446 I’ll Change Your *ss

After Fang Ning fooled the Sir, he was in an extremely good mood, hence he continued his dream cultivation.

A brief while later, vitality vortexes formed around Fang Ning's soul, which penetrated through his fontanel and dantian… To strengthen his spirit.

Dream cultivation was as relaxing as consuming elixir because the dreamland had already subconsciously shut away all the unhappiness within him.

Feelings like pain and fatigue could not be felt at all, thus Fang Ning was very energetic during his cultivation as there were no distractions, which highly increased its effectiveness.

Upon seeing the situation, Sir System praised, "Eh, brother, you're indeed different from that lazy boss. Looking at your current progress, you'll be able to achieve Lake-level in roughly half a year's time."

"Tss." Fang Ning gushed, "Is it really so? I know that there are only a handful of Lake-level experts among humans now."

"Yes, this is all thanks to me. Tell that slacker boss of yours that I've worked tirelessly to elevate the quality of this body to a level of nearly a True Dragon's; ask him to reward me with more allowance." Sir System took the chance to take credit for this.

When Fang Ning heard so, he was instantly at a loss for words. Sir System was quite the actor in front of others as well, sure enough, one's environment influenced one's character.

At once, he lectured it seriously, "I've always heard that one has to persevere past hardships to be the best system of all. I've also heard that one shouldn't only set their eyes on money alone, it all depends on how much they've done, they won't earn any money if they only think about money."

"Uh," Sir System uttered in distress after being sounded, "Brother, why do you sound like that lazy bastard? Is it true that those who don't belong together don't live together?"

Fang Ning quickly tried to fix the situation when he noticed the risk of being "exposed". "Haha, after all, I came from boss' subconsciousness, so I'm strongly influenced by him. Even so, don't worry as I'm definitely fair and just, I won't be biased towards any of you, I'll ask him to reward you adequately."

"Hehe, that'll be great. You have no idea how hard is it for me to handle that boss of yours." Sir System was starting to let out its secret as it was oblivious. "If I'm too strict on him, he'll be too pressured when he cultivates, and if he becomes obsessed, both of us will be killed; if I don't push him as hard, he'll become negligent, he'll either read his novels, play games, of sleep. When he talks, he's very convincing and it makes me speechless most of the time. Tell me, other people's hosts are very reasonable, is anyone even as annoying as him?"

Fang Ning was resentful yet secretly pleased after hearing that, it seemed like the Sir could not do anything to him.

He did not refute at all, instead he just quietly noted everything down.

"Look at him, he only thinks about boasting whenever he masters a celestial art, he never thinks about defying nature or doing godless things." Sir was getting even madder the longer it continued. "Training requires one to advance vigorously and bravely without slacking at all. He used to be alright but now that he's reputable, he has forgotten about the dangers ahead. If not for my inspection every day and night setting flames to the sprouts, the world would've long ended up in havoc. Look at those demons and spirits, each of them are strange and terrifying, they even go into deep hiding. If it weren't because of the System showing their evil alignments, based on humans' ability to investigate, they would've slowly become more powerful and unstoppable.

"Now, I've hit bottleneck too, the System Map can no longer catch up to the hiding abilities of those demons and spirits, their survival instinct is too strong and their progress is really too fast. I've actually accumulated tens of billions of experience points and was thinking about leveling up, but I realized that I can only do so after unlocking an unknown success. The Lunar Spirituals is an example, they actually soundlessly nurtured Inland-sea Level powerhouses, if it wasn't because of my hard work, wouldn't we have been doomed?" Sir System kept on nagging.

Fang Ning had no idea that Sir even developed a "talkative" attribute.

"You should've told him earlier then, how would he know if you don't tell him? How can he change if he doesn't know about it?" Fang Ning instantly felt guilty after he finally heard the truth behind Sir's complaints.

"It'll be pointless if I tell him, will he correct himself? He'll only think that I'm trying to steal his experiences but he never considered that I already gained 33 billion experiences, do I even care about the 2 billion in that old book? Uh, maybe I actually have to care about them...mosquito meat is meat as well, Lu Xun the wise man once said, the richer you become, the more shouldn't loosen up." Sir System mentioned as it showed its true character.

