that Vainglory had come out?

When Vainglory saw Godless, he waved his hand and said, "Hey smart guy, you have been waiting for long."

Seeing how arrogant Vainglory was behaving, Godless simply wanted to charge over and punch 100 holes through Vainglory. However, Godless knew that he couldn't do that. Otherwise, Vainglory could simply turn and run back to the respawn point. That would make their entire morning go to waste.

Anyway, the entire street was filled with ambushers. There was no need to be afraid that Vainglory would run away; it was better if he waited till Vainglory was further away from the entrance of the martial academy.

Indeed, Vainglory pointed at Godless and grinned, "Come over. If you do, then I will run back in."

At the same time, Vainglory turned and greeted Wang Yu, "Uncle Bull."

Wang Yu nodded but he didn't utter a word. He simply squinted his eyes and observed the enemies around them.

"Bitch!" Godless silently scolded Vainglory. In the chat, he ordered, "Shadowless, Traceless, use your stealth, go over and block the entrance. Make sure he doesn't go back in."

At this moment, Heartless suddenly felt that something was amiss, "Boss, his friends have not yet arrived."

Godless, "Since this brat dares to come out, his friends definitely wouldn't be far from here. Don't be careless. Eh? Who is that person that he's talking to?"

Godless quickly noticed Vainglory greeting Wang Yu.

"I don't know. He was the one that was waiting at the entrance…" After hearing Godless's words, the rest also noticed Wang Yu.

Heartless, "Could he be that brat's friend?"

"Just one person?" Godless jolted and said in disbelief, "Could this brat think that just one extra person would be enough to win us? What an arrogant kid!"

"F*cker, kids nowadays are too wild!"

When they heard Godless's explanation, everyone started cursing.

All of them were peak-level experts. It was already more than enough for more than 10 of them to deal with one kid. They didn't think that this kid would be as arrogant as to only call for one helper, thinking that would enough to deal with their party. This was blatant disrespect.

However, a greater act of arrogance was about to come. After Vainglory walked to Wang Yu's side, Wang Yu said indifferently, "Let's go!" After which, he brought Vainglory and sauntered past Godless's party.

"Motherf*cker!" Godless was thrown into disbelief? Were all Pugilists simply asking to be spanked?

However, Godless quickly regained his composure, "F*ck. Tanks, block the entrance. As for the rest, make sure they don't escape!"

Upon Godless's command, the over 20 people that were waiting in ambush appeared and joined Godless's group. Not only did they block the entrance of the martial academy, they also surrounded Wang Yu and Vainglory.

Godless pointed at Wang Yu and ordered, "First, kill that big guy!"

As he was speaking, Godless waved his spear and charged towards Wang Yu's back.

"Leave first, I will handle this!" Wang Yu grabbed Vainglory and powerfully threw him upwards, shooting Vainglory several meters up into the air. While in mid-air, Vainglory used Crushing Blow, pushing himself towards the housing district by the side. With a few twists and turns, he escaped.

At the same time, Godless's Knightly Charge, the Magician's magic and the Archer's arrows came descending down on Wang Yu.


A white light flashed and Wang Yu shattered. Godless's HP fell sharply.

Seeing this, several people cried out in alarm, "Afterimage Explosion! He's a Level 30 expert!"

Until now, there weren't many Level 30 players in the game. They didn't think that they would encounter one here and it would even be a Pugilist.

Godless's face was filled with fear. Just now, Wang Yu's Afterimage Explosion had caused him to lose nearly 20% of his HP. Although he had never seen a Level 30 Pugilist, he knew of the skill, Afterimage Explosion.

As an escape-type skill, Afterimage Explosion's damage shouldn't be that high. However, it actually caused a Knight donned in Gold tier equipment to lose 20% of his HP. Clearly, this Pugilist's attack power was insanely high.

In his fear, Godless made another order, "Surround him, don't let him escape!"

After using Afterimage Explosion, it would allow the user to have 3 seconds of invisibility. Although it could not be compared to Stealth, it was enough for a Pugilist to escape.

When they received this order, the other people did not move. Instead, they pointed at the space above Godless and said, "Boss, he's above you…"

"Hmm! That's good!"

When Godless heard this, he did not even raise his head as he stabbed upwards with his spear.

For average players, they would subconsciously raise their head when they hear that their opponent was above their heads. However, Godless was an expert that had been through a multitude of battles. Of course, he wouldn't make such a rookie mistake. When he heard that, he immediately used an attack upwards.

Immediately, Godless felt some weight on his spear. He thought that his spear had stabbed through Wang Yu and he lifted his head. Just as he lifted his head, he saw that Wang Yu had grabbed his spear and a feet came descending down on his face.

Eagle Stomp!


Both of Wang Yu's leg attacks could add on to one another. Just one Eagle Stomp was enough to send Godless's HP plummeting.

Just as Wang Yu was about to stomp with his other feet, the second wave of attacks from the other people had already come flying over.

At this moment, there were a total of 36 people from Feng Yu. Besides Godless that was currently under Wang Yu's feet, there were still 3 Guardians, 3 Weapons Master, 4 Thieves, 10 Magicians, 10 Archers, 3 Priests and 2 Shamans.

In this party, attack, defence and the distribution of jobs were complete.

The 3 Guardians had gone to block the entrance of the martial academy. On the other hand, the 3 Weapons Masters formed a line and charged towards Wang Yu, and the 4 Thieves used their Stealth skill.

Although the attacks from 20 players weren't enough to blot out the sky, it was still very concentrated.

Most importantly, two distorted circles appeared below Wang Yu's feet.
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