494 The Path Of Ascension

"Elder ancestor, what do you mean? Could it be that you still sympathize humans? They're nothing but a low-ranking clan, they abandon their potentials to develop themselves and they attack clueless beasts with their tools. Now that it's vitality era, they should become our slaves, and as our slaves, isn't it right for us to leave marks on them?" Cang Lang sneered.

Instantly, many demons from the Demon Alliance Conference nodded one after another to agree with him, they then set their eyes on Elder Ancestor Bai.

They seemed to have noticed that this executive member with acute foresight was not sitting straight, he was not on firm ground with the demons.

All of a sudden, many of them wore annoyed expressions on their faces.

Demons were naturally cold-blooded as they were similar to humans in nature. Since Elder Ancestor Bai was not being considerate, they would not remember his kindness from before.

Elder Ancestor Bai put on a cold look then focused with his eyes, causing rays of faint yellow lights to penetrate out of his body, which terrorized the crowd!

'Here it comes.' Bai Shixin who was sitting beside was moved as he thought to himself. This was the elder's true powers, he had gotten a glimpse of God's boundary, and had transformed senses from those from the clan into Divine Power for his own usage!

Right then, those cold looks were taken back by the crowd, each of them became docile as if they had encountered their sworn enemy.

When they forced him to abdicate, they had forgotten that he was the elder, and he did not rely on talks to become the head of his clan!

He had powers of at least Lake-level and of nearly a hundred million greater rat demons!

Besides, he had both individual and group powers, the profoundness of his foundation was unparalleled among demons!

Upon seeing the situation, Cang Lang immediately gave him the cold stare and wondered, 'Old bastard, your strength is indeed more superior than mine. I must get rid of this fellow or if this continues and he succeeds in his divine power, no demon can compare to him, he'll be the only demon god on Earth.'

If that was it, even if Celestial Wolf Clan's leader were to descend to Earth, it might not be able to do anything to him.

The supremacy of home advantage was far beyond what one could imagine, such that most mighty beings had to conform with the operation of Heaven and Earth in order to live a long life.

Similarly, the power of Heaven and Earth here was not to be treated as a trivial matter. On top of that, its potential was so profound that even the upper realm could not compare to it.

The thing was, how could he eliminate him?

Cang Lang locked its eyes on Bai Shixin who was sitting beside him.

He pondered, 'Does this person have ambitions wild enough to supersede him?

'The last time I saw him, he's indeed a fellow with remarkable resources, is it possible for me to rope him in?'

Soon enough, the conference ended but on a bad note. Owing to the fact that Elder Ancestor Bai displayed his overbearing strength, the demons were temporarily forced not to mention holding a Demon Transformation Ceremony for those humans who were seeking shelter.

However, everyone knew very well that Cang Lang would not just leave the matter at that. Based on a wolf's crafty and ruthless character, after being threatened like that, he would certainly plot an act of brutal revenge.

In contrast, once the conference was dismissed, the human resource executive who showed almost no trace of his presence left hastily.

It appeared as if the intense confrontation regarding the Demon Alliance's strategic approach had nothing to do with him at all.

When the significant demon figures noticed this, they shook their heads one after another.

Seemingly, the true owner of the Demon Alliance's future could only be either Elder Ancestor Bai or Leader Cang Lang.

Despite Elder Ancestor Bai being wise, decisive, and having great military forces, his true standpoint had already been exposed. He desired to establish a huge alliance where humans and demons were united, instead of leaning towards benefiting only the demons.

This was something unbearable for the demons, for what reason they had to be on equal foot with humans rather than enslaving them?

If one could be served by others, who would choose to work on their own?

These demon heroes that attended the conference had secretly decided who they were going to support.

It was not the capability of a leader that was the most essential, but his standpoint and attitude!

The Greater Rat Kingdom, Bai Shixin's house.

Cang Lang came without notice but it did not surprise him.

"I've always heard this saying, a fine fowl perches only on a fine tree, I've also heard that a wise man submits to circumstances. Though the elder ancestor is perceptive, he only thinks about merging with the humans, this will cut off the legacy of demon clan. In the future when our demon ancestor descends, he'll be the first to be condemned. Brother Bai, you're an exceptionally ingenious figure, I can't watch the elites of demon clan be buried together with it, I hope that you'll have a verdict soon."

Cang Lang placed its teacup down. After taking just a few sips, he expressed its intention to rope him in without scruples, as if he had a huge pillar behind him.

Bai Shixin sneered then rejected him undisguisedly. "Executive Lang, you seem to have underestimated me, I was born a greater rat and I'll die as a greater rat, what does the demon ancestor have to do with me? I only obey the elder ancestor, unlike some petty being that keeps changing its mind and seeks connection with strong figures, you won't end up well."

"Hmph, I've offered you a toast yet you choose to drink the forfeit, very well, you'll regret this!" As soon as Cang Lang heard his response, he stood up abruptly and was completely outraged, he looked like he was going to kill him.

"Regret? I'll never regret, but those who betray the elder ancestor will certainly regret." Bai Shixin emphasized.

Did he seem to be highlighting something?

Cang Lang was such a slick fellow, his unmerciful emotions were all part of his plan to guard himself.

Now, he understood the overtone in Bai Shixin's words.

'Oh, is this fellow saying that I should find a spineless person?!

'Great, he's truly worthy of being a wise fellow whom I value!' He thought to himself.

Once again, Cang Lang glared at Bai Shixin with an apparently vicious look, then left without turning back.

The moment he left, Bai Shixin went out and reported this to Elder Ancestor Bai.

"Hah, Cang Lang is ridiculous. So much for thinking that he can achieve great heights, I can't believe he's so narrow-minded. He only thinks about triggering hatred between humans and demons to cause a war between both parties, but he actually wants to use that opportunity to ascend. Even so, he never imagined the risk involved, I'm afraid he'll die first on his path to ascension." Elder Ancestor Bai smirked.

Bai Shixin's heart shivered a little, it turned out that this old man perceived everything, but he would never be aware of his plot.

His plot was so flawless that only the work of heavens could compare to it!

"Elder ancestor, you're very wise, Cang Lang won't be able to go far. Nonetheless, the demon ancestor he mentioned is a huge threat, a being that we can't outwit by force." Bai Shixin made a serious remark.

"Heh, so what if it's the demon ancestor? If it's short-tempered, even if it's as mighty as River God of the Sky River, it'll still be…" Halfway through, Elder Ancestor Bai paused, he then gazed at Bai Shixin with meaningful looks.

'What? River God of the Sky River, a holy immortal of such level was schemed by this old fool as well?!

'This is horrible, how many more secrets is this fellow hiding?

'He's far more complicated than just a leader of the Royal Giant Rats!'

Bai Shixin thought to himself anxiously after hearing the unexpected information, which swayed his state of mind. All of a sudden, he became uncertain of his plan from before.

'He's too good at scheming, does he still have no clue about my conspiracy?

'Perhaps I'm actually all part of his plan. If that's the case, won't my plan be insubstantial?'

Bai Shixin suppressed the throbs in his heart then said respectfully, "Elder ancestor, you're really divine. Since the demon ancestor is not a threat, we won't have to be afraid of Cang Lang, his men are unmatched with our greater rat armies."

"Hehe, this fellow tends to cause some trouble, but they're just a little troublesome. I'm no longer a figure of his level." Elder Ancestor Bai declared.

'This old bastard, he really can act.' Bai Shixin was terribly mad but he dared not reveal any sign of it.
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