136 Disassembling the Stage in a Fake Fight, Disassembling the House in a Real One!

After the host announced the entrance of the challengers into the arena, the both of them walked into the suspended dome-like platform at the same time. Right after they walked in, the gate behind them closed and sealed shut.

Before the pair of contestants had arrived, the host had run towards a small door in the middle of the platform right after he had finished announcing their arrival.

Right after he went out the small door, it too sealed shut after him.

His comical exit made the audience below laugh aloud, all except for the regular audience who instead glanced at him with pity.

"The previous contestant that had escaped just a bit slower was scared half to insanity by one of the challenger's pre-battle presence, which landed him in the hospital for a whole month," explained someone to a first-time audience member.

The host was currently standing outside the dome-like platform; he was just floating, so it was obvious that this host was also quite a p
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