341 Birthday Presen

Nothing major happened recently and it was too peaceful.

Fang Ning was getting irritated as every day he was forcing himself into reading news and watching videos.

All his preferred entertainment like novels, video games, and anime were dying off from the internet. Even the most common news; media gossips; were nowhere to be seen on the internet.

He finally decided that for the sake of his mental health, he needed to work something out.

The other powerhouses or people at his position would be amazed if they found out about his ideas.

He could have imitated the life of the son of Heaven if he really wanted to enjoy life. He could have enjoyed all the alcohol and ladies while partying all day, yet he chose to stick with video games and novels…

The others found it hard to understand his form of entertainment.

What they wouldn't know was that Fang Ning also wanted such a life, but would Sir System ever give him the permission to do so?

Yes? No?

The answer is no. Sir System was so obsessed with work, he would've split the body into two parts if he could, so that Fang Ning would use his own part to work or slack whenever he wanted.

He would never allow Fang Ning to waste all the time on entertainment.

Now that Fang Ning realized there was a problem with his source of entertainment, he needed to find a way to get his body back…

He looked at Sir System through the System View to get an idea on what he was doing.

He was shocked by what he saw.

He was living aimlessly for the past few days and never checked on the outside world, so he had no idea what that idiot was up to.

He saw a green dragon lying in a secluded cave and blowing out constantly…

"What are you doing?" Fang Ning's face was pale as a ghost as he saw Sir System. 'Did he eat something bad using my body?'

Was he poisoned and trying to force himself to vomit it out?

Sir System replied calmly, "I am exercising since I ate a little too much just now."

"Are you trying to bullshit me again? Don't forget that you are an honest system and you cannot lie. I was already suspicious when you were so quick in returning my body to me previously. Tell me the truth right now," Fang Ning interrogated him.

Sir System realized that he can no longer hide the truth and said with an honest tone, "Yellow dog is trying to make some oil lamp. He managed to gather all the materials except ambergris. I was thinking that since I am a dragon myself I should be able to make it instead of trying to find it, but I never manage to vomit anything out." 

Fang Ning was furious, "You brainless one. All you ever did was destroy my body. Don't you know that you should google it before you try anything? Ambergris is a product of whales and has nothing to do with a dragon because it is a fake product. Even if you want real ambergris you would need to be an old dragon to have the chance of making it. You are just a young dragon that hasn't even reached a year old. It would take a miracle for you to make it."

Fang Ning passed an encyclopedia to Sir System as he explained.

"Oh, oh, I finally understand. It takes such a complicated process to make it. That means that this is the most important material in making the oil for the wishing lamp. No wonder the wishing lamp is so powerful. It is all thanks to the magical power and essence of a true dragon inside the ambergris," Sir System said.

Fang Ning took the chance as he continued to lecture Sir System, "Now that you finally have an idea what it is, please stop trying to do anything to get it. I think it will take another ten-twenty years before the green dragon can finally make them. Well maybe if one day another old dragon descended we might be able to get some if we try to befriend it. By the way, I need the body now."

"Oh, alright then," Sis System knew he made a mistake and replied before questioning him, "Why are you asking for the body again?"

Fang Ning answered with a straight face, "It's for something important, of course. Everyone out there is living in fear. They no longer have the heart to carry out their usual life and are now too focused on preparing for the worst. If this goes on we are bound to face some problem in the future.

"Plus, the appearance of the Dragon God was to stabilize the big issue but failed to address the underlying problems which led to the instability of the heart. As a hero of the people, I must bring peace back into everyone's heart…"

Sir System replied with disdain, "You are trying to fool me again. You know this is none of our business. The Truth Department will handle them with the help of both the Special Affairs Department and local governance. I won't waste my time on this."

Fang Ning was discouraged by his reply.

'Ai, even after a year I still haven't improved my tricks…

'Sir System has gotten more intelligent. He can no longer be controlled easily…

'I know this issue is handled by the authorities.

'The problem is that they will only focus their effort in physical relieve and provide the daily necessities for the people.

'They never realized that with entertainment, people can still live their lives happily even if they were starving.

'Must I wait for this issue to resolve itself after everything settle down next year?'

Ren Ruofeng and his group must be thinking the same way and thus their efforts are all used on helping essential industries while forfeiting help towards the entertainment industry.

Of course, some form of entertainment will never disappear. In fact, they would only grow bigger as they were supported financially by governmental organizations…

The problem was Fang Ning had no interest in those form of entertainment…

As he was feeling melancholy, Sir System already flew away from the cave to catch some thieves…

'I really envy these people without any emotions. All he does is eat, cultivate, and serve justice. That was enough for him to enjoy life to the fullest every day.

'I miss the time when I was just seven or eight. All I need for fun was to head towards the river and try to catch some clams and bring them back to my aquarium until they die in the winter. I never got bored…'

Fang Ning decided to be mature and started training every day since he no longer had other ways of enjoying life.

Fang Ning was angry as Sir System was making things hard for him. He promised to train his spirit to a higher level where he could make his own decisions.

Time went by like an arrow. It was the 17th of August once again.

Last year today was the day Sir System bind with Fang Ning as the flame meteor fell from the sky.

Previously he was exceptionally nervous around that time as he was afraid that Sir System would leave.

Today was that day as well.

He was also feeling perturbed tonight.

Fang Ning was not doing his training. He also skipped his usual routine of reading novels and playing video games. All he did was observing the movement of Vigilant A while keeping constant surveillance on the weather outside.

Sir System had no idea what was happening. He was working as usual. The night had no effect on his vision.

Everyone who tried to take advantage on the people during the time of fear was beaten by Sir System before they were left in front of either the door of the Special Affairs Department or inside a police station.

