44 Can No Hero Resist The Temptation of Beauty?

The Truth Department was indeed cocky, but they weren't cocky idiots. They understood what it meant for a person to be able to summon the Celestial Dragon Form at the early stages of the recovery of vitality.

Even though Mo Xing's information dictated that the instruction was to 'Absorb Vigilante A into the operations of the Truth Department as soon as possible', the people from the Truth Department only arrived two weeks later. When Mo Xing was processing the three representatives of the Truth Department and verifying their identity, his eyes stared unmovingly at the three while he cursed vehemently in his heart. Those old b*stards really have no sense of shame; where did their pride and arrogance go?

The three representatives were all women, and each of them were drop dead gorgeous. They're triplets, going with the name of Bai Ruoshuang, Bai Ruobing, and Bai Ruoyu. All of them had delicate features, and their age was redacted from their information. The one who wore relatively scandalously was Bai Ruoyu. She looked the youngest amongst her sisters, and she looked just like a teenage girl of 18 or 19 years old, her style provocative and alluring. Winter was just right around the corner, for God's sake, why was she donned in an extremely skimpy and sexy outfit?

Both of her sisters were styled into perfection as well, and they were as alluring as humanly possible.

At this point, even a blind man would see through the Truth Department's intention here. Even Mo Xing could not be completely calm when he gave these women a glance; he started to worry that his perfect plan might not be as perfect now.

He knew Vigilante A was also admired by two beautiful ladies in Qi City, namely the beautiful owner of Fang's shop, and the rising star of Qi Family, Qi Yan. Apparently, Qi Yan was currently learning the art of healing of the late Qi Yanshen, the famous Miracle Doctor. Vigilante A never did act outside of the norm when he was around them, nor did he display any sort of infatuation towards the feminine beauties.

However, these three were a different story altogether. Mo Xing had heard vague rumors that they were from the well-known Bai Family. The Bai Family was one of the richest clans in the country, and they seemed to also be a famous cultivation family. A beauty was an attraction in itself, but when it was coupled with a rich and strong family background, they were almost impossible to resist, and don't forget, they're triplets!

The Bai Family had considerable influence within the Truth Department itself, as quite a significant amount of their apprentices would join the department. They really did not hold back on their investments there.

So… Now they were looking to give out three of them in one go?

Mo Xing exchanged small talk with them after he managed to suppress the rush of envy within him. They were very direct in their instruction to request for his immediate assistance in locating Vigilante A, and had explicitly told him that there was no need for him to interfere with anything else. It was obvious that they had no interests in networking with him. 

Mo Xing cursed them in his mind, but he knew that in order to climb up the hierarchy, he could not risk angering an influence as significant as the Bai Family. He turned to contact Vigilante A, which was much more convenient than before as they had managed to obtain the hero's online contact. Besides, Mo Xing felt like he could guess what the hero was up to.

"Did you see that man's staring eyes? He nearly burned his eyes through your younger sister here." Bai Ruoyu covered her mouth as she chuckled in distaste.

Bai Ruobing's disdain was even more pronounced as she scoffed, "These human men are all shameless beings controlled by their genitals. They would willingly kneel if any woman of acceptable standard raised her finger at them. They're worse than dogs, really."

Bai Ruoshuang was the elder sister from the three, and she was also filled with arrogance. "Vigilante A probably would be much less than what he was rumored to be. The most he could be was to act all high and mighty like those men who pretend. It would not take us too much to let him lose his act. Our mission this time is quite an easy one."

Bai Ruoyu continued, "However, it's worth noting that he is still a special one. After all, he did manage to summon the Celestial Dragon Form despite the fact we're still at the early stages of vitality recovery. He probably won't be as easy to break as the other Morality Cores we had, and this time we might need to use some of our powers to show him the Dance of the Seraph. Once he is seduced, we can break his Morality Chassis."

Her sisters exchanged a look and said, "That's simple. You shall take this opportunity to show him the Dance, as your experience is considerably less than us. This is a man that can summon the Celestial Dragon, he must be able to help you advance your Dance of the Seraph…"




Mo Xing would never try to sabotage public procedures. He did the exact opposite of sabotage, actually, as his progress was incredibly swift and accurate.

At 2.15 pm, thanks to the assistance of the relevant parties and Mo Xing's guidance, the three Bai sisters successfully found Vigilante A by a random road leading out of the city.

The hero was walking slowly down the path, and stopped randomly at a spot near the road. He didn't do much but stomp a deep footprint into the hard ground. Behind him, a large group of people followed. Some of them were security, and some were workers. All of them were in proper protective outfits and carried working equipment. On top of that, the security had their shield and taser with them, but it seemed that it would not be much use either.

