322 Splitting the Arcane Realm in Three

Fang Ning dared not ask the experts now, so he asked the System to ask.

Vigilante A turned around and asked Qiao Zijiang, "Do you know any way to enter the Yin arcane realm after we take out the two scums?"

Fang Ning's head started to ache. 'Sir System has super low emotional quotient as usual. The Black and White Impermanence were just standing right in front of him...

Qiao Zijiang did not think much, he immediately answered, "According to my analysis, the key to entering the arcane realm is on that ghostly train. The ticket might have needed bodies, but not necessarily human sacrifice. The bodies that were buried before were already dead for some time before they were buried here, and most of them died of natural causes."

Vigilante A nodded and looked at the two ghosts donned in black and white clergy robes respectively. "So they are two scums who wanted to earn a profit for themselves..."

Even though the two ghosts heard the Vigilante A's explicit claim to kill them, they were not afraid. They exchanged a glance and simultaneously shook their heads in disdain.

"Heh, did you hear what this mister is saying? Isn't this the habit humans kept throughout generations?" Danny with the white robe opened up his arms and said nonchalantly, "You are all important people in the world. The world is such a chaotic place, there were plenty of people dying every day, what's a mere ten thousand? Gift them to us, and we can gift you a priority to become the master of the arcane realm."

Black-robed Lock smirked and said, "So what if you found out about the truth about the ticket price? One of us is the driver, the other the conductor. Without us, you wouldn't be able to move this Spectral Train, and you won't be able to enter the arcane realm. Let me give you an advice, less talk, more burying ten thousand people."

He said it so matter-of-factly, it was as if ten thousand humans were comparable to ten thousand pigs or goats.

"How dare you be so callous about human lives, you shall no longer exist!"

The two ghosts barely heard the sentence as two white dragon-shaped auras charged toward them.

They were standing in front of the cab.

However, when they realized the dragon-shaped aura heading toward them, they shared a look and laughed without any hint of fear in their eyes.

As expected, the Spectral Train immediately defended itself by erecting a wall of grayish barrier in front of the entrance.

At the same time, the whole Spectral Train, including the cars behind, began making rapping sounds as if it had detected a huge threat.

Immediately, the windows on the cars behind opened slowly one after another, revealing white and pale faces that twist in horrific ways!

The people of the Truth Department inhaled sharply. 'What a terrifying sight!'

They took two steps back, surrounding Vigilante A with an expression that betrays their fear of missing out on the protection of the Morality...

Qiao Zishan was the only one who stood his ground and instinctively put out a barrier of Morality.

A thick white aura unfolded a meter in front of him. It was vast and divine, just a mere look at it could provide a sense of safety.

However, after a while, he did not feel anyone congregating around him, which was the opposite of the usual missions.

He turned around. Even his own sister hid behind Vigilante A.

'The Venerable Dragon God did not even have any protection...'

He looked at them, a feeling of helplessness rising within him.

At this point, the two white auras had collided with the barrier.

At that moment, it was as if someone had poured a bucket of water into an even larger wok of boiling oil. Sizzling and rolling, the two different energies canceled each other out, turning into smoke and wisped away.

A hole also appeared on the grayish barrier.

Soon, other grayish off-white aura surged out of the train and began filling the hole.

The entire train still looked creepy, seemingly not damaged at all.

"That's a really strong aura, you have a really pure Morality, so pure that we needed so much Yin Energy to counter." Danny feigned surprise. "Lock, calculate for me, what is the ratio of both of our energy loss?"

"One to three." Lock said coldly.

"Oh, that's such a surprise," said Danny exaggeratedly. "Too bad, the Spectral Train is an object of the arcane realm. As long as the arcane realm still exists, it would never run out of Yin Energy. You're only wasting your strength."

Lock interrupted impatiently, "Fine, they were just a bunch of Morality-cultivating dumbos. I knew we shouldn't have reversed and approached them. It's no use telling them how to purchase a ticket, they won't do it anyway, so it's just wasting our time. Let's go, we have a true candidate to search."

"That's right, let's hurry. The two losers were more obedient. They were weak though, and they did it the long, stupid way. Hopefully, the real candidate would be a powerful and smart guy."

The two ghosts who were abusing the arcane realm's power said as they sauntered back into the cab.

After they had left, the door to the cab immediately closed.

The old steam train began to move slowly, quietly, as it continued on its track...

This time, it did not stop and return. As soon as it arrived at a curve in the valley, it disappeared into thin air as if it had never appeared.

Fang Ning urged, "Sir, you have to chase after it... You have to destroy this evil train so that the world wouldn't be corrupted by it."

The view had been terrifying. If he had not hidden himself early on, he would have had several nights of nightmares.

How could things that can cause restless sleep to Fang Ning continue to exist?

He believed that his sentiments could be shared by most people.

The System refused, "If I could, I would have, you don't have to remind me... The train is weird. I can sense that it is indestructible, and so are the ghosts."

Fang Ning only felt an indescribable headache. 'Who says the System is invincible?'

The Azure Mountain arcane realm gave rise to many arrogant people, but no one had ever died because of them.

Although the people of the Azure Mountain looked at regular, weak people with disdain, they would not exchange those lives for power.

That was why the Spectral Train and the two ghosts could not be spared.

Not everyone was like the System, bound by the principles and could ignore the impulses of gaining land and longevity...

He believed that being the master of an arcane realm and having long lives was enough to sway people. Not only ten thousand people, some would even take millions to gain that perk...

Fang Ning could not think of any ideas. Because of his laziness, he had always given it to other people to worry about.

This time, however, he really tried his hardest and still could not think of an idea.

Vigilante A then distributed the job of staking it out to Qiao Zijiang, Bodhisattva Spirit King, Tianjing Fawang, as well as his followers.

