72 I Doubt The Integrity Of All NPCs!

Chapter 72: I Doubt The Integrity Of All NPCs!

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"Simba the Divine Smith... Isn't it supposed to be lion king Simba?"

Looking in the direction the player had pointed in, Wang Yu only saw a filthy old man curled up in a corner hugging a jar of wine and snoring.

"Haiz…" Wang Yu could only helplessly sigh as he left the smithy to buy a few jars of wine. When he returned, Wang Yu uncapped one jar and held it behind his back.

Within seconds, the sleeping Simba's eyes shot open.

Seeing this scene stunned all the players in the smithy.

After crafting here for so long, the vagrant beggar like dwarf had never once reacted to anything! He wound occasionally wake up and mumble about being Simba the Divine Smith, but that was the most these craftsmen had ever heard him say.

Being Blacksmiths themselves, once these players heard the title Divine Smith, they naturally wouldn't let it go. These players had tried all sorts of methods to catch his attention or leak some news but had repeatedly met with failure.

This dwarf wasn't any different from a corpse! No matter what they did he wouldn't even respond!

Who would have thought that opening a jar of wine would wake him up so easily…

The player who had pointed him out to Wang Yu indignantly said: "That can't be...I bought him a jar of wine yesterday to but he didn't even bother with me…"

"Don't talk about that cheap alcohol! Do you see what he's holding? That jar is worth 1 gold!" Someone mocked.

Hearing his words, the players in the forge couldn't help but fall silent. At this stage of the game, 1 gold coin was already an incredible fortune. Anyone with gold in their hands was definitely a top tier player. But why would someone like that even bother coming into the smithy?

After opening his eyes, Simba gave the empty jar next to him a glance before reaching forward and grabbing the one in Wang Yu's hand. As he greedily gulped the wine down, some of it even trickled down his beard. Watching this scene, Wang Yu only felt like he was really too wild and unrestrained.

"Who're you supposed to be?" Simba asked in a low voice after finishing the wine.

Wang Yu took out the recommendation letter that the Informant had given him and respectfully handed it over to Simba and said: "My master told me to…"

"A Martial Artist? It's been awhile since I've seen that job… Tell me, why did you come to find me for?" Simba asked in shock.

"My master told me you could help raise my strength!" Wang Yu replied.

Simba gently shook his head and sighed: "Ever since my dear Ally left me, I've just been wasting away… I can't even swing my hammer anymore…"

It appeared that this old man had a sad background story of his own…

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Wang Yu asked.

"Another jar of wine…"

"You don't want me to find your previous Ally?" Wang Yu couldn't help but ask. His wife had already left him but all he wanted to do was drink?

"Ally is already the wife of the City Lord… What can we possibly do? I really don't understand what's so good about that piece of trash… Where's he even better than me in..."

"There's really too many things…" Wang Yu thought you himself. Even without talking about the difference in social status between the city lord and a smith, their appearances were really too different… Count Wylie had a dignified and heroic appearance while Simba… looked like a dead dog on the floor of the smithy…

"Then what about the matter of raising my strength?" Wang Yu didn't give Simba another jar in fear that he would fall back asleep after drowning his sorrows.

"Not my problem!" Simba rolled his eyes.

So he was right… This bastard really didn't have any intention to help him! It was fortunate that Wang Yu hadn't passed him the jar yet.

"If you help me then I'll give you this jar of wine!" Wang Yu took out a jar and said.

"Hpmh! You think a distinguished Divine Smith like me can be bribed?" Simba scoffed at Wang Yu.

"Two jars!" Wang Yu declared.


"Three jars!"

"Alright alright! We have a deal!" Simba begrudgingly agreed.

Wang Yu finally let out a sigh of relief. So it was true that an NPC who couldn't be persuaded by money just need even more!

Wang Yu's conversation with Simba had left the other Blacksmiths speechless. Didn't he say that the Divine Smith wasn't someone that couldn't be bribed?

"If he can't be bribed easily then you just need to take out even more money! These three jars alone cost 3 gold!" Wang Yu explained.

Hearing this, the Blacksmiths couldn't help but freeze. This player's foundation really was too deep for them to comprehend.

After placing the three jars in front of Simba, Wang Yu took up a fighting stance and respectfully said: "Master Simba, can we start now?"

"I don't know how to fight…" He awkwardly replied.

"Huh? Then how're you supposed to help me increase my strength?" Wang Yu suddenly rekt cheated.

"Give me your weapon and I'll raise its rarity!" Simba impatiently replied.

"Raise its rarity?"

"That's right! Those gloves you're wearing should be the fabled Martial Artist's Regret right?" Simba asked.

"Yes, they are!"

"The Martial Artist's Regret was originally a spiritual weapon. Before the Martial God had died, he had dissipated the spirit and reduced it to an ordinary weapon. Fortunately, the weapon's upgrading function still remains. As long as you have sacrificial offerings, I can raise its power!" Simba replied knowingly.

"Sacrificial offerings? What's that?" Wang Yu scratched his head in confusion.

"Any weapon that isn't lower in rarity than these gloves!" Simba patiently explained.

"Ohhhhh… So it's like this…"

A weapon that wasn't lower in rarity than the Martial Artist's regret meant that it had to at least Silver tier! Silver tier equipment were already rare in the game, and Silver tier weapons were even more so. Even Wang Yu only had the pole with him.

Although it was a fake and not worth much, Wang Yu didn't have any intention of using it as a sacrificial offering. Furthermore, if he had it up like that, then dealing with beast type monsters would be harder in future.

"Is this ok?" Wang Yu asked as he took out the Pugilist's Wraps.

"Of course! As long as you're not afraid of your weapon disintegrating. It honestly doesn't matter to me…" Simba nonchalantly replied.

"F**k…" Wang Yu silently cursed. Simba was telling him that if Wang Yu gave him trash, then his own weapon would become trash…

"Should I spend money to buy it then? It's a few tens of thousands… even my wife doesn't earn that much a month…" Wang Yu grumbled add her dug through his bag. Suddenly, he noticed large saber in his bag.

Wang Yu's eyes lit up as he pulled the saber out and placed it in front of Simba and asked: "Is this ok?"

Seeing the saber, even Simba's eyes went round and he exclaimed: "Twilight Warblade? This is Wharton's weapon! Why's it with you?"

This saber was the Gold tier one that Wang Yu hadn't been able to sell previously.

"It was a drop from a boss! So is it ok?" Wang Yu repeated his question.

Simba emotionally looked at Wang Yu for a moment before finally saying: "Yes! Give me both weapons and 2 hours! It'll be ready for you then!"

"2 hours?" Wang Yu looked at the time and noticed that it was less than 2 hours till noon.

"Of course! I'm upgrading a divide weapon here! It's a very long and intricate process! I can do it faster for you but I can't guarantee the success…"

"No no no no no! 2 hours it is! You better not skimp on anything!" Wang Yu immediately interrupted him.

"Hpmh! You dare suspect the integrity of a Divine Smith?"

"No no I wouldn't dare…" Wang Yu hurriedly answered while at the same time thinking to himself: "Every NPC had their own issues. What I doubt is the integrity of all NPCs!"

After Wang Yu handed over the weapons, he was silently waiting in a corner when he received a friend request.

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