485 Knock This Devil Ou

"Wow, that's one black cat!" exclaimed Saki Yamanashi. She could not help it; after all, there was such a glaring contrast between before and after.

At her words, Black Cat Tom sneered inwardly in contempt.

'It's okay if you want to be shocked about it, but why did you have to emphasize on how 'black' I am?

'When I was the black tiger, was I not black enough?

'What an ignorant lady; black is a color that represents health, strength, elegance, and mystery.'

However, Black Cat Tom did not say any of these out loud of course.

It had no choice; the situations were not in its favor, and whether or not its life would be spared depended entirely on the lady, so it could under any circumstances anger her at all.

On the contrary, it smiled charmingly at Saki Yamanashi before it meowed affectionately, which was a trick it learned from the local white cats.

"Huh. This cat isn't so bad. Uncle Black Robe, I think you should catch it for me." The lady had spoken with a glimmer in her gaze, which sized up the elegant black cat.

What worried Tom was that its cute and irresistible smile had seemed to backfire on its plan.

"Relax, it won't be able to run away. It's nothing more than a pond cat, it won't be able to escape my grasp at all." Once his words fell, the robe that Black Robe wore expanded endlessly, stretching like an all-encompassing lid, before it covered Black Cat Tom.

"D*mn, so you think that I, Master Tom, will go down so easily!" Tom the Cat jumped upwards in a bid to escape.

However, it had never expected that the black robe would be so all-encompassing; not only did it cover the surrounding space entirely, it had also put the space on lock-down, which caused Black Cat Tom's Space Diversion to fail…

Black Robe possessed all of Zhi Nan's memories, so he definitely knew about Black Cat Tom's Space Diversion, which meant he would definitely stop it at all costs.

Otherwise, it would not have been so compromising; it was enduring humiliation in order to carry out its mission and stooping low in order to win just so that it did not need to sit around to wait for its end…

Noticing that it could no longer escape, Black Cat Tom instead started acting all tough by taunting, "Hmph, what are you both trying to do? I already have a master! Do you see this golden tiger saddle on me?

"This was handmade by my master! Its golden sheen will blind you!

"Don't come any closer! Once my master is done subduing that devil, you're both dead meat! You better escape now!"

The black cat threatened ferociously despite feeling the exact opposite inside; it hoped that it would be able to scare them off, saving it the effort of personally dealing with the situation.

Saki Yamanashi had no prior experience of being in battles, so she was terrified upon hearing those words. She tugged at Black Robe's sleeve and said, "Uncle Black Robe, I think we should leave. Lord Azure Dragon is powerful and peerless after all, and if Master were here, then we won't need to escape but he's not…"

"Ha!" Black Robe's anger surged within him, but he suppressed it.

He knew his place; despite the fact that this lady was a modern woman who did not care about the difference between masters and their servants and kept calling him "Uncle Black Robe", this did not change the fact that he was a servant, and the lady was a disciple of his Owner, which obviously meant they held very different standings.

After all, his real origin was the era of classical mythology, with the hierarchy between standings was strictly adhered to. The act of a servant disobeying their master was practically blasphemy.

"No, Owner said that this Black Cat betrayed us before by teaching Vigilante A the Void Diversion Technique, which costed him the Infernal Realm! I must destroy this cat on behalf on Owner. Why not you escape first? Go look for that female Bloodstone Devil and lay low for a while, you should know where to go."

As Black Robe spoke, his gaze did not leave Black Cat Tom even once, as if preparing to land a strike upon movement.

Black Cat Tom immediately fumed, "Black Robe, you really are such a busybody. However, I'm kind-hearted so I won't bother you about it, you better leave with that little lady now."

At his words, Saki Yamanashi's expression wavered. However, as if suddenly seeing horrible images in her mind, she immediately stomped her foot.

In an instant, her body started shifting as tendrils of black gas wrapped her up entirely before she started rolling towards the southwestern direction. It was obvious that her cultivation was still not enough for her to use Space Diversion.