The people then waited in the valley as reinforcements arrived.


The other people did not continue to wait, the world does not revolve around one person.

Black Cat Tom stood beside the pond of unknown depth. Not long after it faced off the other two parties, it took action.

It had already overheard the conversation between the ghosts of Spectral Train and Vigilante A.

As Claude had said, Vigilante A would not have entered, he could not do things like that.

However, it felt an urgency.

'Vigilante A could not do something like that, but he could definitely sneak in while the ghosts opened the door for other passengers.

'The two ghosts were weak, they were only abusing the train's defensive abilities to bully potential passengers.

'No one else could hurt them, but they also would not be able to stop anyone from evading fare.

'As long as they had entered the passenger car, they would have been considered successful. It would not have worked if they grabbed on to the train outside, as they would have been ripped apart into pieces by the dimensional travel.

'The arcane realm's Will was still in the process of nurturing, it did not care how people entered the train, and that would not have affected their chances of becoming the master of the realm.

'The ones who cared were only the ghosts that were bound to the arcane realm, they were the selfish ones.'

Having thought that, Black Cat Tom made up its mind and said to the others, "It's not good being in a stalemate like this for long. Since everyone is related to Death, I have an idea. We split the arcane realm into three parts, and we shall rule the arcane realm together."

This was the only idea it could think of.

It had given it a lot of thinking, and even though there were plenty of benefits, it would not have satisfied any of the two parties.

Only with that can they break the situation that they were in.

The white man with the black cape, Claude, immediately nodded and smiled when he heard the suggestion.

Valery and Alex shared a look and was still not mollified. "Dammit, we got here first. Fine, id that's the case, we agree."

They did not want Vigilante A to be involved. Vigilante A had let them off once and had saved them once, but they were still largely not the same kind of people.

They were weak and had only become the first one to arrive by threatening the Source of Yin. It was upsetting being outraced, but they could only hold it in due to their lack of strength.

The two promised themselves. As soon as they were assigned a part of the arcane realm, they would seize the opportunity to become Lords of Undead as soon as possible. If they could achieve that, they would chase the two other teams out.

Black Cat Tom was different from the two expressive men with terrible poker faces. It was wearing a smile, but it was thinking, 'When I get my part of the arcane realm, it would be much easier becoming a Grim Reaper.

'By that time, these fools will need to become my assistants or provide me with some of the Death Energy.'

Claude looked at his sister, keeping his face still while also planning a coup. 'Once we settled down, we'll contact our brethren Heliotropes. We'll have other chances to chase these two legacy-less dunces out.'

Seeing everyone's agreement, Black Cat Tom no longer hesitate. "So we shall swear to the pond and ask the Source of Yin to be our witness..."

Under the pressure of the strong Vigilante A, the three wicked beings came to an agreement quickly.

They entered into a contract with the Source of Yin and fused with one-third of it and respective one-third of the arcane realm.

After they had reached an agreement, the pond seemed to have sensed it. It immediately came to a boil as if it was jumping with joy. The grayish off-white aura seemed to be dancing as they spun around each other, burrowing and tunneling in and out of each other, being much more active than they used to be.

Domesticated and wild things were definitely very different.

All three parties smiled slightly at the sight. They believed it was correct to assume that it was a sign from the heavens.

'I can't believe I would have a chance to become a mysterious master of an arcane realm. Even though I was only holding a third of the title, I'm still stronger than many powerhouses out there.

'Vigilante A who used to be a noose on my neck, I no longer have to fear him.'

"Heh, since everyone had come to an agreement, let's choose a title for ourselves so we can fuse easier with the Source of Yin. I will be called the Lord of Blood and Death," suggested Claude insincerely.

"Call me Tom, I don't need a title," Black Cat Tom turned its eyes around and refused.

"Then I will be called Lord of Undead, and this is my Skeleton Warrior!" Valery exclaimed in joy.

Alex who always fought with him about their statuses paled but decided not to fight this round.

'I can't do anything, Vigilante A only return this guy's Black Hammer but not my magic focus.'

As everyone settled on their own titles, the meeting came to a close.

The three leaders, Black Cat Tom, Claude, and Valery shared a look and laughed simultaneously as if they were old friends.

At that point, the grayish aura above the pond grew thicker and covered the entire pond, it was like the Yin Energy of the entire realm had congregated at the pond.

"Alright, people. Let us jump into the pond together and find the Source of Yin to receive its blessings, as well as going into an agreement with it."

Claude finished his sentence and threw his cape back, jumping into the pond with a graceful dive.

His pose surpassed even the most world-class swimmers and divers. After all, he was an Extraordinaire.

Valery did not want to fall behind, so he vaulted himself into mid-air and land in the pond from the center.

His pose was majestic and ferocious. It was expected that his entrance in the water would cause a huge splash.

Black Cat Tom did not delay and leaped into the center of the pond.



Two loud sounds. Both Claude and Valery scrambled to their feet holding their noses, their swollen faces expressionless.

When they had stabled themselves, they realized the pond water was only as deep as their shins.

"Hoho, it was nice being so tiny." Black Cat Tom stood in the pond with half of its head above water.

It knew what had happened, the pond was shallow and was lined with hard cobblestone pebbles.

Those pebbles were strange as they completely ignore magic defense. Even Black Cat Tom almost lost balance. Fortunately, it balanced itself.

Both Claude and Valery kept silent, their hearts cursing the pond.

'Dammit, that damnable grayish mist was so thick, I completely misjudged the depth of this pond.

'I thought the Source of Yin would be a spring of sorts and hidden deeply, it was the pond all this while!

'After so much time spent on deliberating, we don't have to jump into the pond after all.'In Chinese folklore, the Black and White Impermanence are two deities who are in charge of escorting the spirits of the dead to the Underworld
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