76 Nian

Chapter 76: Nian

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As they were all discussing Boson's love life, the system suddenly sent out a message.

<World Notification: The Chinese New Year Event has begun! More detailed information can be found in the rulebook that has been sent to every player.

A large row of words appeared in front of everyone's face, flashing three times before finally disappearing.

At the same time, every player received a notification as well.

<System Notification: You have received Chinese New Year's event rulebook.

The company had hyped up the event so much but its commencement was truly too lackluster… Reading the rulebook, Wang Yu realised that the event was actually quite simple.

From the 24th of the last month on the Chinese lunar calendar until the 17th day of the new year, all monsters in the wild would have their drop rates and experience points tripled.

Aside from this, "Nian" would appear randomly in the wild.

The Nian would come in three forms. Baby Nian, Adult Nian, and a Nian Boss.

Aside from the items these monsters dropped, killing any of the Nians would reward the player with event points. At the end of the entire event, players would be rewarded based on the points they accumulated with the top 10 players receiving special rewards.

<System Notification: Due to the strength of the Nian, players are advised to hunt then in a party.

After he finished reading the rulebook, Frost Blade sighed: "The prices of equipments are about to fall… Brother Bull if you have any left you better sell them now…"

The rest could only nod in agreement at Frost Blade's words. Currently, Iron tier equipment were the norm. Silver equipment were already as rare as phoenix feathers. With the tripled drop rates from the Chinese New Year event, it was a perfect opportunity for players to upgrade their equipments.

Prices were based on scarcity anyway. When Bronze tier equipment became the norm, the prices of Silver tier ones would naturally drop as well!

"I got rid of them long ago." Wang Yu shook his head. Normally whenever Wang Yu picked up an item, he would sell it immediately.

"By the way, how're we going to tackle this event?" Wang Yu shifted his gaze to Fearless.

Fearless was the one with the most schemes so he should be the one to decide how they distributed their manpower to maximise the rewards.

"Just split up and do whatever you want! Just call the rest if you meet the Nian boss!" Fearless declared.

"Alright then! Let's split up!" Wang Yu immediately stood up and left. Following which Spring Halo, Crotch Lord and Boson also stood up and left.

After the four of them left, Fearless merely continued sipping his wine without any intention of leaving. Since Boson usually moved around with him, he also continued to sit around as well.

Watching Wang Yu leave, a huge smile emerged on Ming Du's and Vainglory's faces. They quickly ran to the girl's table and excitedly asked: "Sisters do you want to come and train with us?"

"That's right that's right! Hunting together with us won't be tiring at all! What's more, youth doesn't last forever. You shouldn't waste it…" Ming Du hurriedly added on.

"Erm…... " In reality, the girls actually were interested in hunting with the four of them. They were all experts and members of the same guild in the first place so it was completely natural. However, the expressions on the faces of these two gave them second thoughts.

Looking at the expressions on the girls' faces, Ming Du and Vainglory realised that their over enthusiasm had frightened them…

The two of them desperately turned to look at Fearless who just chuckled: "Boson wants to go along as well actually."

After staring at Mary for a moment, Li Xue nodded and said: "Fine then. Why don't we go hunt outside the headquarters? We can farm some limestone powder at the same time."


After leaving the inn, Wang Yu and the rest split up.

Since they all had different jobs and habits the monsters they wanted to hunt weren't the same anyway.

Dark Shamans used poisons and crowd control so they preferred melee monsters, Warriors preferred squishy monsters, Assassins preferred ranged monsters and Wang Yu preferred humanoid monsters.

During the Chinese New Year event, even the players who specialised in crafting left to hunt. Most areas were currently flooded with other players grinding.

Slipping through the crowd, Wang Yu walked straight toward the Dusk Mountain Range. When Wang Yu was here yesterday helping Li Xue with her quest, he noticed that there were quite a few high level humanoid monsters in the area.

Very soon, Wang Yu met the first monster.

<Vagrant Musketeer (LV 30)

HP: 4000

MP: 1000

Skills: [Buck Shot], [Whip]

This really was a very western game. This Vagrant Musketeer even had a semi control skill like [Whip]. If Wang Yu lost focus for even a second, he would have been struck by the Musketeer's whip and then eaten a bullet or two...

[Buck Shot] had a high base damage and had an explosive effect as well. Normal players wouldn't have been able to take more than two or three shots.

However, these weren't any trouble for Wang Yu at all.

For a martial artist like Wang Yu, the Musketeer's skills and fighting capabilities weren't even worthy to be put in his eyes. If Wang Yu was hit with any of its skills them something would have been really wrong with him.

After dodging [Whip], Wang Yu dashed in front of the Musketeer and lashed out, turning it into a ray of white light in a few hits. When Wang Yu received the experience points, he picked up a Bronze tier gun as well…

<Vagrant's Musket (Bronze) (Secondary Weapon)

Physical Attack: 27-35

Magical Attack: 0-0

+ 7 Dexterity

+ 3 Strength


[Weakness Exploit] (Passive): 30% chance of dealing additional damage.

Level Requirement: 1

Looking at the description of the weapon, Wang Yu was dumbfounded. He hadn't imagined that the Musketeer would drop a secondary weapon!

Secondary weapons were a special existence in <<REBIRTH. Ordinarily, aside from Knights and Pugilists being able to dual wield, most other jobs could only wield a single weapon.

Currently, players could buy throwing knives or other small secondary weapons. Higher quality ones would be a light crossbow and the like. However, these kinds of weapons were incredibly rare. Wang Yu had only ever seen Frost Blade using something like this and it was only a normal tier. It's physical attack course hardly be compared to the musket that Wang Yu had picked up.

Strictly speaking, firearms were considered Archer equipment in the game. However, all players wound gain a skill that enabled them to wield firearms at level 15. This caused firearms to be classified as a rare secondary weapon.

The so called triple drop rate really wasn't for show. Normally the chances of an ordinary monster dropping a Bronze tier equipment was incredibly low even if Wang Yu was hunting solo, let alone a secondary weapon.

With his lucky find, Wang Yu was invigorated and continued to slay more and more monsters with great gusto.

In this level 30 hunting ground, wave after wave of gunshots constantly rang out as beam after beam of white light bloomed. However, Wang Yu realised that the drop rates for these secondary weapons really was too low. After killing several tens of these Vagrant Musketeers, he had only picked up five more guns. What's more, aside from the Bronze tier one he found in the beginning, the rest were all Iron…

In spite of this, Wang Yu was still rather pleased with his loot. Secondary weapons of this rarity wouldn't be worth any less than an uncommon skill on the market! Thankfully there was triple drop rate now, otherwise he might not even have seen a single one drop.

As Wang Yu was about to take a short break, he suddenly heard a weird sound. It sounded like a mix between a wolf and a dog.

Hearing the sound, Wang Yu happily thought you himself: "Heh heh! It's a Nian!"

Having played for a period of time, Wang Yu knew that humanoid and beast type monsters wouldn't appear together other than in dungeons. The moment these two types of monsters met, the would immediately start fighting each other.

Even though Wang Yu had never encountered this monster before, he knew that for a beast type monster to appear in a place like this, it either had to be a Divine grade boss or an event monster...
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