319 Undead Realm

Hearing this, Twelve Arms hurriedly waved its limbs and rejected, "Blood is bad, don't fight. Seven Arms, you can't be the new leader. It'll be better to give the position to the peace-loving one-eyed octopus. You'd be better off as a soldier. You can act if the tribe is in danger."

The seven-armed octopus' mouth fell open. A look of disbelief was etched on its round head.

It wanted to opposite, but after comparing their body sizes, it withered away decisively.

One-eyed was overjoyed, and it said happily, "Brother Twelve Arms really is fair. Indeed, if Seven Arms were to become the leader, how many octopuses would die? My idea is better. As long as every octopus has a jar to live in, it will be peaceful in the sea."

"He he, you really are naive. If you hide in a jar every day, when the moon falls down, you'll have nowhere to hide…" The black cat Tom shook its head and pretended to be worried.

"What moon will fall down?" Twelve Arms felt slightly confused, and felt its heart palpitate.

The black and white dolphins exchanged looks.

The black dolphin hesitated, "Brother Twelve Arms, I can catch human radio waves. I heard them say on the news that by this time next year, the moon will drop into the sea. However, this has always been just the concern of the humans, which was why I never told you."

'It'll be of no use even if I do tell you,' the black dolphin left unsaid.

Twelve Arms was completely frightened. If the moon fell, the sea would disappear, and its ideals and destiny would disappear along with it.

It instantly felt a sense of responsibility, and said, "No. Humans can worry about matters on land, but for matters at sea, we need to be attentive as well."

Xie Dong took the opportunity to affirm, "Brother Twelve Arms, you're absolutely right. People in the past used to say, 'The rise and fall of a nation is the responsibility of every fish'. Although strictly speaking, you are not fish, but let's just call you that first.

"The moon might indeed fall down. Although we humans have made preparations, the more people who contribute, the better. After all, the Earth doesn't just belong to us humans."

The Black Cat Tom looked on coldly. It saw through Xie Dong's intention in an instant.

However, it would not stop him. The moon's unstoppable power will teach him the true meaning of 'No one can stop the wheels of history'!

The more he did, the more he would promote the intensification of disputes between the sea clans. When that happened, it would be Sir Tom's turn to catch the fish while they were unaware.

The black cat was just about to say something when it suddenly received a call.

It ran to a distance far away, took the call, and then returned and said, "Gentlemen, I have a small matter that needs taking care of."

That was a lie.

Xie Dong instantly raised his guard. It definitely was an important matter to settle, but what could be more important than fighting for a new maritime power?

Although Twelve Arms hated this annoying cat very much, it still asked politely, "Mr. Tom, where are you going? Will you be coming back?"

The black cat Tom scoffed and casually said, "I'm not going far. In any case, I'll still be on Earth. I'll be back in a few days, so you all can just wait for me at that small island from before. I believe you still need a lot to do to prepare for the new tribe. I can still help you."

Twelve Arms was an honest octopus. Since the cat had given it this answer, it nodded and said, "Alright then, I wish you a pleasant journey, Mr. Tom."

The black cat Tom chuckled. Then its expression changed, and its eyes instantly glared at Xie Dong.

Forget it. Sir Tom never moved its paws. So what if he knew it was lying?

Besides, he definitely would not be able to guess where it was going.

Thinking about this, an overcast smile showed up on Tom's face. Then it jumped up and disappeared into the ripples in the air.

"Mr. Tom really is skillful. It comes and goes like shadow…" several marine creatures said in admiration.

For creatures that fought for survival in the wild like them, they understood very well the power of spatial abilities. It was an incredibly useful skill for them to save their lives with.

Xie Dong quietly hid to the side and started to secretly send the news to the Truth Department.

"The President of the Power Balance Association, Tom, has left to deal with an important matter. The destination is not on Earth. It should be an arcane realm somewhere. Details unknown, to be confirmed."

Let's make Oldman Ren work overtime…

After sending out the information, Xie Dong felt a kind of thrill from the mystery.


In the head advisor office at the Truth Department Headquarters Base.

Ren Ruofeng was currently lying in the office and snoring to make up for his sleep after staying up the entire night. He did not have his previous scruples anymore.

He was suddenly woken up by the phone...

"What, an arcane realm that even the black cat Tom is interested in has appeared?" He felt a sudden tingle, got up from the couch, hurriedly turned on his computer and checked the detailed information.

Any news related to the arcane realm was big news. They would act on any lead they got, and if they managed to get something out of it, that was the best. That was the principle that everyone worked for.

If the moon really were to fall down, the truth was that the situation in China would be much better than that of other nations.

In an arcane realm at least 160,000 square kilometers wide, storing a few billion people was no problem at all if you stuffed them together.

The Earth had plenty of places with densities of 10,000 people per square kilometer.

However, although fitting was no problem, they would not be able to stay alive. It can only serve as a temporary refuge and will be able to last a few days by relying on the grain deposits stored in advance inside.

However, this was also a great advantage. In those few days, they would be able to avoid the most dangerous timeframe and buy time.

That was why many of the core agencies that had access to inside information did not panic. Since they had a way out, they could act step by step.

When the framework was stable, then organizational power could come into play.

When Fang Ning pretended to be the sacrifice for the heavens, the mechanical puppets were working very hard behind to scenes to maintain order.

The reason some institutions could continue working with peace of mind was exactly that of the final resort that was the Land of Heritage.

The more arcane realms, the better. That was common sense.

