497 The Scrap Collection Army

In the vast clear sky, a rainbow streaked across, drifting around and bringing light and peace of mind to countless living beings below.

However, no one knew about the feelings of the rainbow.

"Boring, boring… O Lazy Big Spender, can you find something to do?" Sir System grumbled, and it highly affected Fang Ning's mood when he was playing his games.

Ever since the development of the spiritual power generator and the spiritual internet connection, he had been playing his games day and night.

Unfortunately, with someone mumbling and chanting at his ear, he had lost his precious peace and quiet. He had made quite some mistakes in his gameplay because of this.

Basically, anyone who had ever been forced and persuaded to marry will understand what he felt now…

"Could you not cultivate on your own like how you did before? Have you completed your cultivation in the Dragonization Ability, Atmospheric Morality Technique, and the True Bodhi Tactics?" Fang Ning was perplexed.

"Now, I have 10 lackeys running multiple threads for me. They handled everything, and one thread will focus on cultivating one of the techniques. There're still 7 lackeys left, so I'm letting them rotate through the cultivation of some random techniques and scriptures. I didn't dare to do this before, but your physique has now been cultivated by none other than myself to achieve a semi-dragon state. Your body is so durable that it is physically impossible to break now, so I could finally pass it to them and let them do whatever they want…" Sir System somehow managed to say that righteously.

"D*mn, you really have a way to do things, huh." Fang Ning was very gloomy after hearing that. Had his body now became so worthless that it was now taken over by Sir System's lackeys?

His treatment was getting worse as the days passed.

Ah forget it, he could take it all in his stride as long as he did not need to do anything himself.

He contemplated for a moment before saying casually, "You should go and check if the malevolent spirits in the jar have matured or not. If any of them have matured, we could harvest one…"

"Do you think I'll need you to remind me on this? I've already harvested one…" Sir System said with contempt.

Sh*t, he must come up with some tasks for this energetic fellow. After all, this fellow was unlike humans that always had numerous ways to entertain themselves. One of the best examples of that was Fang Ning.

To it, the only source of entertainment was to enhance its abilities, and to do anything that was related to increasing its strength.

Fang Ning racked his brains for this, but ended up with nothing still.

In the end, this fellow was just a musclehead. Even though he had numerous tasks on his hands, if they were actually to be assigned to him, not only would it be dissatisfied, he himself would not be at ease!
Right at that moment, a lifesaving beep was heard from WeChat.

Fang Ning immediately switched out of his games to log on to WeChat, behaving outside the norm.

Yes, Fang Ning had never used his mobile phone to log on to WeChat, complaining that typing on the phone was slow and exhausting… He was truly lazy that way.

"According to reliable sources, the Demon Alliance will organize a large-scale invasion upon the lands, taking advantage of the chaos happening now. They aim to steal factory machines, technical blueprints, valuable book collections, and other items…"

"How dare they!" Fang Ning was astonished.

"This is a god-given opportunity!" Sir System was pleasantly surprised.

"That sounds like you're going out for a blind date or something." Fang Ning rolled his eyes.

"I'm not going to waste my time talking to you. I'm going to go fight for justice now." 

System Notification:

[The System is evaluating…

The System is evaluating...

The System has decided to cultivate the Dragonization Ability.]

"Hey, did you just speak in contrary of what you're actually thinking? Didn't you claim to be an 'honest' system all this while?" Fang Ning exclaimed in shock.

"Uh, I'm not like you. How would I act differently than how I think? The wise men of you humans once said, "Give me six hours to cut down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax". I'm just going to sharpen my ax now," declared the System.

"Oh, go sharpen your ax then. Anything will do as long as you stop nagging at me." Fang Ning could not be bothered to worry about this issue. Instead, he continued to play his games.


In the eastern parts of China, numerous demons in different forms, such as wolves, rats, rabbits, wild boars crowded the underground passage, eager and restless.

All of these underground passages were built long before by the Greater Rat Clan to better steal from the garbage of human beings.

Cang Lang scanned the army of demons under its command and puffed up with pride.

It turned to Nie Yuan, who was standing beside it and said, "How's this? When my army of a million demons moves to strike together, how long do you think Vigilante A can withstand the hits, even if his body was made from iron? The only way he has is to catch the snake by the head. He can only come to us, the three leaders of the Demon Alliance, and hope that he can scare the others to retreat."

