78 Because Of You

Chapter 78: Because Of You

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False Symphony, the second ranked guild in Twilight city. It's guild leader, 2012 was one of the top 10 Archers in the game, making him extremely famous.

If the Sanguine Alliance was not one of the top guilds in the nation, with many players in their ranks, it would be hard to say who the top guild in Twilight City was.

Of course, the Quan Zhen Sect was an exceptional case... other than the people that have crossed blows with them, no one else paid much attention to this small, eight man guild.

The conflict between False Symphony and the Sanguine Alliance was no secret, it was widely known that there had been made small scale conflicts between them in the beginner village. These two guilds had been at each other's throats from the very start and would have already gone to war, if not for the fact that both guilds wanted to prioritise their development in this early stage of the game.

It seemed as though Spring Halo really liked stirring trouble for others, not only did he steal the kills from other players, he was even planning to cause Twilight City to descend into chaos.

The players from False Symphony were hardly surprised when Spring Halo identified as a member of the Sanguine Alliance. After all the only people that would possibly try to cause trouble for the second ranked False Symphony was the Sanguine Alliance.


A short and chubby Archer shouted as he kept his bow and ran backward.

The two tanks at the front raised their shields and unleashed their skills, buying time for the rest of the players to retreat.

Monsters in the wild were different from those in the dungeon. There was a limited distance to their aggression, once a player exceeded this distance, the monster would simply stop chasing them and walk off.

As veteran players, the members of False Symphony were very quickly able to retreat without sustaining any casualties.

When it saw that the players fighting it had retreated, Nian nonchalantly turned around to leave, returning back to its original sleeping spot.

"Who the f*ck do you think you guys are? And who the f*ck is Sanguine Gangster? I've never heard of this fucking name before!" The short and chubby Archer angrily roared as he glared at Wang Yu and Spring Halo.

"Who's this guy? His words are soooooooo frightening!" Wang Yu resisted the urge to laugh as he asked Spring Halo.

"The guild leader of False Symphony, 2012! He's pretty good!"

Spring Halo turned to the players from False Symphony after he had answered Wang Yu's question, continuing to taunt them.

"Who the f*ck do you think you guys are? False Symphony is just a small and useless guild! You better get out of my sight now before I call my friend's over!"

"What a joke, even Sanguine Warflag wouldn't dare to spout this kind of bullshit in front of me! All I need a single hand to massacre him!" 2012 angrily threatened.

Wang Yu was rather suspicious of 2012's words. His boast might have been believable had he chosen another job, but how could an Archer kill someone else with only one hand...

A tinge of happiness flashed in Spring Halo's eyes as he looked at the space behind 2012 and shouted: "Boss, you guys are here..."

"But there's no one here..." Wang Yu gloomily thought to himself.

"There are enemies behind us!!!"

The players from False Symphony immediately turned around, preparing to engage the enemies at their rear. Right at this moment, Wang Yu received a private message from Spring Halo that read "Attack now!"

Spring Halo raised his staff to cast [Distortion], trapping 2012 and five other players within as he released wave after wave of poison on them.

Wang Yu darted forward, strangling two Magicians to death and killing a Priest beneath his feet.

Spring Halo's poison was far stronger than the average Dark Shaman. Not only could his poison slow the enemies and reduce their defenses, it could even cause damage to them.

The Warriors that had been poisoned by Spring Halo were rapidly losing their health and had their defenses lowered. They fumbled to retrieve potions from their inventories, hurriedly consuming them.

Wang Yu took advantage of this moment, jumping behind the Warriors, unleashing [Flying Knee] to kill one as the grabbed the other two, smashing their faces into the ground. These Warriors had been killed before the potions they took to counter Spring Halo's poison had even taken effect...

Wang Yu's speed was simply inconceivable to the players from False Symphony. By the time Spring Halo's 5 second [Distortion] had ended, Wang Yu had already killed six players.

Wang Yu had already arrived before 2012 and the rest before they even realised what was going on.

"Duang, duang, duang!"

Wang Yu used [Eagle Stomp] as he jumped over the heads of three Magicians, instantly reducing them into rays of white light, casting [Thunder God's Stomp] as he landed.

Two Archers and three Magicians had been killed without even seeing who had killed them.

Even Spring Halo was stunned by this scene...

