77 Kill Steal

Chapter 77: Kill Steal

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Running in the direction of the sound, Wang Yu saw three little beasts sprawled on the ground as though they were frightened…

Each of these little monsters had a long horn, sharp protruding teeth and were covered in scales. They had an incredibly vicious appearance but seeing them shiver in fear like that made them seem pathetic and rather cute.

<Baby Nian(LV 30) (Special)

HP: 100000

MP: 10000

Skills: [Beast King's Roar], [Sunset Charge]

"This is a Nian?" Wang Yu absentmindedly mumbled as he walked over and kicked one of the little monsters. "This is supposed to be a special event monster?"


Even though these little monsters appeared pathetic, they immediately viciously charged towards him the moment he provoked one.

This one lunge truly shocked Wang Yu. These little bastards really weren't anything like their cute outer appearances. One hit from its [Sunset Charge] had cleaned out 30% of Wang Yu's health!

Both of Wang Yu's defenses were comparable to those of a Guardian and yet he had lost a third of his health in one attack. It was obvious how high their attacks were. If all three struck Wang Yu at the same time he might have instantly died!

After learning of the baby Nian's true strength, Wang Yu didn't dare to be careless anymore. Adjusting his body slightly, Wang Yu to took up a fighting stance with his body lowered. One hand was guarding his chest while the other was in front of his face.

The Baby Nian charged over again. But this time, at three used [Sunset Charge] at the same time!

Wang Yu immediately jumped over the first Baby Nian and grabbed the back of the middle one as he landed.

These three Baby Nians weren't much bigger than a chihuahua so Wang Yu was able to easily catch it. As Wang Yu was about to attack, the Baby Nian let out a little roar and stunned Wang Yu. So [Beast King's Roar] was used like this…

F**k! The system really was coming up with all sorts of weird and illogical effects to mess with players…

Fortunately, the stun time from [Beast King's Roar] was only 1.5 seconds. However, by the time Wang Yu had recovered, the Baby Nians were attacking again.

These designers really looked down on the players too much. Did they really think the same attack would work twice?

Jumping over their heads again, Wang Yu didn't try catching the Baby Nian. Instead, he directly used [Lateral Kick] and sent it flying into the air.

Wang Yu's attacks all had a high level of perfection so his [Lateral Kick] had a stun with it, preventing the Baby Nian from using [Beast King's Roar]. After hitting it a few times, Wang Yu tossed it back to the rest.

Within a few rounds, the three Baby Nians were reduced to white light by Wang Yu, leaving behind three treasure chests.

Treasure chests were rather special in <<REBIRTH. There was no guarantee that they would appear in a dungeon.

The most commonly seen treasure chests were Bronze, Silver and Gold treasure chests. Rumour had it that Divine grade bosses could drop treasure chests of even higher rarity. Of course, these were nothing more than rumours.

There were only two methods to open these treasure chests. Using a key or finding a Thief to pick the lock.

Keys had to be of the same rarity as the treasure chest to be able to unlock them. Higher rarity keys could open lower rarity chests but not vice versa. For example, the key that Wang Yu had obtained from Howard was a Silver key so it could open Bronze and Silver chests.

Thieves, on the other hand, had a passive that allowed them to pick locks. Even though Thieves could only open Bronze chests before level 20, this was still an advantage over other jobs. Hence nearly 30% of the players in <<REBIRTH chose to play the Thief.

Because of this, players on the forums often referred to the Thief as the favourite son of the designers while the Pugilist was the child that was picked up from the trash…

The three treasure chests that Wang Yu had picked up were all Silver chests. When Wang Yu opened them, the received 30 Chinese New Year points and three large fireworks.

"Are you f**king kidding me???" Wang Yu cursed. He sent so much effort to kill these Baby Nians and this was the nonsense that they dropped?

<Large firework: Releases a loud explosion to wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year.

<System Notification: Light the firework?

Light your mum! <No!

The Dusk Mountain Range was a very arid and dry map. If Wang Yu actually set off a firework here, he would definitely end up setting the entire mountain range on fire.

In the time that it took for Wang Yu to kill all the Baby Nian, the Vagrant Musketeers had all respawned. As Wang Yu was about to start killing them again, he received a message from Spring Halo.

