142 The Land of Heritage

After Fang Ning had finished telling the System, he observed Vigilante A's movements through the System View.

When he saw Vigilante A took out a large surgical mask and put it on, he immediately wanted to vomit blood.

Fang Ning said, "Are you an idiot? Just because I said 'be discreet', you think people wouldn't recognize you with your surgical mask? Not even the darkest night would be able to cover up your tall, upstanding figure and flaring aura, who do you think you're fooling?"

Vigilante A stopped after hearing that.

The System said, "What else do you want? The more I wear, the more cumbersome it is..."

Fang Ning did not know how else to respond, "Are you playing dumb? Haven't you already mastered the art of disguise? Why don't you just change your look again?"

The System answered, "I can't. The principle told me that as we have attained the Reputable Figure status, we would lose all our reputation if we use a new disguise and would need to re
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