After all, she was nothing like Black Robe, which the Devil Lord had conjured.

'Haha, look at that, your little lady has left you behind. Why not follow her?" Black Cat Tom immediately took the chance to shake his morale.

"Heh, enough with that b*llshit. I know just how powerful you are. I've heard before that you're the only evildoer that has managed to escape Vigilante A multiple times, how remarkable! Now, I want to see whether you'll be able to do the same with me!"

As soon as his words fell, Black Robe's body twitched once before tendrils of black gas started emitting from his body. The essence of the gas was so much more better than that Saki Yamanashi had made and it filled up the entire battlefield, turning the place into some sort of devilish domain.

"Haha, Master Tom may not like dirtying its hands, but that doesn't mean it won't!" Noticing the perilous situation, Black Cat Tom knew it could not escape nor hide. It could only retort through gritted teeth.

'D*mn, there's no way I'll do this myself, I have to look for backup!'

Tom's personal iron law was that it would not make a move personally unless absolutely necessary. If it could watch from the sidelines, it would definitely not enter the battle.

Tom frantically scanned its surroundings, but could not locate a soul…

No, it was wrong, there was one other person that would be able to help.

It glanced at the little ant atop its head…

Nurturing an ant for a hundred days for a second's service…

As long as Black Robe is held up for just a second, it would be able to escape.

Black Cat Tom's whiskers then twitched a few times, as if trying to tell the ant something.

Before long, the little grey ant raised its front limbs and started waving frantically at Black Robe atop Black Cat Tom's head, as if saying, "Don't you come any closer or I'll eat you up!"

However, Black Robe did not seem like he had seen the ant's display of force, as he waved his hand to send a column of black gas into Black Cat Tom's direction.

Black Cat Tom could tell in an instant that he was merely testing out the battlefield.

It would seem that despite all his bold words, the man was still cautious, which was to be expected of a devil experienced in battle. It would seem that Black Robe could even compare to Lei Tian as well…

However, Black Cat Tom was born of the Spiritual Cats, so it was nothing if not agile. In a flash, it had easily avoided the attack.

It immediately grabbed the chance to incite the ant, "Brother Ant, look at this dude. He's completely looking down on you. Use your legs to knock this devil out and show him what you've got!"

The little ant's nodded its feelers, as if agreeing to Black Cat Tom's words. It jumped from the cat's had into mid-air, landing on the column of black gas before leaping towards Black Robe.

Finally noticing the ant's existence, Black Robe merely laughed dryly in response before he jeered, "Oh, Tom, you're totally underestimating me here! You actually think this ant is enough to go against me!"

He swung his hand once more, sending another column of black gas towards the ant.

He anticipated that it would be enough to crush the little grey ant into smithereens!

However, he was completely taken aback the next moment!

He watched as the little grey ant dashed right into the column of black gas, before emerging from the other side completely unharmed!

The ant leaped onto Black Robe's leg, where it skillfully entered his expensive slacks. It tugged one of his leg hairs free and bit deep into the skin…

"Haha, even Vigilante A cannot escape from Brother Ant's Grand Leg-Hugging Technique!" Black Cat Tom had long made friends with the ant, so it naturally knew about the ant's stellar victories.

Black Robe wavered at these words. After all, once the ant had landed on its legs, he did fell his tough leg hairs go loose one after another…

'This ant better not be poisonous…'

He immediately rolled up his pants to check for the ant.

At the same time, Black Cat Tom noticed that the black gas surrounding them had dissipated significantly. It leaped through a gap that had formed and disappeared without a trace.

Once the little ant noticed this, it turned around and disappeared as well…

"D*mn, how did they do it?" Black Robe was stunned at the sudden change of events. He could no understand how the situation, which he had complete control of, could tilt completely because of one ant!

He really was knocked out by a single ant!Master here refers to Zhi NanThis Owner here also refers to Zhi NanThe original text for this part is 养蚁百日,用蚁一秒, which is wordplay using 养兵千日,用兵一时, which means armies are nurtured for years so that they can be used in the nick of time.
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