613 Atlanta’s Background Story

"Oh? What is it!" Fearless' eyebrow lifted as he smiled while he spoke.

Quan Zhen Sect also looked at Berserk Thundergod in curiosity, wanting to know what made him have the courage to ask Quan Zhen Sect for help.

Berserk Thundergod saw that Fearless was so easy going and did not think that Fearless was plotting against him so he spoke, "You guys should be familiar with it. It is related to the newly opened Atlanta City."

"Atlanta…" Fearless heard that word and said with a frown, "I'm afraid we can't help with it."

"Why?" Berserk Thundergod frowned and seemed unhappy.

Berserk Thundergod has been used to getting his way in Berserk Thunder City as no one dared to defy his wishes. Now that he lowered his esteem to ask Quan Zhen Sect for help, and yet Quan Zhen Sect put on airs, he was naturally upset.

Fearless saw Berserk Thundergod's expression and said calmly, "Because Atlanta City is a level 60 dungeon."

Level limitations were the biggest obstacles in the game. There was no use even if you had the best skills if your level was too low.

Quickly, Fearless said, "Then again, even if you were that level, it is not up to me to decide if you can pass the dungeon quest. You will need to ask him." Speaking, Fearless pointed to Wang Yu and said, "The dungeon quest for the opening of Atlanta City was completed by him alone."

"What? Alone?" Berserk Heavenlaw's players were stunned.

The quest to open the dungeon was even tougher than the dungeon quest itself. Atlanta City was a large-scale level 60 dungeon. For Quan Zhen Sect with only ten-odd people to open it was already unbelievable to Berserk Heavenlaw. However, this dungeon was opened by only one person. This was too unbelievable.

Suddenly, everyone looked at Wang Yu weirdly. Everyone knew Wang Yu was impossibly strong, but they did not think that he would be this strong. Since he could complete the opening quest of a large dungeon, couldn't he take on a thousand players alone?

Wang Yu was stared at by Berserk Heavenlaw like an alien. He awkwardly nodded at everyone and humbly said, "Nothing big, not worth mentioning…"


Not only Berserk Heavenlaw, but even Quan Zhen Sect looked at Wang Yu oddly. He single-handedly opened a large dungeon which difficulty could be ranked at least 3 S and yet he said it was nothing big and not worth mentioning. This was like Hua Xiaguo saying his table tennis skill is amateur.

Wang Yu was way too pretentious.

"Ok Old Bull, I give your act full marks."

"Yes, only Uncle Bull can act humble, I don't know about Fearless."

"Yes, Fearless, please learn. Don't embarrass yourself in front of our Bull God." Everyone started shaming Fearless under Vainglory's lead.

"Alright, I really didn't know that Old Bull had such an ability…" Fearless sighed.

"Erm, Bull God, Boss Fearless, you misunderstood me." After a shock, Berserk Thundergod said with a smile, "We do not want to complete the dungeon quest. We have a quest regarding Atlanta."

"An Atlanta quest? The system moves really fast. The dungeon was just opened and there's a quest already?" Fearless mumbled.

It seemed like hidden locations and a lot of hidden quests were related and so once one was exposed, all would follow. Once the Atlanta location was opened, quests related to Atlanta appeared.

"Yes, or else why would I need your help? In this entire game, only you guys understand Atlanta the best." Berserk Thundergod spoke as he looked at Wang Yu with lots of respect.

This was the godly person who single-handedly opened a large dungeon. Berserk Thundergod's eye did not do the amount of respect he had justice.

"This…" Fearless turned around to look at Wang Yu then sent him a message, "Cooperate with me."

After Wang Yu received the message, he immediately understood that Fearless was about to set a price for the quest. To raise the price, he had to cooperate to cheat those people.

At that thought, Wang Yu asked, "What is the quest? Share with me and let me take a look."

"Ok." Seeing how the key person, Wang Yu, spoke, Berserk Thundergod excitedly shared the quest.

Guild quest "The Assembly of Cornett", quest level, A.

Quest introduction: After Atlanta sank, the survivors of Atlanta adopted new identities on the mainland. A God's curse has escaped from Atlanta City and the Assembly of Cornett is once again playing.

Quest objective: Find the Atlanta's town treasure, "Atlanta's Brilliance".

"This quest is impossible. Who knows what the Atlanta's Brilliance is?" Wang Yu said without a thought after he saw the quest introduction.

If it was PK to kill someone or to enter a dungeon quest, Wang Yu would not hesitate. However, Rebirth's mainland was so huge. To look for something, an unknown town treasure, was not any easier than to look for a known legendary-level weapon.

This was an issue of luck. Even if Fearless did not plan anything, Wang Yu would still directly reject it.

Hearing what Wang Yu said, Berserk Thundergod's expression changed, "This… Ironbull God, you were the one who opened the Atlanta dungeon. You have gone through the storyline. Have you heard anything about this?"

All the players who went through the opening quest of the dungeon would have gone through the dungeon's background story once so they could find hints to complete the quest. Hence, the opening players were the people who best understood the dungeon.

The Atlanta dungeon was opened by Wang Yu and hence, the other players barely knew much about it. By logic, Wang Yu was the one who best understood Atlanta City's background story.

If even Wang Yu did not know what the Atlanta's Brilliance was, no one else would.

"What do you mean by background story? I barged my way in…" Wang Yu replied casually.


Hearing Wang Yu's words, Berserk Heavenlaw was dumbfounded…

Everyone understood that barging in meant that under the unfavourable circumstances, he turned it around and made it beneficial to him, and managed to complete the quest.

Just like when players clear dungeons, lower level players needed to find skills and hidden equipments to barely complete the exact same dungeon quest.

When higher level players challenged low-level quests, they did not have to find any equipments or skills. They just needed to find the BOSS and relied on their immense strength to kill the BOSS without even needing to use any control skills.

Everything was based on the importance of fundamental abilities.

Atlanta City was a level 60 dungeon. Normal players who wanted to open the dungeon would look at the background story several times to seek for hints, but Wang Yu skipped it and directly barged to the BOSS… Was he still human?

Of course, Berserk Thundergod did not know that Wang Yu unknowingly barged in…

"Since Bull God also doesn't know Atlanta's story, does that mean we have no way to continue this quest?" Berserk Thundergod asked worriedly.

"Maybe there's a way." Fearless smiled and said, "I have an idea."
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