66 Transforming Boss

Chapter 66: Transforming Boss

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"Easy? Are you kidding me? The entire area in front of Andrea is flames! There's no way for a melee character like you to reach her! Her [Hell Fire] has a stacking burning effect so no matter how high your magic resistance is you'll still die!" Fearless grimaced.

In the 2 seconds that Fearless had been in the flames, he had already calculated the damage for the burning effect of the of [Hell Inferno].

In the first second the burn would deal 40 damage, then 80 damage in the second and then 120 damage in the third and so on.

Wang Yu was merely a level 17 Pugilist with less than 800 hp. If he couldn't kill Andrea within 5 seconds then he would be burnt alive!

Kill a dungeon boss in 5 seconds? Even if Wang Yu could perform such a feat he would have immediately been banned because only hackers could do so!

As they talked, Andrea's [Flaming Barrage] gradually thinned out. However, everyone knew that this shameless witch was just going to Cady another skill soon…

In the past there was a game called <>, players course use a barbeque pit to roast boars that they killed. Right now, the Quan Zhen Sect members felt as though Andrea was treating them like those wild boars…

"Vainglory, follow me!" Wang Yu chuckled as he took the pole from his bag.

"Ah? Me?" Vainglory choked. Wang Yu had chosen him of all people to help against a boss of this level? Could he even do anything?

"Yes! The moment the flames dissipate just charge forward!"

When he finished speaking, Wang Yu gripped the pole in his hands and dodged Andrea's last few arrows before fiercely slamming it on the ground and launching himself into the air

After firing the last arrow, Andrea was about to create another wall of flames when Wang Yu's legs flew towards her body!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

While still in mid air, Wang Yu had thrown three kicks at Andrea's face, jaw, and chest.

On the third kick, Wang Yu felt his leg being wrapped in something incredibly soft and supple… truly worthy of being a 36E boss…

As Andrea retreated, a small cluster of revolving stars appeared above her head.

The second kick from Wang Yu had actually been [Lateral Kick] and its extra effect had been triggered!

Since Andrea was still a boss, the 2.5 second stun had only lasted for less than a second before the regained her senses.

To Wang Yu, this 1 second was more than enough! In this second Wang Yu had already disrupted her spell and even got his left hand onto her throat!

Andrea's skin was incredibly soft and smooth… however, this wasn't important now. What was important was that [Choke] could cancel her skills!

Theoretically, as long as Wang Yu didn't let go, this effect would go on forever!

The moment Wang Yu gripped Andrea's throat, the surrounding fires immediately began to dissipate. Seeing this, the others immediately understood Wang Yu's intentions and began casting various skills on Andrea.

With his free hand, Wang Yu continued to rain blow after blow on Andrea's face, causing the others to sigh.

This fellow really was too fierce… Andrea was a jade like maiden, yet Wang Yu chose to hit her face of all places…

Andrea struggled with all her might, however since she was only a female and even Magician on top of that, she couldn't break free. Without her spells, she was like a tiger without claws and could only resign to her fate.

"Vainglory! Catch!"

[Choke] was a skill with a continuous mana cost. Since Wang Yu normally didn't carry any mana potions, even if his equipment granted passive regeneration it couldn't keep up with his expenditure.

With a kick, Wang Yu stunned her again and Vainglory rushed forward to take over.

Andrea's close combat abilities were already very low to begin with. So with Wang Yu and Vainglory man-handling her, she completely lost any ability to resist. Wang Yu even sent a [Lateral Kick] her way every time the cooldown ended to occasionally stun her.

The Quan Zhen Sect were able to beat her until they were completely satisfied.

Dungeons were supposed to be a test the players' ability. Players were they supposed to constantly monitor the boss' health while dodging it's skills and control their damage output to ensure that they wouldn't draw the aggro of the boss away from the tank. A single mistake in any of these areas could result in a team wipe.

However, with Wang Yu around, things were completely different. It was as though he had a natural ability to draw aggro to himself. No matter how monstrous the boss was, he could still rely on his heaven defying damage and simple tactics to subdue it!

With Wang Yu around there was no need for plans, evasion skills or control. They could just spam their skills without fear of the aggro changing!

"Forget the aggro! Just attack!" This was the dream of tanks everywhere. Yet now, the publicly acknowledged trash Pugilist had been the one who was able to accomplish it. As a Guardian, Crotch Lord couldn't help but shed a tear. He tried, again and again, to pull the aggro with his skills but Andrea didn't even react to him… All he could do was strike her head with his shield to stun her...

Under the barrage of these two stuns and two disrupting skills, Andrea was nothing more than a punching bag and her health steadily dropped.

When she reached 30% health, her body suddenly flashed with a golden light as [Hell Queen's Disposition] activated and sent Vainglory flying.

Wang Yu used [Flying Knee] to try and disrupt Andrea's skill but was shocked to discover she was practically numb to it. As he was about to grab onto her, a dirty green shield suddenly appeared around her body and blocked him.

As Wang Yu's strike landed on the air, Andrea's body suddenly started to twist and morph.

"She's transforming! Quickly hide!" Fearless hurriedly shouted.

When the rest heard his command, they immediately scattered and hid. Only Wang Yu was still out in the open trying to attack Andrea.

Being new to gaming, Wang Yu was unfamiliar with the concept of invulnerability. No matter how monstrous he was, he wouldn't be able to beat the system.

"Iron Bull! Stop trying to hit her! She's invulnerable now!" Spring Halo shouted.

"That's not logical at all!" Wang Yu grumbled.

"Logical? Since when have you seen a pole come out of a dog?"

"That is true…" After thinking for a moment Wang Yu realised this was true and tried to hit Andrea one last time before retreating.

However, at this time, a strong attractive force suddenly held Wang Yu in place.

"Shameless humans! You dare to run after harming the queen of hell? Taste the fury of my hellfire!"

As she shouted, a large spider web covered the sky.

Wang Yu quickly activated [Ghost] and shot a [Rippling Wave] on the ground and borrowed the shockwave to escape the net. After dodging the net, Wang Yu once again ran towards Andrea.

"Iron Bull, watch out!"

"F**k!" Turning around, Wang Yu saw Andrea and couldn't contain his shock and cursed.

Was this still the same boss? Where did the beautiful but revealing maiden disappear to?

Andrea's long hair and vanished and was replaced with spikes. Her beautiful sin was now covered in demonic tattoos. She had the extra pairs of eyes and a mouth full of large and razor sharp teeth. Her face had even been stretched so much it looked like a horse!

What was even more monstrous was that she now had an extra pair of arms and the lower body of a spider! She opened her mouth and menacingly glared at Wang Yu. Though he couldn't make out her expression, it was clearly hostile...
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