140 In the System Space, I'm the King.

As an internet veteran, Fang Ning understood the vagueness of this. Usually, if the litigant parties tried to explain themselves, it would only make the matters worse. Furthermore, it was impossible for Anderson to go out and explain it themselves, and N'gun even became the material for equipment, so no one would be able to say anything.

Fang Ning comforted the System, "The other Supreme Challengers were not stupid, they won't come and challenge you now."

However, there are no walls that do not leak, sooner or later, someone would found the truth of N'gun's self-destruction, and people would want to avenge him. After all, the attraction of money was strong, especially when money makes the world go round.

The System could only listen to Fang Ning's advice. Now that the Dark Tournament was out of the equation, the System followed Fang Ning's instruction and went to a small city north of Qi City to unveil the map there together with Brett the black dog.

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