"Honourable Nephew Bull, this humble cleric has calculated that if we liaise, great fortune is sure to come our way…"

"Speak properly please!"

"Do you want to kill a Nian?"

"No! They're too much trouble!' Wang Yu replied. Wang Yu had no expectations of the event at this point. After spending so much effort to kill the three Baby Nians, he had only got three fireworks…

"But killing them gives us points! No matter how dishonest the system is they still have to properly reward us after the event is over." Spring Halo persuaded.

After thinking for a moment, Wang Yu realised that way he said was true and replied: "Where are you?"

"Dusk Mountain Range 2584.3154! Quickly come!"


After receiving the location, Wang Yu quickly ran towards Spring Halo.

Spring Halo wasn't actually that far away from Wang Yu and was at the level 25 hunting ground. At the moment there were few players that could skip 10 levels to fight monsters and Spring Halo was one of them.

When Wang Yu found him, Spring Halo was surreptitiously crouching behind a bush.

"The hell are you doing?" Wang Yu casually walked over and tapped his shoulder.

Wang Yu's sudden appearance startled Spring Halo to the point where he even jumped away. When he saw that it was Wang Yu he finally calmed down and scolded: "You really scared me there! How come there's no sound when you walk?"

As a martial artist, Wang Yu not making any sound when he walked was natural.

"Where's the Nian?" Wang Yu asked.

"It's there! But quickly get down!" Spring Halo pointed past the bush.

Crouching down, Wang Yu looked in the direction that Spring Halo pointed in and saw a group of layers surrounding a Nian beyond the hill.

This Nian was much larger than the Baby Nians that Wang Yu fought earlier. It even had a fierce and regal air about it.

Even though it wasn't massive, its attacks were still incredibly frightening.

Even under its fierce attacks, the players managed to maintain their formation. The two tanks continuously receiving healing from the four healers were able to hold the ground despite its attacks.

Even though they looked like they were struggling, they still had the aggro under control perfectly.

"We're going to steal it?" Wang Yu gasped in shock.

In games, stealing monsters from others were akin to killing their parents. Even Wang Yu knew something like this.

"Of course!" Spring Halo evil laughed.

"That's not right..." Wang Yu was a very upright person. Even though this was a game, Wang Yu still didn't want to go against his conscience.

"Are you retarded? This is just a game! You can do whatever you want!"

"But that's not moral…"

"When you extorted the skill books didn't you feel that it was wrong?" Fearless pointed out.

"That was an NPC…"

"All men are equal! It doesn't matter if they're an NPC or a player. Since you've already done something like extortion, then stealing a monster really isn't anything! What's more, it's not like the Nian belongs to them!" Spring Halo continued to preach.

After so much nagging, Wang Yu was finally moved by his words and asked: "Then what happens if they recognise us?"

With a dark laugh, Spring Halo pulled out two pieces of cloth and passed one to Wang Yu. "Take this and cover your face then hide your badge!"

"Do you do this often?" Looking at how prepared Spring Halo was, Wang Yu ask in shock.

"He he he… Follow me!" Spring Halo shouted as he jumped out and casted [Distortion] on the entire group.

These players had already beaten the Nian until it had 40% of its health left. Spring Halo's [Distortion] instantly disrupted their formation and caused two of warriors to be instantly killed.

"They'll know who we are!" Wang Yu shouted in horror.

After Spring Halo showed Wang Yu a piece of equipment he immediately calmed down.

<Mark of the Hermit (Necklace) (Bronze)

Physical attack: 5-12

Magic attack: 2-5


[Hidden] (Passive): User's name is hidden from lower level players. User's name will not be revealed during PK.

This really was a very specialised equipment… For this kind of equipment to fall into the hands of a wily old fox Spring Halo really wasn't a good thing for anyone that wasn't his friend…

"F**k! Who are you motherf**kers? You dare attack our False Symphony's monster?" While struggling to defend against the Nian's attacks, the players angrily glared at Wang Yu and Spring Halo and cursed.

"I'll tell you without changing my name or guild! This grandfather is Sanguine Gangster of the Sanguine Alliance! Since I've told you everyone better f**k off unless you want this place to be your graves!"
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