373 No Fighting Without Cheating

Fang Ning had planned to habitually counsel before a fight.

However, on second thought, he could sense its power limit. It was only a beginner Pond-level.

His body had trained by the System to the summit of Lake-level, and the half-dragon half-man's body was also extremely strong.

Needless to say, there was also a huge amount of vital energy around protecting his body as well as morality to spare.

The little demonstration of his strength earlier sent the two large dolphins flying with just a swipe of his tail, while he did not feel anything at all. This gave him quite a lot of confidence.

Apparently, just by relying on the strength of his body, he was already the overlord that caused those heroes to be at a loss...

That was why when Sir System asked him to return to the System Space, Fang Ning decided to ignore it and face off with it personally.

He said righteously, "How could I trouble you, Sir? You should just have a good rest in the System Space today and watch as I destroy this ungrateful, bloodthirsty evildoer!"

The System questioned, "You laze around every day in the System Space, and I've never seen you hit anyone before. The last time you fought was a year ago with the rookie Long Fan. Your opponent this time is not like the murderous-intent-less Long Fan. Can you do it?"

"A man must never say never!" Fang Ning declared, squared his shoulders, and stepped forward.

Thus, Twelve Arms and the old octopus demon saw this two-clawed white pond loach suddenly emitting dragon aura and lunge angrily.

The old octopus demon was not afraid at all. On the contrary, it saw the fist used for street fighting and started laughing.

"Haha, you don't have a speck of fighting skill. Looks like you're a dragon that grew up in a greenhouse. I was worried about that hidden card you might have, but it seems like you're serving yourself up to me on a platter. It's a shame that there's no soy sauce in the sea…"

The octopus demon mocked while pulling out two stout arms, planning to entangle the white pond loach in front of it.

"Hmph, you think I want to play close combat with you? Watch my Rain of Ice!"

Fang Ning braked immediately, paused, and spewed at the octopus demon...

Bouts of icy cold intent instantly spit from the white pond loach's mouth, and the several feet around him was completely frozen!

Twelve Arms shivered from the cold and hurriedly escaped. It hid between several rocks on the seabed and secretly peeked out.

It was never a brave octopus. Especially after the Heavenly Book started protecting it, it had developed a severe dependency on it on a battlefield.

Now that the Heavenly Book was not around, it felt incredibly insecure.

Although it knew that Octopus Granny was an ungrateful evil demon, it still did not dare come forward to help.

It was much stronger than it, and had a larger body as well.

Twelve Arms could only pray that this young dragon could unleash its dragon force and suppress the old octopus. Otherwise, the two of them would become someone's snack.

It was really honest. Actually, the best thing to do now would be to turn around and run while the two fought, but it felt bad about making such a move and abandoning its partner, so it could only hide instead...

Giant Octopuses like these actually had a very long lifespan. The ones who did not live for young were not scary at all.

However, it was kind enough to feed it before, which allowed it to survive until the period when its vitality increased and it succeeded in transforming. That was the scary part.

At the very least, it was clear that just the two dolphin brothers and it would not be able to stand up to this ungrateful old octopus.

At this point, the old octopus demon was caught off guard in the face of the cold ice.

It had to use several arms to stir the sea so hard they created strong currents that pushed the ice away and prevented itself from getting frostbite.

From this point of view, these monsters had not only started to develop advanced magic, but they also had innate fighting skills.

This was like a musket going against a modern rifle. Although they both used chemical energy, the utilization efficiency was far from perfect.

Seeing this, Fang Ning felt a deep relief in his heart. He said triumphantly, "You're just a fool that looks at the sky while sitting in a well. I'll make you into takoyaki today! You'll be a rare and sumptuous meal for Daqing… plus I won't have to spend a single cent."

Twelve Arms trembled in the crevices of the rocks. Apparently, the duel between these two was about eating...

The Giant Octopus demon had rich fighting experience. After observing for a while, it understood the advantages and disadvantages both sides had.

Later, it gathered its strength and spewed out a large amount of ink towards Fang Ning, dying the surroundings in darkness.

In the darkness, the white pond loach's glowing head immediately became a beacon, while it successfully managed to hide itself.

