374 I Shall Fight in My Own Battlefield

Fang Ning watched the whole fight from within the System Space; the jarring differences between them was like comparing a video game legend to a rookie.

He felt battered emotionally and decided to stop watching. He proceeded to turn on his computer so he could take his mind off things by reading web novels…

Unfortunately, he realized he had no Internet access… He could only read those older novels that he downloaded previously.

However, Sir System was not letting him off the hook easily. He immediately started bashing him, "Look at what you did. I already said to let me handle the fights and yet you're still so stubborn but now you should finally have a clear idea on the differences between us.

"I can't believe you fainted immediately when the turned dark. Didn't you realize that even a Pond-level powerhouse might have broken through our defense? Where did you misplace that brain of yours that's good with games?

"Just give up and let me deal with our battles. You are ineffective, weak, indecisive, and lacking killer instinct… You have nothing but negative traits. You should just focus on mastering your Demon Singing Buddha Mantra so that you'll be a good cheerleader that buffs only me while debuffing our enemies."

Fang Ning ignored him and continued to read his novel.

In his imaginary world, he was a cold-blooded main character who paid no heed to complicated battle environments or sudden change of plans. He could easily destroy his enemies so long as he was raging.

Unsurprisingly, many people including Gu Buwei still enjoyed reading novels despite the fact that there were many spiritually-controlled video games that could fulfill any person's hopes of being in the battlefield.

As a seasoned reader, he could easily distinguish what he was currently reading.

He could tell if those novels had a bad ending or were unfinished just by looking at their titles…

Sadly, among those novels that he had downloaded, only a few were still being updated continuously, and even less were genres that he preferred.

He guessed that the writers were most likely putting their effort into preparing for their imminent doom instead of writing.

After all, who would have the energy to write their novels during such an unstable time?

The novel collection that he was currently reading was produced during the olden times. As he continued to read it, the content slowly shifted from nice to brutal…

'Wait a minute, I remember a certain writer that could write thousands of words a day and up to millions a month. I also placed him in my wanted list only because his novel scared the crap out of me. Recently, the hype surrounding him has died down and I wonder where is he now?

'Since his novel is something that fits my preference and also frequently updates, I think I should try and fix its content by implementing a little restriction.'

At this, Fang Ning's eyes glimmered and he started to think of ways to locate that writer.

However, he needed the help of Sir System once again for this task, which made him realize that he can no longer live independently away from the System.

Fang Ning puffed his chest up to say, "Alright, I know where my capabilities lie so I'll leave those fights to you. However, you need to help me find a person."

"Who? I can do that as long as I've seen that person before," Sir System sounded excited, but it replied with a straight face.

Sir System thought to itself, 'I cannot force my control over Rich-man Host right now. He still holds the precious gamebook that has all the experience points.

'Stupid book. It only listens to the Host's order and completely ignores mine, and it doesn't let me touch those experience points either.

'Fortunately, this useless Host will use all the experience points to increase my level without hesitation at crucial moments.

'But, I'm too strong right now as I've yet to face those "crucial moments" in a long time. Now, I have to face that dangerous Zhi Nan while being conned by this Rich-man Host…

'This is his last straw in trying to control me. Why must the hosts always bully their systems…'

Fang Ning had no idea what Sir System was thinking. He said, "Do you remember the writer that you saved before? You saved him with your ambergris when he was split into two parts by that huge spider…"

"I do remember. He is now residing somewhere inside the Truth Department's base camp. Don't you remember putting him on the wanted list so that you could catch him just because his novel was too scary for you? I was too lazy to remind you about him after since you kept dragging things out, and I've never looked at him like he's a criminal either," Sir System replied at once.

"Uh," Fang Ning was immediately rendered speechless.

Yes, he was a very emotional guy, but when he was hit by procrastination, those emotions no longer mattered. Things that were important previously would disappear as time went by.

The matter with Shao Han was one of the examples.

Fang Ning tried to divert the topic by saying "Oh, so he is back inside once again. I knew from the beginning that the Truth Department would never give up on their research since his novel was filled with the power of fear. How unlucky of him."

"Don't you know we can get him out with a single phone call to Ren Ruofeng? All we need to do is ask…" replied Sir System.

Fang Ning shook his head as he said, "You just demonstrated your stupidity once again outside of brawls. This isn't as simple as you think. The fact that Ren Ruofeng kept this a secret despite already locating him is an obvious sign that they have something greater planned in their minds. Forget it, I know what is important and we shouldn't trouble them just for a novel."

"I see. You are right, Mr. Rich Boss. They also gifted us those materials for our wishing lamp. Plus, he's just a small time writer and not someone important to us," agreed Sir System.

Fang Ning was surprised by its reply. He had no idea that the System was starting to understand how human nature worked…

After a moment, he was suddenly filled with an unexplainable sense of fear. He was afraid that the System might realize his incapability in the end and thus might lock him away in the System Space for the rest of his life…

He was not worried that Sir System might end his life, however, as the System was chivalrous to the core. It would never kill its host like how the novels always depicted.

'It's time for me to work hard instead of slacking, but what should I work hard on?'

Thoughts flew around Fang Ning's head before he remembered something.

He reminded the System, "That old octopus that you just captured into the Draconic Penitentiary should have already finished its interrogation. Why aren't you on the way to the location to gather some Heavenly Merit Points?"

"Did you think I needed your reminder? I've already reached the spot while I was talking to you. Why don't you see what's outside?" huffed the System in reply.

"I've always admired your ability to multitask," said Fang Ning in jealousy instead of suspicion.

If he could multitask, the first thing he would do would be surfing the web while cultivating… By then, he would be the weirdest cultivator in the world.

He looked out from the System Space only to see that the outside world was currently pitch black and without even a sliver of light.

However, light started shining from the head of the Azure Dragon the following moment, brightening the surrounding area. The level of brightness was at least a thousand times stronger than that of the loach's head from before.

It was obvious now that a bald dragon would always be better and have more potential than a bald loach.

"Hehe, I now believe that you weren't trying to trick me just now," said Fang Ning as he looked at the green dragon's head; which was shining like an 8000-Watt light bulb. He immediately thought of the bald loach head from when he had turned into a loach before.

Previously, he thought that the System was trying to fool him, but he has realized now that that was not the case.

"I would never purposely trick you. Rather, I'm just doing what is logical. However, it seems like you've also forgotten that this body belongs to you as well…" replied Sir System proudly.

"Uh…" Fang Ning was speechless for a moment before he replied, "You really are trying to fool me."

Fang Ning no longer paid attention to the stupid System and instead started to observe the surroundings in detail.

Nearby his location was an ocean trench that seemed to go on forever, which would definitely peak anyone's interest. Jagged rocks were scattered about the deserted ocean trench, and some bones could be seen faintly as well.

Fang Ning was confused, 'Who did those bones belong to? Could one of those bones belong to Daqing?'

He then said, "Send some images to Daqing and the group. We need it to tell us if it is familiar with this place…"

After a moment, Fang Ning received a reply. The great green insect was not familiar with their current location at all, and it did not see its own body among the bones either.

"Sir System, could you try to sense if there's an area here where the space is slightly weaker?" ordered Fang Ning.

Sir System replied with no hesitation whatsoever, "Yeah, that trench over there."

"I shall dive into the trench and collect some data. I shall fight to my death in a battlefield that truly belongs to me!" exclaimed Fang Ning heroically.

"This is the first time I've heard someone describe working overtime like that… You really know how to praise yourself, Big Billionaire Host," rebuked Sir System.

"You too," Fang Ning replied.
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