Spring Halo and Wang Yu had spent a majority of their time killing monsters, the only time that they had fought together in PVP was that one time in the inn. But at that time, Spring Halo had logged off early so he naturally didn't see Wang Yu massacring wave after wave of players from the Sanguine Alliance. Even the forums only had videos of Wang Yu killing Heaven's Bird. This was the first time that Spring Halo had truly witnessed Wang Yu's fearsome PVP skills.

"Those are eleven elite players from a top class guild... Even though I did help him, but he still managed to kill them within 10 seconds, that's too overpowered!" Spring Halo thought to himself.

Wang Yu instinctively started to pick up the equipment that these players had dropped, turning around to ask Spring Halo: "Those guys were really weak! Are you sure that their leader is one of the top ten Archers in this game?"

The members of the Quan Zhen Sect had monopolised most of the spots in the leaderboards, so Wang Yu had naturally had some experience with regards to the calibre of PK skills that the top players would have. Even if he didn't mention Ming Du's insane damage output, Wang Yu would also be helpless in front of Spring Halo's near godlike control. Hence Wang Yu was extremely suspicious of Spring Halo's evaluation of 2012, that he was one of the best Archers around.

But 2012 was just extremely unlucky. Naturally, he would not have been so easily killed by Wang Yu if he had not been trapped by Spring Halo's skill. Archer's were the most agile of the seven jobs, even if couldn't defeat Wang Yu, it wouldn't have been a problem for him to run away from Wang Yu.

"It's just that you're too overpowered!"

"He he..." Wang Yu chuckled as he turned around and pointed at the boss.

"Let's kill this guy quickly, otherwise those clowns might discover our true identity when they come back!"

"Mm!" Spring Halo nodded in agreement as he followed Wang Yu.

<Nian (LV 30) (Special)

HP: 81423/200000

MP: 5219/20000

Skills: [Beast King's Roar], [Sunset Charge]

The grown up Nian was rather similar to the Baby Nian. Other than the obvious difference in their size and the difference in their attributes, everything else was the same. Even their attack patterns and skills were the same.

Wang Yu was naturally very familiar with these two skills after having fought against three Baby Nian's at the same time. After spending the better half of the day watching False Symphony fight Nian, Spring Halo also had a good grasp of Nian's attack patterns and fighting style.

Using his ghosts, rooting it with [Distortion] and applying the multitude of poison in his arsenal.

Spring Halo had pulled the attention of Nian to himself, allowing Wang Yu to relentlessly attack Nian. Comboing [Lateral Kick], [Crushing Blow], [Flying Knee]...

Nian, who already did not have much health left, quickly fell under the onslaught of the duo. Dropping a chest.

"I'm willing to bet that there's nothing good inside!" Wang Yu muttered when he saw the chest.

"It's alright as long as we get the points for killing it. Do you have a key?" Spring Halo laughed.

"Mm!" Wang Yu nodded as he fished out a key and opened the chest. The duo had obtained a hundred points each and Wang Yu had found a gigantic firecracker in the chest.

<Humongous firecracker: Lighting it will cause an extremely loud noise and set off a beautiful fireworks show in the night sky, wishing everyone a happy new year.

<System notification: Do you wish to light it now? (Lighting it at night will be more effective)

Wang Yu grumbled as he kept the firecracker in his bag. Twilight City was blessed with daylight all day long, how could he even use this bonus effect...

"This really is just for show... the system really is too stingy!" Spring Halo grumbled as he inspected the chest again.

"I already said so, yet you didn't believe me..."

At the same time, in the respawn point in Twilight City.

2012 was beside himself in anger. As one of the top ten Archers in the game, it was unimaginably hard to surpass his competitors by even a few experience points... This death by Wang Yu's hand was something that he absolutely could not tolerate!

"The gall of that f*cking Sanguine Alliance! To think that they would even dare to kill me!"

"That's not right, since when did the Sanguine Alliance have such an expert in their ranks?" A Priest called Ark asked.

"Hmph, Sanguine Alliance is one of the top ten guilds in China, it's only natural that they have some experts. If only they hadn't sprung a surprise attack on us, we wouldn't have died so easily!" 2012 coldly answered.

"I still feel like that there's something amiss..." Ark added.

"F*ck what you think! Disseminate my orders! Get everyone in the guild to gather together outside the city and tell them to kill any member of the Sanguine Alliance that walks by, don't spare a single one of them! Those f*cking pieces of trash... how dare they kill me!!!" 2012 angrily roared.
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