375 Just Take a Breather

The green dragon started swimming towards the ocean trench while carrying a head that shone like an 8000-Watt light bulb.

Those that swam in shallow waters met with fishes and prawns, while those that went deeper would see dragons.

A true dragon appeared deep inside the ocean trench.

Fang Ning sat on the sofa and watched the live feed on the screen.

He felt better relaxing at home. Even though he enjoyed the excitement of staying in the front line, he was drained by all the incidents that had occurred…

After a moment, a few deep water fishes with glowing bodies appeared, oddly shaped with spots all over their body. Some even had a pair of wide eyes. However, not one of them was intimidated by the presence of the green dragon, and continued to swim past him.

Fang Ning was suspicious. Sir System should be even more intimidating when he was in dragon form compared to his usual human one. Even if he was keeping his aura in check, those sea creatures should not have been so carefree.

These fishes had character.

He said to Sir System, "Why don't you try and ask those fishes around? Something feels wrong with how calm they look."

Sir System replied, "You're right, Richman Host. I'm asking them now."

The green dragon started making a knocking noise from his mouth and the voice echoed towards all the fishes.

Fang Ning was speechless, "Is this your way of asking them questions?"

"I only know this common sea language so what else can I do…" Sir System replied.

"Continue feeling good about yourself, but we shall see if they understand what you said or not…"

His argument was refuted even before he finished his sentence.

After a moment, a large fish turned its head around. It had a shiny piece of meat dangling off its head, with fins made of flesh and a mouth full of sharp teeth.

The fish was using that shiny piece of meat on its head to give out signals to the green dragon.

Fang Ning had no idea what was the fish was signaling, but he knew the flashes had a meaning.

It meant that the huge fish somehow understood what the green dragon had said.

Fang Ning quickly went and searched for the fish online and found that the fish was a goosefish, also called an angler fish.

There was also a note on the search result. The scarier and larger anglerfishes were females, while the males only could grow to the size of a finger and needed his partner to survive… The animal representation of a kept man.

"What is it saying?" Fang Ning asked curiously.

"It's asking me if I am an outsider. It also said that previously there were also many visitors but they all died mysteriously. Itself and the other fishes were confused as they felt that everyone was living peacefully without much danger around here," Sir System translated the signals for him.

"I see. No wonder they weren't afraid of us. Looked like there were more intimidating creatures that died in this ocean trench before us. Just like what a wise guy once said. The characters in the novels are so overpowered because only they could live to tell their stories. Those that were useless were dead for a long time," Fang Ning said thoughtfully.

"I don't understand a word you just said. I need to find the great green insect's treasure. I should ask them and see what they know…" Sir System had a different focus.

The great green insect had three different jade bracelets that formed her interspatial equipment. One for food and drink, one for her treasures, and one as backup. It was clear that her cousins were treating her the best they could.

Sir System had memorized earlier the characteristics for each of the bracelets and asked the angler fish.

"Dear big and bright insect, are you asking about this gold bracelet, this silver bracelet, or this bronze bracelet…"

The anglerfish replied with signals while spitting out three different bracelets.

Sir System translated for Fang Ning in excitement.

"Richman Host, our karma has finally returned after all the good things I have done. Look at how I saved so much effort just by meeting one fish in the deep sea…"

Fang Ning replied, "Yes, Sir. You gathered enough good karma for this. However, I'm actually more impressed with your translation skills. You sound so familiar with the fishes here that I'm thinking you might be playing tricks on me…"

Sir System was offended and said, "That was really what the fish said. I didn't change a single word."

Sir System once again started talking with the fish and the other party replied with light signals.

By then, the live feed had started to include subtitles on it…

The System said, "I want all three of them."

The anglerfish replied, "Incorrect. You can only have one."

The System said, "Where did you learn that from? I want all of them."

The anglerfish replied, "No, no, you can only take one away. The River God from the Upper Realm told me that."

The System said, "A River God from the Upper Realm? Where is he?"

The anglerfish pointed towards the deepest part of the trench with its angler and replied, "Inside this trench…"

The System asked, "Why didn't he swim upward?"

The anglerfish answered, "He was already stuck deep below when he first entered. Fortunately, he still managed to survive even after years of being kept there. He was the one that told me to speak like this. He also said that this was the only way for him to slowly recover his strength."

The System asked, "What benefit did he promise to give you?"

The anglerfish replied, "He promised to give me some of his power. Look, I even managed to learn to speak human language…"

Fang Ning remained calm as he heard it.

