572 What A Pity It Would Be If He Dies

Cang Lang lifted his head to look at the sky. For a moment, his confidence dropped; right there and then, he bellowed, "Vigilante A, we, the internal department of the Demon Alliance, are dealing with traitors. This has nothing to do with you, so back off immediately!"

The cold and enormous pupils of the yellow dragon merely stared at him, saying nothing.

Fang Ning sniggered in his heart. 'Your words might be able to hoodwink the stupid System, but now, this yellow dragon is being controlled by Master Fang. Do you still want to fool me?'

Master Fang was not one to be restricted by the System's Maxim...

At that moment, his real body, Vigilante A, was on standby in the distance, high up in the skies.

As for why he had to come and rescue this Devil Rat who had arrogantly schemed to defraud the System...

Before Fang Ning had come, he had said this to the System — "We should influence others with goodness and return good for evil. We can help him change so that he'll be a good person in the future."

The System had replied in disdain. "You're lying to me again. Can't there be a little more honesty between humans and Systems?"

"Huh, as expected, although your intelligence isn't that high yet, you have experience that's rich enough... Basically, this fellow can incubate Earthly Monuments, so what a pity it would be if he dies! Good labor would be wasted just like that! A fellow who can nurture treasures, that's a top-notch production. It would be such a waste if he dies, just like that bunch of people who'd first created nuclear bombs." Fang Ning immediately exposed his real purpose.

"Just as expected. These Devil types don't talk much about prolificacy, but a rich man like you values that the most."

"Right. Whatever it is, this fellow would just be lifting a rock and smashing it against his own foot if he wishes to defraud us. Let's just go along, so and so, and we'll be sure to earn a huge amount of money..."


At the moment, the Devil Rat Lie Huo was grasping at straws. How could he let it escape

He said hurriedly, "Venerable One, don't listen to the lies of this devil! It's insidious and deceitful, and disregards comradeship amongst the same kind by seizing my treasure. I've said before that I admire your virtues, Venerable One, and will let you have the treasure. It isn't willing to relent, however, and clearly has no respect for the Venerable One!"

Hearing that, Cang Lang almost spurted blood out from his mouth. How had it defamed Vigilante A with anything it had said just now?

It was not an idiot; did it not understand the principle of uniting one's forces to defeat the enemy?

It had schemed against Vigilante A a few times before, but that was because there had always been conflicts of interest. This time, it really did not want to go against Vigilante A.

It just wanted to beat Lie Huo to death as soon as possible, then successfully take over its legacy of power and use the great numbers of the widely spread out Devil Rats to regroup and build a support base that truly had power.

Only then could they compete with the Greater Rats of China and regain control over the Demon Alliance's right to speak.

It had attempted, in vain, to intervene during the change of the Greater Rats' internal authorities last time, but had been shooed away by Chong Daqing. This time, it would definitely not allow itself to fail.

If Lie Huo did not die, the Devil Rats would not be properly subdued. There would definitely be some Devil Rats that could not make up their minds and disobey commands.

If that situation were to occur, it would be plunged into a state of internal strife that would consume all resources. There would be no way at all to fight the Greater Rats under Bai Shixin's control.

Although the clan of the Greater Rats had had their internal conflicts, the integration had been completed, and they were once again developing at a fast rate. Furthermore, their attitude towards the outside world had become more open after going through a single baptism; they were more active in introducing the rules and regulations of the human beings and began to fully utilize their second mover advantage, undergoing development by leaps and bounds.

It was easy to imagine that the force of the Greater Rats would become a strong source of economic growth in the upcoming decades. They were going to be powerful producers and consumers, joining the human-dominated economic circle on Earth.

The distribution of Earth's resources was different from that of the Upper Realm; it was reliant upon the economic cycle to be mobilized.

Due to the existence of a certain fellow, this system would still be extremely stable for the time being and would not be able to change into the ecology of the Upper Realm.

It was based on such foresight that Cang Lang was determined to kill Lie Huo. It would be good if it could obtain a piece of treasure, but it did not matter if it did not.

Because, from the very start, what it had truly wanted was the throne under the backside of the Devil Rat King.

If it could not be the Devil King of the Greater Rats, being the Devil Rat King was not too shabby either.

There were numerous types of living things on Earth, but populations with strong adaptability, a variety of ethnic groups and a high probability of developing sapience were few and far in between.

The mouse, as a mammal with high intelligence and fertility as well as strong adaptability, could be said to be amongst the best.

It was exactly due to these advantages that the Greater Rats and Devil Rats had stood up and surpassed the other devil species, building the foundation to the achievement of great power.

In just a short period of time, many ideas flashed through Cang Lang's mind; at that moment, it understood that it needed to round this thing up. Otherwise, it would be impossible to put an easy end to this today.

Quickly, it thought of an idea, and spoke immediately, "Vigilante A, you've criticized me just now of fishing in troubled waters. But this guy has nothing on him, what would I be trying to fish from him?"

Fang Ning was rendered speechless after listening to that. It seemed that Sir Fang's image of being a reasonable man was just too deeply rooted in the people's heart; even an evildoer dared to speak up. 

'Today, you shall know why I have to beat you up... I will beat you up for any reason at all!'

"He has the three bottles of Inimitable Divine Pills that I'd just sold to him... Lie Huo, did this devil send people to lay siege on you because it wanted to sieze these three bottles of Divine Pills?"

"Yes, yes, that's exactly right!" Lie Huo definitely understood what the other person was saying the moment it heard those words. This was obviously a forced frame-up, but... it was being framed well. If it was not so, then how could he escape alive?

"You guys dare act in collusion and twist the facts! We attacked it because it doesn't deserve to be the King of the Devil Rats. This is an internal fight for power amongst us devils and has nothing to do with you, Vigilante A, and is also irrelevant to your Path of Heavenly Punishment! If you wish to intervene then think about your own Path of Religious Cultivation first. Is it stable?!" Cang Lang threatened.

"Hahaha, I've always done everything from the heart and I absolutely won't admit my mistakes. I hate the strong who bully the weak the most. Today, I will let you know how the heavens punish the evildoers!" After Fang Ning had finished speaking, he did not say anything more; instead, he dashed downwards violently.

Although the momentum was great, Cang Lang discovered many loopholes.

This move did not seem like what the previous Vigilante A would have made.

Previously, every move and technique of his was close to perfection. No one had been able to find a single loophole.

They could only endure it head on; no one had been able to have the upper hand from a purely strategic standpoint.

Everyone who went against him could only escape if they wished to survive unless they were much stronger than he was...

That showed just how frightening Vigilante A was.

Right then, although this yellow dragon was powerful and extraordinarily imposing, its technique was far too crude; all it did was shove in like this...

At once, it dodged by flashing to the side casually. The three henchmen it had brought had already scattered, surrounding the yellow dragon so that it was inside the loose square matrix they had formed.

Irrational confidence appeared in Cang Lang's heart after he had dodged the yellow dragon's attack... Could it be possible that he could win?

Could it be that Vigilante A was now in some sort of special state and was thus currently unsuited for battle?

However, he could not choose not to engage in battle now, as he was bound by the so-called Path of Heavenly Punishment.

If that was the case, then a comeback seemed possible.

When he thought about this, Cang Lang burst out in laughter at once. "Vigilante A, look at this pointless attack of yours. You would've never done that in the past, could it be that you've declined? If that's the case, then this is truly sad news for you."

When Fang Ning heard that, he felt a great abhorrence. To his understanding, this meant that he was not as good as Sir Fang!

'Although that was indeed the truth, you could not say it out loud and embarrass Master Fang, idiot!'
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