The white pond loach was bewildered by the blackness and searched around. It swept his bright head around the seabed like a searchlight, but was unable to find the octopus.

When the old octopus demon saw that its plan worked, it immediately held its breath and focused. With the help of the ink, it stealthily went around behind the white pond loach, ready to launch a secret attack.

The two eyes on its round head were devoid of emotion. They were completely different from Twelve Arm's; they were the eyes of a predator.

'Heh, so what if you know magic? You don't even know how to break such a simple assault technic. What a joke!'

After eating this dragon, it would have the chance to become a dragon in the future, and then it would become the king of the sea.

While it thought gleefully, it slowly raised four of its most powerful arms, aiming at the neck of the white pond loach...

However, it did not know what kind of terror it was provoking...

[The System is evaluating…]

[The System is evaluating...]

[The System decided to kill the aberrant bloodthirsty octopus demon…]

Before Fang Ning could react, his entire body was taken over by Sir System...

He wanted to weep but shed no tears, and complained in the System Space, "You're doing this again."

"If I don't, you'll die. That thing wants to take you by surprise."

"I thought as much. It's all the fault of that System Map of yours. In the past, although it was dark, at least we could see red dots. This time, we can't even see the red dots." Fang Ning argued.

"You won't fight if you don't cheat, right?" The System mercilessly blocked Fang Ning.

Fang Ning was speechless, and hid in the corner of the System Cyber Cafe to draw circles on the ground.

While the two conversed, the deep voice of a dragon sounded.

Indeed, the System had a multithreading function. Although it looked like it was speaking to Fang Ning normally, it was always combat ready. No one could sneak up on it.

At this time, the Giant Octopus demon lurking behind the white pond loach was ready to move its four arms...

Then, the head of an Azure Dragon almost a hundred feet longer than it suddenly appeared before its eyes.

The arms that it held out were all more than ten meters long, but in front of the thousand meters Azure Dragon, they looked like mere toothpicks.

In the biological world, body shape often meant crushing.

The octopus demon gaped and turned to flee...

However, the number of people who could escape from the System was, ay, not a lot at all.

Twelve Arms immediately rejoiced. A good octopus really would get its rewards. This Giant Octopus demon was ungrateful and bullied the weak. It got what it deserved. It picked on a small dragon and got punished by a big dragon...

The next instant, the insufferably arrogant octopus demon that wanted to eat them had completely disappeared.

Needless to say, it should have been swallowed into the stomach of this very familiar Great Azure Dragon.

'You said you wanted to eat him first, so you can't complain if you're weaker and end up getting eaten instead…'

Those who killed innocents would be killed. There was no reason for them to live.

It very quickly crawled out between the rocks, because it knew that this Great Azure Dragon that haunted the sky frequently would never harm someone innocent. This was something it learned from the humans' television, internet, and newspapers.

It was an octopus that was willing to actively learn from the dominant culture. This seemed to be the common way how almost all small and weak populations developed. They learned, imitated, improved, innovated, and surpassed...

It quickly climbed towards the Great Azure Dragon and thanked sincerely, "Lord Dragon King, thank you for saving my life."

"Mm, there's no need for thanks. Take it as a reward for leading the way. Now that it's alright now, you can leave." The Great Azure Dragon said.

"Oh, that octopus demon was killed by you. It hadn't said the way to that place yet." Twelve Arms kindly reminded.

"Hehe, it's already saying. Don't worry about this. Be a good octopus and don't bully the weak. Listen to the Heavenly Book and don't act by yourself." the Great Azure Dragon lectured.

"Yes, yes, Twelve Arms will remember all that." Twelve Arms nodded its head repeatedly.

Even if it was not told to do so, it already followed the Heavenly Book's instructions.

Furthermore, now it had the Dragon King Lord's valuable advice.

As for why it was calling it the 'Dragon King', that was naturally a title it learned while learning from human culture. It was not something that it coined itself.

Twelve Arms turned to look at the deep cave and firmly remembered this doomed place.

Then, it swam towards the surface. It wanted to tell its companions that it had met the Azure Dragon at the bottom of the sea...
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