411 Luring The Tiger Out Of The Mountain

Chapter 411: Luring The Tiger Out Of The Mountain
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"What the f*ck. You better not say such words on the guild chat." Wang Yu broke out in cold sweat. Mu Zi Xian was also in Quan Zhen Sect.

"If you don't go, then we will say that… we will say that we saw you two holding hands," Fearless said.

"When did that happen?"

Fearless laughed faintly, "I will say… there was a witness."

Everyone else chimed in agreement, "That's right."

"You guys are too evil!"

In terms of deviousness, ten Wang Yus couldn't be an opponent for a single Fearless. Helpless, Wang Yu could only walk into the store.

"Hello, may I ask if you need anything?" Just as Wang Yu entered the store, a voice sounded from a corner.

The store was relatively empty. The shop owner was actually sitting in the corner with his eyes closed while Red Spiderlily was strangely kneeling behind the counter. It was unknown what she was doing.

"I came to find someone." Just as Wang Yu said those words, Red Spiderlily lifted her head from behind the counter and shouted loudly, "Old Bull, you are here."

"Old Bull?" The shop owner suddenly stood up. After which, he walked in front of Wang Yu, pointed at Wang Yu and said, "What the shit, it's God Iron Bull…"

"Eh? It's you?" When Wang Yu saw the shopkeeper, he also jolted slightly. This wasn't a stranger, but Rolling Mario.

Wang Yu didn't know many people but Mario was one of the people that left a deep impression on him. This fella was a relatively sly person.

"Aren't you from Twilight City? Why did you open a shop in Thorn City?" Wang Yu asked in doubt.

Mario shot Wang Yu a resentful glance, "What do you think?"

"...Err." Wang Yu awkwardly scratched his head.

It was difficult for players to earn money from shops. With Wang Yu's convenience store and Daybreak's Studio's shop, the other players in Twilight City had no means of surviving. Thus, Mario decided to change his home city… But in reality, even after changing his home city, his business was still in a slump.

"Where are the others?" Red Spiderlily asked.

"They are waiting outside." As Wang Yu answered, he sent a message, "Come in, it's an acquaintance…"

When the people outside heard that the shopowner was an acquaintance, they finally decided to come in.

Wang Yu pointed to the members of Quan Zhen Sect and introduced them one by one, "This is Fearless, the sect head of Quan Zhen Sect. This is Brother Spring. He is also known as Spring Halo…"

"Hello, I am Mario. I have heard of all your thunderous reputations." Mario said without a hint of disrespect.

As a person from Twilight City, the reputation of Quan Zhen Sect was anything but foreign. This was especially after his encounter with Wang Yu; Mario was sure that the rumours of Quan Zhen Sect were true.

Hearing Mario's words, the members from Quan Zhen Sect felt at ease.

"Mario? Maria Ozawa?" Ming Du asked laughingly.

Mario wiped the sweat off his head, "It's Rolling Mario! May I ask why the great god has come to Thorn City to play?"

"About that…" The faces of Quan Zhen Sect instantly turned red. This was one of the reasons why they weren't willing to continue running. They were great gods that had resounding reputations but they were being chased like dogs. That was truly embarrassing.

"We are being hunted!"

Indeed, Wang Yu was the only honest one. He explained the rough situation to Mario.

"They aren't doing this to kill you. Instead, they want to trap you in Thorn City." After hearing Wang Yu's explanation, Mario said with certainty, "You are not their target."

"Oh, that sounds logical."

Indeed, the spectator will have a better view of the game. The moment they heard Mario's words, the members of Quan Zhen Sect instantly felt that his words were reasonable.

Fearless nodded his head, "That's right. I also seemed to feel that these guys weren't bent on killing us. However, I just couldn't figure out their exact intent."

"Are all your members of Quan Zhen Sect here?" Mario asked.

"There are only a few ladies left in Twilight City. Eh, could it be that they want to deal with those ladies by trapping us in Thorn City? But those ladies are of the subsidiary class, they don't participate in such matters."

Mario contemplated slightly and continued, "Did you offend someone? Or did you affect someone's personal interest?"

"This…" When Fearless heard these words, he immediately came to an understanding, "It's Daybreak Studios!!!"

If Quan Zhen Sect was at loggerheads with any other guild, it would always be for trivial matters. It definitely wouldn't rise to the level of affecting each other's personal interest, nor would the subsidiary class players be affected. There was only Daybreak Studios which had a clash of interests with Quan Zhen Sect.

"En! There's a high possibility that it's them." Mario also knew of the conflict between the two parties. However, he did not think that the conflict would have already reached such a stage.

"Things are bad. The ladies are in danger!" Fearless cried out.

Someone laughed, "What are you afraid of? They can simply wait at the headquarters."

Just as those words were said, everyone from Quan Zhen Sect received a system notification.

"Feng Yun Guild has started a Guild Headquarters War against Quan Zhen Sect! May all players of Quan Zhen Sect return to your headquarters within 10 minutes and proceed with your defence."

When they received this system notification, everyone was left dumbfounded.

"F*ck! Those trash!"

A Guild Headquarters War wasn't as simple as 'you hit me and I hit you'. A Guild Headquarters War was the most important military campaign in the game, and at the same time, it was extremely harsh.

The guild that was challenged must welcome the challenge. If there are no players that return to defend the headquarters within the time set by the system, the guild would have been determined to have surrendered.

Surrendering would merely result in a fall in the guild level. However, if the crystal ball in the headquarters was also destroyed, then the headquarters would be dissolved and the items in the guild warehouse would be plundered clean.

The headquarters was an extremely important place. Although most members of Quan Zhen Sect didn't use the headquarters, Li Xue and the other ladies stay at the headquarters every day.

More importantly, Frost Blade's materials, Li Xue's pharmaceutical stores and Mu Zi Xian's goods were all in the guild warehouse.

If the headquarters was broken into, all these would be plundered by Feng Yun Guild.

Not long ago, Quan Zhen Sect used this to screw over Pure Lands. They didn't think that their retribution would come so quickly. It hadn't been that long but now it was being used on them.

"Damn it. We were actually lured out… No, we need to rush back."

Quan Zhen Sect hurriedly headed towards the door.

At this time, Frost Blade and Darknorth Fisher's messages came, "There are so many people at the teleportation formation…"

Hearing their words, a hint of fluster appeared on everyone's faces.

Ming Du said anxiously, "What do we do? Without Fearless, Sanguine Alliance wouldn't be able to help us."

During a Guild Headquarters War, friendly guilds and other guilds could also take part in the war. However, there was one point, the guild master must personally request for the help through the NPC in the conference room. Otherwise, no matter how friendly a guild was, it could only spectate.

Fearless contemplated, "Return to Twilight City!"

"The teleportation formation is guarded so tightly. Does this mean that we have to walk back?"

There were a total of 10 people in Quan Zhen Sect. Even if their hundred opponents were second-rate players, they might not be able to win. Moreover, Feng Yun Guild had many experts.

If they were to walk back, they would need at least 30 minutes to travel from Thorn City to Twilight City. By then, their headquarters would already be gone.
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