68 Let Them Understand

Chapter 68: Let Them Understand

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Being the first to kill a boss would give generous rewards.

Andrea was no exception to this rule, not only did she drop an uncommon skill [Hellfire Wall], she even gave a Silver tier weapon.

<Hell's Gate (Shield) (Silver)

Physical Defense: 30-50

Magic Resistance: 30-50

+7 Vitality

+5 Strength

-2 Dexterity


[Hell's Vengeance] (Passive): Reflects 10% of damage received

[Health Pool] (Passive): Increases max health by 220

Job Requirement: Warrior, Knight

Level Requirement: 15

The Physical Defense and the Magic Resistance of this shield wasn't bad and it even had damage reflection. Since Crotch Lord already had a set-equipment, this shield naturally went to Boson.

[Hellfire Wall]: Uncommon skill. Summons the burning flames of purgatory to scorch the lands, dying 170% Magic Damage to the target and inflicts burn on them.

Even though fire type magic wasn't something that both Lightning Wizard's or Ice Wizard's excelled in, but the damage that fire magic could do was not something to be trifled with, even in the later stages of the game. Furthermore [Hellfire Wall] was an AOE skill, making it extremely valuable for farming.

As the only Magician in the Quan Zhen Sect, this skill book naturally went to the shameless and despicable Ming Du.

Ming Du was grinning from ear to eat when he received the skill book, making Wang Yu feel rather depressed. Exactly why was this guy so lucky today...

After the party leader submitted the quest, a brilliant ray of light enveloped the rest, bringing them out of the dungeon.

<System Notification: Your party has successfully completed "Blood-Soaked Church (Elite)", receiving 100 000 experience points and 1 Twilight City merit point.

<System Notification: You have successfully completed the dungeon quest "Origin of Chaos" by completing the 'Blood-Soaked Church' above normal difficulty 1/1. Please collect your reward.

"So it seems that dungeons really do give a lot of experience points." Wang Yu thought to himself as he stared at his experience bar rapidly increasing.

Looking at the time, there was still roughly 2 hours before the event quest started.

"It's still early, why don't we all go for a drink?" Fearless suggested.

"Who the f*ck would want to drink with a shameless man like you? This lord is going to grind some levels, call me when the event is starting!" Ming Du immediately left the party when they left the dungeon. Ming Du was simply too eager to try out his new skill.

"This old man has enough herbs, I'm going to go train my poison making skills." Spring Halo replied.

"I'm going for a walk in the marketplace, I want to see what new skills and equipment there are on sale."


Other than Boson, everyone else had left to do their own things. Fearless was known for his poor drinking habits. Not only would he get drunk, he would even incur a debt every time he went out drinking. There were even several instances where the other guild members had to carry him out of the inn. That's why no one was willing to drink with him anymore.

"Fearless!" Wang Yu shouted as everyone left.

"Brother Bull! You have to treat me to a few beers... no ... do you want to go for some drinks with me?" Fearless emotionally asked.

Since Wang Yu was currently filthy rich, he would mind spending some gold on drinks right... Fearless shamelessly thought.

"I don't drink very often. Anyway, why don't you give me the authority and I'll go invite those girls over." Wang Yu replied.


The idea of drinking completely vanished from Fearless' mind when he heard the word. The allure of meeting some pretty girls was obviously far stronger than his desire to drink alcohol.

"Mm, didn't we already agree on this matter in the dungeon?" Wang Yu asked.

"How can I let Brother Bull personally deal with such matters? As the guild leader, I should be going instead!" Fearless righteously answered.

"But they won't recognise you..."

"All the more reason I should go! As the guild leader, I need to meet my subordinates..."

"Alright then." Wang Yu impatiently nodded his head in agreement.

"I want to go too!" Boson laughed.

"You like ladies too?" Wang Yu curiously asked.

"Hey! It's not like a homo... Anyway the only reason I'm going is because I don't trust this guy!" Boson angrily answered as he pointed at Fearless.

"Haha..." Wang Yu shook his head. After all that was said, was there even a need to say that he wasn't gay?

The ladies were currently outside the city, killing Poison Frogs in Dusk Lake and harvesting Toad Grass (a material required to make medicines). They were waiting for Wang Yu to call them as there was a level 20 training field between the lake and the Blood-Soaked Church. Once they received the message that Wang Yu was coming over, they arranged to meet him in front of the lake.

Poison Frogs were level 15 monsters. Their movement speed was average and they attack damage was not high, the only thing that was irritating about them was their poison attacks. But since the four girls had chosen to play as a Warrior, Thief, Magician, and Priest respectively, killing these monsters was not too hard for them.

At this moment, the girls suddenly noticed a large group of people walking towards them.

There were at least twenty men walking towards them and Li Xue recognised the man that was leading them. Sanguine Asura, one of the main warriors in the Sanguine Alliance. Even though they had met only was, Li Xue recognised the emblem on their chests.

Sanguine Asura didn't look the slightest bit surprised when he saw Li Xue's group, walking forward as he greeted her: "Snowy Velvet, it's been awhile..."

"Who would want to see you!" Mary disdainfully shouted.

After what had previously happened in Twilight City, the four girls had gained a profound understanding of the Sanguine Alliance. Naturally, Li Xue would not bother to give them any face and was determined to not give into them.

This time, it seemed as though Sanguine Asura had intentionally come to cause trouble for them.

"Hpmh!" Sanguine Asura angrily glared at Mary, turning to Li Xue as he spoke: "So I heard that you can't find a guild now? Hehe, that Iron Bull really is too stubborn, he's even caused you girls to lose your job!"

"This has nothing to do with Brother Iron Bull. This world is so vast, there are so many guilds out there, we've only offended your Sanguine Alliance and no one else!" Li Xue snapped.

"Ha ha ha, but from what I remember, most people that leave the Sanguine Alliance usually can't find another guild that will accept you!"

The expression of the four girls immediately darkened when they heard Sanguine Asura's words.

What Sanguine Asura said was right, ever since the incident had happened, even if most players didn't know what exactly happened, all the guilds were very clear about this matter.

That's why Li Xue and her group had hit a wall. After being turned down by several guilds, it had become clear that their futures were rather bleak. After all most guilds immediately turned them down the moment they saw the girl's ID, not even giving them a chance to speak.

Even though Wang Yu had heroically defeated the Sanguine Alliance, <<REBIRTH was not lacking in such hot-blooded players. It was only a matter of days before people had forgotten about this incident and treated it as a baseless rumor.

After all, this was just a game. Would it even be possible for a single person to fight an entire guild by himself? Most people had just assumed that the Sanguine Alliance was simply too lazy to deal with a madman like him.

Sanguine Alliance was the largest guild in Twilight City, even their subsidiary guild, Primrose Militia, was one of the top guilds in the country. By just looking at the sheer number of members in the guild no one would think that they would rely on schemes to deal with other people, the tiny Quan Zhen Sect was simply insignificant in comparison.

Naturally, there were very little guilds in Twilight City that would be willing to offend the Sanguine Alliance for a few gold farmers.

"Whether we can find another guild or not is not something you need to be concerned about. If you have nothing else to say then leave, don't disturb our training!" Li Xue furiously shouted.

"Haha, seems like you girls don't get it!" Sanguine Asura guffawed. "Do you really think that we just came here to chat with you girls?"

"What are you scheming?" The girls asked, quickly trying to flee.

Sanguine Asura turned around as he signaled to one of his men as he said: "Little Black, why don't you enlighten these girls?"
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