After a long time, he finally realized something was wrong with his host. He asked, "Why are you constantly checking on your body?"

Fang Ning tried to remain calm, "This is a programmer's instinct. I am trying to carry out a routine check up on a system that has been online for a year."

"There's nothing to worry about. I am working at my optimum level, unlike you whose performance fluctuates randomly and have the possibility of suffering a mental breakdown," Sir System replied.

Fang Ning felt relieved as Sir System looked normal.

Sir System suddenly said joyfully, "A strong enemy just appeared. Today is really a good day. This must be the present father Heavenly Axiom prepared for my birthday…"

Fang Ning was speechless. He just remembered that today was the stupid system's first ever birthday.

He felt that he made a mistake. As a host, he failed to think about organizing a birthday party for the System.

Fang Ning also felt that Sir System was just trying to get close with the Heavenly Axiom…

Inside a commoner's apartment somewhere North of the country.

A bare-chested man with tattoos all over his body was holding onto two copper wires with different color codes. Sparks were flying out from his body.

His eyes were cold, and he was talking softly to himself.

"Hmph, one year has gone by. I have finally endured one year after receiving this special ability!"

"In front of me, the Truth Department, Vigilante A, and Pharos of the East are all trash!"

He had no idea that something threatening was approaching him at that moment.

Wang Lei was a gangster that was carrying out petty crimes in the street to survive in the society. He was one of the people that were gifted with special powers during the event last year.

Luckily for him, he learned to stay hidden from all the novels he read during his free time. He understood that before his power matured he should not try to show off his power.

Thus, he started training in secret. For him, his training regime revolved around absorbing electricity to improve his own special power.

His cover was never blown as he was extra careful with his surrounding and always remained a low profile.

There were many other people that also obtained special abilities after the meteor shower that happened last year.

Not everyone was stupid. Most of the extraordinaires would choose to remain hidden from the public, except for those that were overconfident in their abilities or those that accidentally showed their power during their training.

The Special Affairs Department carried out a few rounds of mass capturing, but they still missed quite a number of such people. Plus, it was easier for them to remain hidden in China as it was a highly populated nation. Even commoners were causing a lot of trouble in the society.

The rise of Vigilante A only forced them to hide even further from the society.

Wang Lei was one of the special cases that he encountered.

That was the night he felt that his time had come.

For him to master his special power, he reduced the number of times he went out for the past year. He also stopped doing all the petty crimes he was into previously to remain low profile.

All these while he was either using his life savings to survive or borrowing money from his friends. He was also paying the electricity bill like an honest man even though he was using it for his training.

He felt that today was the day he mastered his special power and had the freedom to use electricity freely.

With a smile, he activated his power and started absorbing electrical power through those copper wires that he was holding onto.

Half of the community lost its power at that instance.

Wang Lei immediately looked at the window.

He learned from the internet that the person would appear right in front of him on the count to ten.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven…"

He started counting down and prepared himself.

He was ready to teach that person a lesson and proved to him that he was only famous because there was no real hero at that moment.

Right at that moment, the man appeared in front of the window and stared at him emotionlessly.

Wang Lei laughed before pointing his palms and released electricity towards the man.

A loud explosion sound appeared along with sparks.

At that moment, the community started rustling.

The people in the community had already been alerted from the sudden darkness that happened just now.

Just that everyone was experienced enough to know how to handle these situations. Everyone hid in their houses and remained silent.

However, they realized that they can no longer stay in their respective homes. The vibration was too strong that the building might collapse at any moment…

Everyone started running down the stairs.

Some of them saw that there were sparks flying out from the 14th floor of an apartment in the area.

There was a familiar shadow right there in the dark.

However, it was hard to see in the dark as the power was shut off, and the only thing lighting up the area was the stars in the sky.

"Hahaha, aren't you supposed to be strong, Vigilante A? From those videos online, I still thought that you would be faster than light, yet you are so weak in reality!"

Wang Lei was happy to see that Vigilante A was hit by his attack and was covered with electricity.

He was even more delighted when he heard the screams in the area. He was ready to take those commoners as his slaves in the future.

That Dragon God was just trying to bluff his way out of trouble. The end of the world was bound to arrive soon.

With his strength and the experience from reading uncountable novels, he knew that he would become a power to be reckoned with if he managed to make a name for himself.

During his cultivation, he realized that his power was far beyond his imagination. His attacks were lightspeed and nothing would be fast enough to dodge his attacks.

Even though he never tested the damage dealt by his attacks, he believed that they were strong without any weaknesses. Nature had already demonstrated the power of electricity to the world.

As he finally finished his cultivation, he wanted to face and defeat the strongest person on Earth, and he would then take over as the strongest person alive!

From then on, he would be the dictator of his life, and he would no longer be bound by any rules!

Just after he finished his thoughts, he started rubbing his eyes in confusion.

He realized that his attack failed to inflict any injuries onto his opponent!

"This is impossible!" Wang Lei took two steps back before trying to release another electric attack.

Unfortunately for him, he ran out of chance.

He fainted without realizing that the shadow moved.

He forgot that a true dragon was born with the gift of handling electricity.

He also forgot that even though he was capable of releasing lightspeed attacks, he couldn't escape from being hit by another lightspeed attack.

And thus, he was sentenced into the Draconic Penitentiary and became a hard labor.

His attack was too strong that if it was targeting a commoner or any weaker member of the Truth Department they would face their demise, and that was why he must be locked up in the Draconic Penitentiary.

"60 million experience points. This is such a nice birthday gift," Sir System said in satisfaction before flying off happily.

The city lighted up once again behind him.Ambergris in mandarin can be directly translated to dragon's saliva
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