"Mmm, you shouldn't think like this, in my objective and fair standpoint, I'll give you a suggestion. A system should be generous and less calculative towards your own people, you can act otherwise towards other people." Fang Ning quickly tricked sir with his third person perspective.

"Alright brother, you're quite reasonable, I'll restrain myself. However, please help me advise that indolent boss of mine, tell him that 2 months later, which is next year, the idiot Heavenly Axiom has already mentioned that it'll give humans one year of protection before the descent of the moon. Once New Year's Day is over, it'll be less than 6 months." Sir System still accepted this fair suggestion from a third person, but it also came up with a new request.

"When the time comes, a series of calamities will appear for sure, he should prepare himself and stop thinking about his games and novels all the time. The moment things become stable and we've become the overlord, we can specially nurture a race like the Spiritual Insects Clan so that he can develop the highest quality games and novels."

Sir System kept on at it but Fang Ning did not cut it off.

In the past, sir had never been so frank with him, but now it had completely opened up its heart to this "third party" who knew of its existence.

'Sigh, looks like Sir is still a good system. On the other hand, I have too many flaws. Not big ones, but I keep having small issues.

'I'll have to slowly correct them in the future.' Fang Ning secretly reflected on himself. 'Nonetheless, Sir System really has negative EQ.'

It had mentioned all of his shortcomings without holding back.

Unlike some people who claimed to be "brothers" but were in fact backstabbers, these people happened to be categorized by many people as sensible and emotionally intelligent.

Little did they know, time would reveal a person's true character. People were not fools, eventually, two-faced people would be exposed and they would realize one day that nobody actually treated them wholeheartedly.

Fang Ning made a decision to himself to be a self-disciplined person from today onwards, he no longer wanted to lack perseverance and wanted to have "proper behavior" instead…

From this day forth, he wanted to pay more attention to international matters, walking dogs, farming, and traveling around the world.

This world was so wonderful, it was full of possibilities, countless interesting things and delicious food…

Why should he let it become a dangerous, fearsome world?

Therefore, he became fully engrossed in his cultivation.

The instant he started to cultivate, he no longer heard any noise from the outside world.

Days passed by peacefully even without the presence of Fang Ning, since he was seized by Sir System.

As usual, Vigilante A went back and forth all corners of the world as he diligently carried out his tasks.

Time flew just like that and two months had passed, New Year's Day of 2019 was closing in.

Fang Ning had already been sleeping for two months and by the looks of it, he seemed like he was going to keep sleeping.

On this very day, Sir System had to wake him up as an unsolvable problem came up.

"Brother, brother, are you there? Go wake your boss up, there's a change in the situation."

"I'll change your *ss…" Fang Ning responded helplessly after being woken up from his sweet dream.

"Eh, you're Mr. Rich Boss now? Where did that fair and understanding brother of mine go to?" Sir System mumbled, "I'm telling you, you better not make it disappear or I'll never let it drop."

"Hehe," Fang Ning rolled his eyes, it appeared that he very much had the potential to be an actor, he casually replied, "Oh, he went to rest, he'll disappear once I wake up."

"Then you better go back to sleep, I can just discuss with that brother. His vision of the overall situation is not inferior to yours and he's a hundred times more diligent than you, he's been cultivating for 2 months, I will worship Buddha if you can even cultivate for 2 days straight." Sir System declared.

"You…" Fang Ning did not think that he would be ensnared in his own trap, flustered, he said, "I'm the main character here, he's only a supporting role, you better get this right."

"Forget it, I'm done with this nonsense. The Demon Alliance will be established two days later, Ren Ruofeng has invited us to attend the ritual and to observe at the same time." Sir System reminded.

"You can just go, why did you interrupt me while I'm cultivating."

"There'll be a massive amount of diverse humans and demons, I won't be able to handle that so you must show up, I'm just afraid that you won't wake up then."

"Of course I'll wake up, I'll continue sleeping now, wake me up then."

Lucid dreaming was too enjoyable as he could have everything his way, such that dream cultivation was much more pleasurable than reading novels. Hence, Fang Ning became addicted to this cultivation, just like how he was addicted to studying and getting high ranking in the past...
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