How ruthless for him to use himself as bait!

This time, Nie Yuan finally saw the gap between himself and the real ringleaders. Aside from the resources that they could mobilize, their bold vision and spirit were far better than what he could provide as an insignificant advisor.

It was almost embarrassing that he recalled how he once looked down onto all of the other heroes in the world. Elder Ancestor Bai was speaking the truth after all. A good marksman would always miss some time.

"If that's the case, are you not afraid of the plan of catching the snake by the head that Vigilante A might take, Sir Cang Lang?" Nie Yuan tested the waters with a gleam in its eyes.

"Haha, if this was a success, I'll teach you the substitution technique, secret of the Celestial Wolf Clan." Cang Lang smiled inscrutably.

"Much appreciated, sir. I am very grateful for the opportunity." Nie Yuan looked ecstatic on the surface, but internally he thought about it and decided that he shall never learn that technique.

He knew how easy it was to bury the traps and line the technique with snares. Many of these harmful techniques that resemble Wedding Gown Celestial Technique were available out there.

Unfortunately, Elder Ancestor Bai seemed to have a similar substitution technique that was an ultimate skill of the Greater Rat bloodline. It was due to this specific substitution technique that Elder Ancestor Bai could escape Vigilante A's direct attack, and become one of the few that survived the hero's assault.

Now, it seems like Cang Lang has a similar substitution technique. It was natural to the infer that the wolf has already completely understood the modus operandi of Vigilante A.

As he thought of this, he suddenly spoke up and reminded the elder, "Sir, wouldn't you be worried that the old man would also have a similar substitution technique?"

"Haha, your reminder is valid. However, my goal is for Vigilante A to fail in killing him…" Cang Lang answered mysteriously.

What does that mean?

Nie Yuan frowned for a moment before realization dawned on him. When he looked at Cang Lang once again, he was wary and on guard.

Even if the wolf was a display of absolute agitation, it was nothing but a disguise. It was an extremely deceitful wolf demon!

How brilliant! Judging from this, the old rodent might actually be defeated once and for all due to these overt strategies…

At this exact moment, a small demon came to report to them.

"Executive Lang, it's time for us to move. Please give the orders."

"Alright. Charge, all of you, the entire army shall steal everything in sight, especially those on the list! Remember, you must 'steal' it!" Cang Lang emphasized his words when he was speaking to the small demon.

"Understood." The messenger demon nodded in response, and soon the military order was passed down to the leaders of the demon army everywhere.

In the end, this sly wolf's display of toughness and bravery was merely an act.

Cang Lang must still be deeply fearful of Vigilante A in the depth of his heart. Otherwise, he would have used the phrase 'rob and kill everything' to prove its honor and prestige.

Nie Yuan thought to himself. At the same time, a deep stream of jealousy and envy rose within his heart when he thought of Vigilante A.

When the hero positioned himself above all beings, bathing himself in glory and might as he deterred all who dared to oppose him in this realm. On the other hand, Nie Yuan could only hide in a corner and hope to survive in the darkness.

The Scripture of Great Wisdom was undoubtedly amazing, but it was still too slow in terms of enhancing his abilities. Nie Yuan must find a quicker alternative way for that.

As he thought of this, a hint of wicked gleam flashed in his eyes.

Under the previous orders, countless demons rushed from below the ground like waves that flooded the coast.

Due to the strict orders, each of them snuck and crept into the cities of China that had become empty and desolate due to the great migration.

Then, with a gurny sack on their backs, they stuffed everything with some value into them, and ran off once their bags were full... 

Occasionally, when they came across the sporadic guards that were left behind to patrol, they immediately hid from sight.

The momentum of the demon army, initially intimidating, quickly plummeted due to this cowardly approach. 嫁衣神功, the Wedding Gown Celestial Technique, was one of the most powerful techniques in the martial arts novels authored by Gu Long. Initially, this technique was deemed to bring only harm to the cultivator, as not only will the cultivator experience great pain the longer they cultivate it, they will need to channel their powers to others to soothe their suffering. Only after a long time did the characters in the novel find a way to discover the real use of this Celestial Technique. In this context, Nie Yuan was referring to the initial parts of the technique, in which the cultivation of the technique will only bring advantages to others instead of the cultivator.
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