Ren Ruofeng pondered. The news was too crude. It was true that Tom wanted to go to an arcane realm, but since he did not know the specific location, he had no idea where to start as well.

He had to conduct a proper analysis and see if he could get some hints at the new intelligence big data center...

Damn it, he needed to work overtime today again...

Ren Ruofeng's head hurt. He should never have agreed to the old man to come back so easily.


In the System Space.

In these two days, Fang Ning had a difficult time conveying his intention to the clan leader of the Whitestone people, Shi Gan.

Good people really were good. Shi Gan promised immediately to come.

This was what he said, 'Since the Whitestone people wanted to live on Earth, then they should have the same obligations as well.'

As for how he summoned the Whitestone Elder Ancestor, he honestly said that while it could definitely be done, it was the highest secret in the clan, and it could not be told to outsiders.

Other than him, only the Whitestone Elder who remained in the Upper Realm knew.

Fang Ning was very understanding, so naturally, he did not beg too hard. However, he repeatedly promised that if problems regarding life and death arose, they would all be dealt with by him. He definitely would not let heroes bleed or weep.

After knowing this, Shi Gan gathered all the clan members, leaving no one to care for the herbs in the Draconic Arcane Realm.

Thus, Fang Ning expressed that there was no harm in stopping work for a few days. He would go to the Truth Department and seek a farmer to deal with it temporarily.

Fang Ning called Ren Ruofeng with the intention of borrowing a pair of hand from him. He also called Fang Ning, wanting to borrow the Venerable Dragon God...

Fang Ning did not know whether to laugh or cry. Alright, no one had to pay for anything. They could just exchange manpower directly.

Sir System was slightly displeased, and Fang Ning appeased it by saying that for Vigilante A, doing favors and earning trust was more important than money.

If the other party casually divulged a piece of information, they could reap great benefits from it. It was not something that could be bought with money.

Vigilante A followed Ren Ruofeng's instructions and patrolled back and forth at high speed in five places on Earth.

Among these five places, one was on the west coast of Australia, one was in the hinterland of the Pacific Ocean, two was in the USA, and the last was at a wasteland.

The System seemed reluctant to part with the prospect of money, and said seemingly unintentionally, "What big data analysis? How could it compare with my System Map? What's so surprising about these places? What a waste of time. Even farming some petty thieves would have been more worthwhile."

Fang Ning also frowned, 'Senior Ren said these five places was where the presence of many Powerhouses appeared and disappeared. It should be a hidden formation deliberately set up by Tom. Only one of them is real."

"Let me think," after saying this, Fang Ning suddenly summoned the precious gamebook.

"Why did you call that stupid book? It's just a baby. It doesn't know anything." The System was confused.

"It's stronger than you," Fang Ning shot back and let the beloved book open its pages.

"Tom. Sex: Male, Hobbies: Female. Age: Unknown. Identity: Black Cat, Mastermind of the Global Power Balance Association, Spokesperson of Death."

"Alignment: Neutral Evil."

"Power Level: Lake-level Powerhouse. Description: A middle-sized lake with extremely low risk. Extremely strong escape abilities. Extremely high survival abilities."

Fang Ning pondered and asked the System, "Look at these five places. Which place has the heaviest Yin Energy?"

Despite its doubts, the System answered honestly, "There's a place in the USA called the Lobit Canyon, where an old railroad passes through. The Yin Energy there is the heaviest. There're still many bones buried underneath the railroad."

Fang Ning could not help but shudder, but he still said, "Then let's go there. I think the arcane realm Tom wants to go to is over there."

The System was surprised, "How did you deduce that? Even Ren Ruofeng couldn't do that. Are you guessing again?"

Fang Ning was speechless, "Since Tom is the Spokesperson of Death, the arcane realm he wants must be related to the undead, and the places the undead love the most are places with heavy Yin Energy. Previously, there was a Demonic Realm. This time, it's a Yin Energy Realm. It makes complete sense logically."

The System did not believe him, "You're fooling me again. You must have just randomly guessed the location. There was no Demonic Energy present in that island at the Demonic Realm either, right?"

Fang Ning criticized, "You really are silly... Truly… That island was originally covered with a military base. I bet that destroyed military base had been purifying the Demonic Energy to conceal their presence.

"Of course Ren Ruofeng was unable to deduce this. His information is incomplete. According to the comprehensive report given by Lei Tian after he entered the penitentiary, he was able to detect that Demonic Realm because the other party could not purify it completely, which caused him to find out about the Demonic Energy. You didn't read the report again, didn't you?"

The System said, "I'm a different kind of lazy than you. I've seen all the reports. However, I'm not as cunning as you, Richman Host, so I wasn't able to discover that."

As one person and one System bantered, Vigilante A arrived at the quiet and far-reaching large canyon in the western USA.

The valley twisted and turned, with the road facing east, and was flanked by steep and layered rocks on both sides. Looking down, the valley was so silent that it was somewhat eerie.

Fortunately, it was summer in the northern hemisphere, so the valley was lush and full of green and crawling vines.

Just like the System said, there was an old railroad that was full of vines running through the middle of the canyon. However, it was no longer possible for trains to run on it.

In fact, judging from the degree of obsolescence of the tracks occasionally exposed among the vines, the old railway had been abandoned for less than a year.

However, there was plenty of rain here. Since there was no maintenance, countless plants will climb onto it in just a year, causing its old appearance.The original idiom is supposed to be '天下兴亡匹夫有责', which means 'The rise and fall of a nation is the responsibility of every person', but the author changed the word for person '夫', into fish '鱼'.
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