95 Descent of Chaos

Chapter 95: Descent of Chaos

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"Great timing! Get them!" Wang Yu shouted, pointing towards the players from the Peerless Heaven guild as he spoke to the city guards.

These fellows were truly vicious, they were all prepared to slowly torture him to death... so how could he forgive them so easily.

"We will carry out your wishes my lord!"

The city guards stood to attention and respectfully bowed to Wang Yu before raising their spears and staring down the players from the Peerless Heaven guild.


The players were all foreigners to Twilight City, how could they possibly know of the relationship between Wang Yu and the city guards?

But someone suddenly cried out: "F*cking hell how can you believe his nonsense? Don't you guys know how shameless the Quan Zhen Sect is? If they can impersonate guild master Evil Rampage then they can surely imitate the city guards as well!"

The crowd instantly snapped out of their state of confusion. The transforming art could allow a person to look like anyone he desired, even the looking like the seven heroes was not too far-fetched an idea.

After having reached this conclusion, the players of the Peerless Heaven guild immediately raised their weapons and launched their strongest skills at the city guards.

"They really are too naive..." A group of passerby's from the Twilight City lamented as they watched this scene unfold.

If the Peerless Heaven guild had not provoked them, the city guards would only have gone as far as blocking their paths. But now that they had attacked the city guards on their own volition, the system would naturally not let such aggressive behaviour go unpunished.

Once they attacked, it was obvious these city guards were no saints.

The unfathomable city guards [Charged] to the end of the street before brandishing their blades and dashing back to Wang Yu's position, leaving brilliant rays of white lights flashing in their wake.

In a matter of seconds, the encirclement of the Peerless Heaven guild had been thoroughly smashed by the city guards, leaving no more than twenty players alive and standing.

"Where did you get these guys from?" Wang Yu turned around and asked Fearless.

"I got them from next door!" Fearless laughed. As someone that had quite a few Twilight City merit points himself, it wasn't very hard for Fearless to gather a few city guards to assist him.

"You really are despicable!" Wang Yu scoffed.

"All's fair in the game of war my friend, it's not like I forced those idiots to attack the city guards..."

"F*ck, we've fallen into an ambush!!!" The players from the Peerless Heaven guild cried out as they flooded their guild chat to air their grievances.

"Ambush? How's that even possible? They only have eight men!"

"How the fuck should I know, you guys better get here now!"

"Where the f*ck do you want us to go? We're were just killed by the city guards!!!" The players in the city whined.

The players from the Peerless Heaven guild initially thought that killing a guild of eight men would be like taking candy from a baby. But who would have thought that they would encounter so much trouble even after gathering several hundred players to hunt down the Quan Zhen Sect.

"City guards?" The players outside the city couldn't believe what they heard, was this some sort of bug in the system?"

"Forget it, just send us your coordinates and we'll find you guys!"

The first person to have been killed in Twilight City was Unstoppable Thunder.




It just so happened that the coordinates that they had received was the exact location where the Sanguine Alliance and False Symphony were locked in a heated battle to the death.

Spring Halo and the rest had deviously lured their pursuers to this exact location.

The war between the Sanguine Alliance and False Symphony had nothing to do either the Quan Zhen Sect or the Peerless Heaven guild, but even so they Quan Zhen Sect had no intentions of sparing either of them, loudly shouting towards them from a distance: "Reinforcements have arrived!" Before charging into the fray.

The players from the Peerless Heaven guild were all fresh faces that neither the Sanguine Alliance nor False Symphony recognised, mistaking it for the other party's men... The Peerless Heaven guild naturally mistook the other two to be the allies of the Quan Zhen Sect after hearing such a misleading statement.

The three parties soon became embroiled in a messy battle…..

"Wow, it really was an easy matter to make these idiots battle each other..." The members of the Quan Zhen Sect had quickly escaped the messy battlefield and were merrily laughing as they watched the carnage that they had created.


The battle power of the Peerless Heaven guild really was a force to be reckoned with. Most of their players were relatively high levelled and had rather decent types of equipment.

They even possessed an advantage that neither the Sanguine Alliance or False Symphony had, they had a numerical advantage...

In an era of close combat warfare, wars were fought with many casualties on both sides.

The was even more so now that everyone had skills they could easily activate in the game. The warfare the unfolded was a hundred times more brutal than a normal war.

The players from the Peerless Heaven guild seethed with a fighting spirit that their opponents could not understand. These players were all professional gamers that had put aside whatever they were doing and rushed over to Twilight City after they heard that they fellow guild member had been slain by a player from this city.

The Sanguine Alliance and False Symphony felt this situation was extremely fishy.

Since when did Twilight City ever have so many players? They recognised most of the players in the city but they had never seen a single person from the Peerless Heaven guild before.

Sanguine Warflag and 2012's heart sank when they saw more and more enemies arrive.

Since when did such a large guild appear in Twilight City? They had more players than both guilds combined.

"Who exactly are you people?" Sanguine Warflag shouted as he thrust his spear through an opponent's abdomen.

"I'm from the Peerless Heaven guild! We came here to wipe you fucker's out!"

The Warrior was Unstoppable Thunder. This simple-minded man had been unfortunate enough to cross paths with Wang Yu, bringing him endless misfortune. This expedition to Twilight City was simply to eradicate the Quan Zhen Sect, but who would dare to imagine that they had somehow ended up in a senseless brawl with the Sanguine Alliance and False Symphony.

"Fuck them up!!! Don't spare a single person here!" Unstoppable Thunder angrily roared as he freed himself from Sanguine Warflag's spear.

This was insane. The game had not started that long ago yet this crazy guild wanted to conquer all the cities? Would the fall of Twilight City be the first step to their global domination?

Regardless of whether the Peerless Heaven guild could truly unify all the cities under their banner, no one would forget the first city to fall... it would be endless shame to the players of Twilight City if they were the first victims of this plan of global conquest!

"F*ck this shit! We need more men! Call the reinforcements!"

As one of the top guilds in the entire country, the Sanguine Alliance naturally had many reserves that they could tap into. Sanguine Warflag immediately opened his friend's list and started to recall the members of his guild that were stationed in other cities even asking other guilds for help.

2012 wasn't narrow-minded individual either. He naturally understood that the fall of Twilight City was a shame that every player that originated from it would have to bear. He made the same decision as Sanguine Warflag, opening his friend list and calling for help.

The other guild leaders in Twilight City had originally been kept in the dark about the origins of this war, all they knew was that the Quan Zhen Sect was somehow involved in this. But the message they had received from Sanguine Warflag and 2012 had completely taken them aback.

The Peerless Heaven guild was trying to conquer Twilight City, no wonder they targeted the Quan Zhen Sect first, they were the most outstanding players in this city...

The Peerless Heaven guild really was audacious, to gather such an army to attack Twilight City! All the guilds in Twilight City, no matter big or small, immediately rushed towards the outskirts of the city...

While the players were flooding out of Twilight City, the number of players from the Peerless Heaven guild was rapidly rising as well. The players wildly shouted, recklessly hacking and slashing away at their enemies.

Pieces of equipment littered the ground, white lights danced around the battlefield. A brutal fiendish aura permeated the battlefield.

The six members of the Quan Zhen Sect stood atop the city walls with their mouth ajar.

"All hell has broken loose... why the f*ck did we even listen to Fearless' stupid idea..."
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