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This was a Shaman's Distortion Enchantment!

When Wang Yu saw the two circles, his pupils instantly constricted.

There weren't many Dark Shamans in >. Its attack couldn't make it, it couldn't run fast, it couldn't jump high and it was a cloth-armoured job. Basically, there weren't any advantages to it.

It had a crowd control skill, a super-far-range skill and it could slow down the spread of poison. However, when compared to the effects of the skills of an Ice Magician, a Shaman really couldn't compete.

Since that's the case, this job was even weaker than a Pugilist. Because of this, many people didn't even consider this job. It wasn't like a Pugilist which was popular but ended up being disappointing.

Thus, in many parties, you wouldn't see any Shamans.

As a Pugilist that moved as fast as a swallow and had speedy reflexes, there weren't many skills currently in > that Wang Yu needed to be afraid of. The only skill that could cause a headache for Wang Yu was a Dark Shaman's Distortion Enchantment.

For example, Ice Magic like Icicles and Ice Thorns could be shot down and dodged. Even if he ended up getting hit and slowed down, he could use Roll to avoid the following attacks.

However, Distortion was different. Firstly, this skill could not be shot down. Secondly, this skill's domain was very big. If he wanted to avoid it, he would need to run out of the skill's boundary before it was activated.

Finally, this skill causes rooting. That meant that if he was hit by this skill, he would be rooted and he wouldn't be able to run. For a job that depended on running around, this skill was its kryptonite.

When Wang Yu first came, he didn't see any Shamans among Godless's party. He didn't expect that there would be two of them among the 20 that laid in ambush.

"Too careless!"

Seeing that the Distortion was about to fully activate, Wang Yu sighed. Just as he wanted to use Sunset Shift to escape, he saw two figures appearing behind the two Shamans.

It was Frost Blade and Darknorth Fisher. They could also tell that Wang Yu was in a difficult position, so they ran behind the two Shamans. Rabbit Strike, Backstab, Throat Cut. With this combo of moves, the two Shamans were turned into white light.

When the users were killed, the skills would disperse like smoke.

Seeing that the two Shamans were eliminated, Wang Yu smiled and immediately eased his worries. His second Eagle Stomp landed on the ground.

When Godless saw Wang Yu landing on the ground, he immediately raised his spear and stabbed forward. Wang Yu laughed slightly and his two hands suddenly grabbed Godless's arms. After which, he laid backwards and kicked hard at Godless's crotch. With an 'Aiya', Godless was thrown towards the three Weapons Masters that were running over.

The three Weapons Masters were caught off guard and they were thrown into a mess. At the same time, Godless was kicked into a white light.

This move was called Ground Rolling Throw; it was a throwing skill that made use of the ground. The use of the two legs wasn't for attack, but support for the hands.

There was no other way. The Knight job's attack was definitely the strongest among all the jobs here. At such high levels, that advantage becomes more prominent. If Wang Yu did not use both his hands and legs, he really wouldn't be able to throw a cumbersome Knight.

Because of that backward roll that he used on Godless, Wang Yu luckily avoided the attacks from the Archers and Magicians.

Wang Yu hurriedly rolled back once more and crounched. He equipped himself with a pole and started to roll backwards while sticking close to the ground. The four thieves were knocked out of their Stealth.

These four thieves were struck at their ankles and knocked onto the ground.

Wang Yu picked up one of the Thieves by the head and flung him forward, destroying the Magicians' formation. Finally, he jumped up and used Crushing Blow, successfully jumping out of the encirclement.

From the moment that he landed on the ground to the moment he escaped, Wang Yu's actions flowed as smoothly as water. There was no form of hesitation. With those actions, Godless was killed, and three Weapons Masters and four Thieves were tripped onto the ground. This hitherto unseen attack style left the people of Feng Yun Guild completely dumbfounded.

"What motherf*cking skill is that?"

"It's some rare skill, right…"

"So impressive…"

"Impressive your head! Hurry and chase after him! Don't let him escape!"

It was unknown who shouted that, but upon those words, the entire group hurriedly chased after Wang Yu.

An Archer could run fast, so it was reasonable for them to chase after Wang Yu. However, there was completely no point for those Magicians to join the chase as well. By the time the Feng Yun Guild reached the road intersection, only the Archers and the four unlucky Thieves could still keep up with Wang Yu.

At this point, Wang Yu suddenly stopped running, turned back and asked, "Have you heard the story of the mantis stalking the cicada?" [1]

The Archers were instantly petrified. Was this dude a teacher? He was going to die but he was still in the mood to tell stories… However, before they reacted, they had already run into the circle in front of Wang Yu.


A Distortion Enchantment was activated; the 10 Archers and the four Thieves all were rooted onto the ground. Following which, they felt the ground below them heating up and a wave of numbness assaulting their entire bodies. By the time they opened their eyes again, they were already at their respawn points.

"Good good, there's no PK value…" After eliminating everyone, Ming Du peeked out from a corner.

Just now, it was Feng Yun Guild that started the attack on Wang Yu. As Wang Yu's party member, Ming Du was also allowed time for self-defence. Otherwise, getting a PK value of 14 here in Thorn City was enough to screw him over.

"Where's Little Chicky?" Spring Halo, Fearless and the rest also popped out and asked Wang Yu.

"I'm here." On a rooftop not far away, Vainglory was sitting with his legs crossed. He casually waved towards the group.

When Fearless saw that Vainglory had escaped, he said to the group, "Let's hurry and leave. I seem to feel that something is amiss. We cannot stay here for long!"

"En!" The group nodded, turned and headed towards the teleportation formation. At this time, the remaining members of Feng Yun Guild had caught up to them.

As the respawn point was very close, the killed Archers and Godless was among them.

Seeing that the Quan Zhen Sect was about to leave, Godless said coldly, "You want to run? Do you think it's that easy?"

Fearless laughed coldly and stared at Godless, "Who exactly are you people?"

Godless, "People that you cannot afford to offend?"

"Offend? Speak, are you referring to this game or some other game?" Fearless asked.

The number of people that the Quan Zhen Sect offended was enough to fill an ocean. Merely saying the word 'offend' wasn't enough for Fearless to determine exactly where the Feng Yun Guild came from. However, Fearless knew one thing: he had never heard of the Feng Yun Guild before this.

Godless, "It doesn't matter what game. Either way, you can forget about leaving!"

Hearing Godless's words, the members of Quan Zhen Sect started laughing.

Ming Du spoke with disdain, "Just with you little fish? I'm afraid you wouldn't even be able to retain one of us!"

When they heard these words, the faces of the members of Feng Yun Guild all turned red. Ming Du wasn't lying. Just now, they had more than 30 people facing one person. However, they still allowed that person to escape and they even lost some members…

Godless laughed coldly, "To be honest, you are very impressive. We are indeed unable to block you!"

"Then why don't you f*ck off?" Ming Du waved his staff threateningly.

"We are unable to block you. However, have you heard of the story of the mantis stalking the cicada?" [1]

Ming Du's heart tightened and he asked, "What's the meaning of this?"

"Exactly what you are thinking of!"

At this moment, a foreign voice sounded from behind the members of Quan Zhen Sect.

[1] In the story of the mantis stalking the cicada, the mantis was so focused on the cicada that it didn't notice the sparrow behind it.
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