The security forces were placing warning signs around the area. Meanwhile, some of the workers drove excavators and were busy digging the ground that the hero had marked with a footprint. Typically, they would find tunnels just a few meters below the ground.

In those tunnels, rats as big as house cats would lie within. These rats were the rumored underground monsters that broke the underground telecommunication cables, which was why they had gained an immense amount of hatred from Fang Ning himself. Then, some of the workers will go down and carry the rats out of the tunnel with gloved hands before moving them one by one into the nearby truck. There were even those who stood at the side, counting aloud for each catch they got. Finally, some workers would control some machines to fill the exposed tunnels with cement, and fill up the dug ground once again.

For a moment, the Bai sisters' eyes were filled with cold anger, but it disappeared just as quickly as it happened.

Bai Ruoyu feigned her innocence. "What is Qi City doing?"

Mo Xing smiled, "Our underground telecommunications cables have been suffering from constant damage recently, and we, the Special Affairs Department, have done a clear investigation on the issue. We found out that it was caused by these mutated rats that benefited from the vitality, and we've already announced the rewards for anyone that can capture and kill these rats. We have also requested for Vigilante A's assistance, and we will collect all of the uncovered bodies of the rates."

"Call him over, then." Bai Ruoyu looked disgusted by the bloodied scene. Somehow, her words were fused with an unspoken yet complicated emotion. 

"Hero, hero," shouted Mo Xing as he ran towards Vigilante A.

Vigilante A did not halt his steps. He continued to walk and use his Mana to kill the rats hidden underground. As he spread the fatal tremor down the soil, he asked offhandedly, "What business do you have here?"

Mo Xing's lips pulled into a smile. "Representatives from the China Special Affairs Truth Department are here. Those three women want to invite you to join the Truth Department in an effort to pursue advancement and bring peace and prosperity to the people of China."

Vigilante A rebutted, "Can you not see that I am now already bringing peace and prosperity to the people? If you're free, you should come and clear these creatures of sin. Don't underestimate them due to their present state; if we allow them to grow and thrive, the people of China will soon lose their standing ground."

He continued forwards as he spoke with no intentions of stopping. That is, until a voice was heard by his ear.

"Nonsense! It's almost ridiculous that you would spread false information like this, even despite the fact that your targets are a bunch of rats fated to be failures forever!"

The Bai sisters approached Vigilante A when they realized that the hero had no intentions to turn around and look at them. No matter how beautiful they looked, they need to at least let him see them. When they were close enough, the eldest of the three, Bai Ruoshuang, spoke up to the hero.

Mo Xing's heart leapt with delight. This level of hostility was great for him.

Vigilante A finally halted his steps. He turned to look at the three women, but instead of getting angry, his eyes brightened before he gave all three of them a once over.

Mo Xing started to feel a sense of doom. It seemed like no hero can pass the barrier of beauty. Does it mean that all of his plans would go to waste now?

The Bai sisters were filled with distaste, but they pretended to be abashed as they displayed their feminine beauty to Vigilante A.

"Am I wrong, hero? With your might and power, why should you be stuck with these tiny rats? You're just dirtying your hands! There's no need for a person of your status to deal with this by yourself, right?" Bai Ruoshuang said as she approached the hero. She gently nudged him with her shoulder.

Vigilante A looked like he was very much enjoying this. Lips stretched to a vague smile, he agreed, "Haha, that's right. There's no need to deal with these little things now."

Bai Ruoyu gave her second sister, Bai Ruobing, a look. 'See, he's just another guy.'

Bai Ruobing replied with another look, 'It's just like how we expected.'

Soon, Mo Xing found himself left behind as he stared at Vigilante A, who was leading the three beauties away from the site. The security team and workers quickly stopped their work once Vigilante A departed, and someone sighed.

"We were working fine just a minute ago, then the hero got himself seduced away by three gorgeous women. I was thinking of earning the big bucks today, but it seems that I'll need to wait for tomorrow."

"Haha, do you think he'll come back tomorrow? I guess it'll be at least a week before we can live an easy life like this again. Let's pack all our tasers and steel spears and prepare to do the work ourselves now." Someone else laughed, the underlying jealousy evident in his chuckle.

Mo Xing just sighed, sensing the jealousy. He thought to himself, 'None of the ones who managed to get up there would be stupid. They would come up with the ideas just as he could, and since Vigilante A had such a high value, they would be happy to take them into their department. If that fails, to just get him into their clan...
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