There was no reason the River God couldn't utilize such a way to gather power, since Sir System was also gathering experience points by catching small-time criminals?

That was his way of recruiting more worshippers…

Sir System said helplessly, "What should we do now? We can't take it by force since it was the one who found them. Without it, we might never know where those bracelets went. But we need them, and we need to make it give them to us willingly."

Fang Ning thought about it and replied, "This should be easy. Let the great green insect do the talking since she is the true owner and it's only right to return those lost items to the owner. Of course, we should give it some kind of reward since it found it and kept it in perfect shape for us."

Sir System said in agreement, "That is for sure."

As they finished their conversation, the green dragon blew a large bubble to the size of a simple bedroom.

The anglerfish was shocked and swam curiously around the bubble like it wanted to have a look inside it.

"Don't enter. It has no water and only air. You will face a horrible death if you do."

"I don't understand what you say, but I know there is no reason for you to lie to me. Why did you make this bubble?"

"I want to bring the owner of the three bracelets here."

A golden door opened inside the bubble.

The anglerfish was even more excited. It kept giving light signals to ask how he did that.

What came later was even more shocking.

A black dog walked out from the door, and on top of it lied a big green insect.

The great green insect was delighted when she saw the three jade bracelet in front of the angler fish. However, as she was going to fly towards the bracelet she retreated back and hid among the fur of the black dog.

Seemed like Daqing was afraid of the ocean.

'Such an unfortunate kid,' Fang Ning thought to himself, 'the others should understand the consequences of descending.'

The anglerfish started signaling once again.

Sir System translated its words to the great green insect.

"Dear little insect, did you drop this gold bracelet, this silver one, or this bronze one…"

"All three of them are mine," the great green insect identified her treasure almost immediately.

"Oh, I think you are telling the truth. I shall seek guidance from the River God on what to do next…" the anglerfish finished its signals and swallowed the three jade bracelets before swimming towards the deepest part of the ocean trench.

The green dragon followed the fish while dragging along the room-sized bubble. It was a peculiar scene.

The anglerfish swam at a constant speed, and after half an hour, the green dragon reached the floor of the ocean trench behind the fish.

The area was lit thanks to the bright green dragon head.

A man in an old-fashioned robe was lying on the ground, like he was doing push-ups. He looked embarrassed.

He was surrounded by layers of air, trying to push against the pressure from the ocean water.

"You're finally back, Da Kang. Looks like you brought along a rather strong person with you," the man spoke without raising his head.

The anglerfish started speaking human language, "Yes, River God. They say that these three bracelets that I found belong to them. I tested them using the method you taught me and seems like they are telling the truth. Should I return these to them?"

"Caw, caw…" Three crows flew above Fang Ning. That angler fish actually knew how to speak human language…

'Then what was the point of it communicating with us using that signal?'

"I think it's playing us for fools." Sir System answered immediately as he sensed the confusion inside Fang Ning.

"Absolutely right," Fang Ning agreed. The octopuses were so full of themselves just because they could speak human language…

The great green insect suddenly yelled in shock, "Hey, aren't you the River God of the Sky River in the Upper Realm? Why did you descend…"

"Haha, the Sky River is drying up from the dispersion of vitality. Will I still remain a God if I don't descend? I think not. However, as the daughter of the Celestial clan, why did you become like this? Your father must be absolutely devastated if he could see you now…" the man continued to talk without lifting his head, but he somehow managed to sense the great green insect's condition.

Fang Ning finally understood that he was having a difficult time lifting his head up.

For its inhabitants, the deep sea was nothing scary. However, the water pressure itself was a huge problem for any outsider.

Their body structure was not designed to withstand the high pressure, unlike the local inhabitants.

That River God was strong enough to build a protective barrier over himself using his leftover power.

The air pressure inside the barrier was normal, but it was surrounded by thousands of cubic meters of water crushing its weight onto it.

He had no way of moving his body with the barrier barely covering his body. It would take a lot of energy to move even the slightest bit, considering the strong water pressure.

At that moment, the great green insect slapped the black dog's head and said in excitement, "Haha, he has no need to worry about me. I now have good food to eat, can sleep well at night, have a nice voice, as well as a private ride for myself. I am living a better life than I previously was."

"Hehe, that is right. However, I have a request right now. Please grant me this request as a payment for the favor I gave you when I helped your family to cross the Sky River," the River God said.

"Go ahead. I will agree to anything so long as the fat fish returns those jade bracelets to me,"

"That is for certain," the River God said, "Please let me take a breather inside your bubble…"
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